Music for Wind Quintet....flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn

Aaron, H: Encore Pieces Volume 1.

Tschaikowsky: Humoresque Op 10 No. 2
Debussy: The Girl With the Flaxen Hair
Haydn: Capriccio in A minor
Bartok: The Diary of a Fly (Mikrokosmos Suite)
Chaminade: Scarf Dance
MacDowell: In Autumn (from the Woodland Sketches Op. 51
Mendelssohn: Scherzo in E minor Op. 16 No. 2
Shostakovitch: Polka (Golden Age Ballet)
Grieg: Norwegian Dance in G major Op. 35 No. 13
Moussorgorsky: Gopak
Gound: Funeral March of a Marionette
J. Strauss: Tritsch-Tratsch Polka.
Hal Leonard $ ask
Abdel-Rahim, G: Bohayrat Al-Lotus (The Lotus Pond)

A quintet arrangement of an Egyptian melody by the leading 20th Century Egyptian composer known as the "Bartok of Egypt." Ornamented solo lines for flute, oboe and clarinet, and unusual harmonies based on Arabic modes (maqamat). Arranged by Adam Lesnick. 5 minutes duration
International Opus $ ask
Agay, D: Five Easy Dances

Polka, Tango, Bolero, Waltz, Rumba. Score and Parts.
Theodore Presser $ ask
Allen, G: Wind Quintet Opus 71

Australian Work

Keys Press $53.00
Bach, J.S: Fantasia and Fugue in a minor. BMV 904

Transcribed by Lowell Shaw.
Hornists Nest $16.50
Barber, S: Summer Music Op. 31

Score and Parts. Commisioned by the Chamber Music Society of Detroit and first performed on March 20 1956.
12 minutes duration.
Schirmer $59.95
Bertram, M: Wind Quintet

Australian Work
Keys Press $33.00
Brahms, J: Romance, Opus 118 No. 5
Arranged by David Adkins
This is an arrangement for wind quintet of a late piano work by Brahms. There is not enough music, that communicates the deepest of human emotions, available for wind quintet at present, either as original compositions or in arrangements. By making this arrangement David has contributed to remedying this shortage, as well as bringing a powerful piece to the attention of musicians and audiences who might not otherwise come across it. The arrangement seeks to preserve the textural clarity and sensuous melodic lines of the original. Much of the richness and late romantic warmth of the arrangement comes from Brahms' flexibility of rhythm and tonality. This piece can be played by an ensemble where nobody is beyond the standard of Grade 8 Associated Board, which would include most adult amateur wind quintets. For secondary schools, community performing groups, teaching studios, colleges, conservatories, amateurs, libraries and professionals.

"The 'Romance' is 57 bars in length: short but perfectly formed would be a good description of the original, composed in 1892, and Adkins's adaptation for wind quintet is well crafted and eminently playable by a competent group. The horn states the 'Andante' main theme in 6/4, with a 'sotto voce' accompaniment from flute, clarinet (starting on a top E Flat) and bassoon, which maintains a supporting role throughout. Oboe and flute then take up the melody and this leads into the middle section 'Allegretto Grazioso', again featuring mainly the oboe and flute. The clarinet has some tricky interjections in bar 29, being required to play delicately up to top G. The horn gets the opportunity to shine later on, starting the sequence at bar 40 with a trill followed by semiquavers, continued by the clarinet, oboe and flute. The opening theme returns on the horn, and the music concludes gently with a dynamic of ppp. String quartets have established themselves as first choice for the happy couple wanting ensemble music at their wedding, but with more music like this 'Romance' to play the wind quintet may have its attractions. The hard part is changing the musical perceptions and prejudices of the general public and encouraging them to appreciate wind music, but readers of 'Winds' already know all about that."
- Robert Parker in Winds Summer 2008
Broadbent and Dunn $16.50
Briccialdi, G: Quintet Op. 124

Score and Parts.
Edition Compusic $ ask

Cambini, G.M.G: Quintet No. 1 in Bb Major

Official Reprint

"The three Wind Quintets by Giuseppe Maria Gioacchino Cambini (1746-1825) appeared in print first about 1802 at Sieber, Paris"

Edited by Werner Rottler
Leuckart $58.50

Cambini, G.M.G: Quintet No. 2 in d minor

Edited by Werner Rottler
Leuckart $44.95

Cambini, G.M.G: Quintet No. 3 in F Major

Official Reprint

Edited by Werner Rottler
Leuckart $64.95
Cervantes, I: Six Cuban Dances.

A Cuban music pioneer, Cervantes employed lively Cuban rhythms in this set of six short Cuban Dances (originally for piano). These salon pieces work well for recitals, jobs and educational concerts. Arranged by Adam Lesnick.  8 minutes duration
International Opus $ ask
Civil, A: Five Miniatures for Wind Quintet

Score and Parts
A fine work for wind quintet by the late Alan Civil.

"Parts of English folk tunes and sea shanties appear and disappear, playing peek-a-boo with lovely, original melodic ideas. For colleges, conservatories and professionals." Special Flute New Issue July 1997
Broadbent & Dunn $24.95
Coleman, V: Umojo - A Kwanzaa Celebration.

Flutist and composer Valerie Coleman is a distinct voice in a new generation of African-American artists who combine African-American heritage and urban culture to contemporary music. This original composition, a "groove-based" melody, calls for unity through the tradition of call and response. (Umoja is the Swahili word for "unity" and is the first day in the African-American celebration of Kwanzaa). It is mainly a French horn solo with supporting rhythms from the upper winds over a motor played by the bassoon. (Includes alternate parts for alto and tenor sax, if horn or bassoon are not available).  5 minutes duration
International Opus $ ask
Damase, J-M: Seventeen Variations for Wind Quintet Op. 22

Score and Parts
Alphonse Leduc $ ask
Danzi, F: Quintet in Bb Op.56/1 Leuckart $ ask
Danzi, F: Quintet in G minor Op.56/2 Leuckart $ ask
Danzi, F: Quintet in D minor Op.68/3

Edited by Franz Vester
Musica Rara $ ask
Debussy, C/arr. Civil: Golliwog's Cake Walk from Children's Corner Piano Suite

Score and Parts
Another clever arrangement from the pen of the late and celebrated hornist Alan Civil.

"Hornist and composer Alan Civil's arrangement of Debussy's popular, jaunty piece. For colleges and professionals." Special Flute New Issue July 1997
Broadbent & Dunn $20.95
Denniss, G: O'Reilly's

Performed by the Praetorius Wind Quintet
Australian Work. (1979 rev 2004)
I. Incantation
II. Spinoff
III. Rumbaba
Duration: 8:30 minutes

D'Rivera, P: Wapango.

A lively Afro-Mexican dance (huapango) with a syncopated bass line, Wapango by Cuban-American Latin/jazz artist D'Rivera is perfect for a recital opener or encore, jobs or educational demos! 4 minutes duration
International Opus $ ask
Farkas, F: Early Hungarian Dances

Intrada, Slow Dance, Shoulder-Blade Dance, Chorea, Leaping Dance. Score and Parts
Edition Musicus Budapest $ ask
Farkas, F: Serenade

For the Budapest Wind Quintet. Score and Parts composed August/September 1951. Duration: 8'30"
Edition Musicus Budapest $ ask
Farquhar, D: Bachiana

New Zealand Work.
manuscript $25.70 Now $5 + postage
Farquhar, D: Concerto for Wind Quintet

New Zealand Work.
manuscript $30.50 Now $5 + postage
Faure, G: Dolly Suite Op.56 for Wind Quintet

Arranged by Gordon Davies
Schott $ ask
Gaudibert, E: Astrance

Edition Fœtisch $55.95
Gershwin, G: I Got Rythm

Arranged for wind quintet by Andrew Skirrow
Camden Music $ ask
Grainger, P: Lisbon for Wind Quintet

Score and Parts
Schott $ ask
Grieg, E: Morning from Peer Gynt

Each instrument has a turn with the tune, so this arrangement by Roy Thackray is helpful in learning to recognise the sound of the instruments, both together and separately.

"Thackray's accessible arrangement brings this gorgeous work down to living room size. For schools, colleges and professional." New Issues October 1996
Broadbent and Dunn $16.50
Gross, E: Merry Peasant Band

Australian Work. Score and Parts. (Large Format)
Australian Music Centre $37.00 Now $10 + postage

Arranged by Ian Lawrence

"Handeloroma is a panoramic tour of Handelian favourites. Arranged for an ensemble capable of flexibility and expressiveness, this selection explores the wide range of Handel's techniques and moods."
Broadbent & Dunn $24.95
Hindemith, P: Wind Quintet Op.24/2

PARTS only
Schott $ ask
Hindemith, P: Wind Quintet Op.24/2

SCORE only
Schott $ ask
Holley, A: Fable of the Winds

Australian Work.
manuscript $ ask
Humperdinck, E: Abendsegen aus Hänsel und Gretel 
Edited by Simon Scheiwiller.

"The world-famous fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel" of the Grimm brothers was set in the 1890s by the German composer Engelbert Humperdinck. The children's opera is regularly performed at many houses. The evening blessing "At night I will go to sleep", with which the two children sang to sleep, is one of the most famous songs of this opera and also represents the beginning of the Overture. This arrangement is arranged for a wind quintet with an English horn. In the event that there is no English horn, an alternative version with oboe is delivered, the flute and the bassoon playing the same voice as the version with the English horn."
Ibert, J: Three Short Pieces

Score and Parts
Alphonse Leduc $77.95
Ligeti, G: Six Bagatelles (1953)

PARTS only
Schott $ ask
Ligeti, G: Six Bagatelles

SCORE only
Schott $ ask
Ligeti, G: Ten Pieces for Wind Quintet

PARTS only
Schott $ ask
Ligeti, G: Ten Pieces for Wind Quintet

SCORE only
Schott $ ask
Marais, M: Le Basque

The famous one minute encore piece used by horn virtuoso Dennis Brain, who called it "a little French dance which also happens to be the shortest piece I know".
A horn feature, arranged by Adam Lesnick.
1 minutes duration
International Opus $20.00
Marson, J: Three Inventions

In this melodic and appealing music the five instruments enjoy opportunities to caress the ears of audiences who may have been fearing heavier and more uncompromising fare.
Broadbent and Dunn $28.95
Mozart, W.A: Divertimento #14 K 270
An arrangement for wind quintet by Alan Civil of this excellently crafted piece of music.

"A delightful arrangement for recitals or weddings. For colleges and professionals." Special Flute New Issue July 1997
Broadbent & Dunn $21.95
Mozart, W.A: Overture to the Magic Flute KV 620

Arranged by Joachim Linkelmann
Barenreiter $ ask
Mussorgsky, M: Pictures at an Exhibition

A arrangement by Alan Civil for wind quintet of four of the movements from Mussorgsky's most famous piano composition.

"A fun arrangement of 'Promenade', 'Tuileries', 'Promenade 2' and the spectacular 'Ballet des Poussins dans Leurs Coques'. For colleges, conservatories and professionals." Special Flute New Issue July 1997
Broadbent & Dunn $19.95
Nielsen, C: Quintet Op.43

parts only
Wilhelm Hansen $ ask
Pachelbel, J: Pachelbel Cannon

Arranged by Daniel Dorff.
Score and Parts.
3'30" Duration.
Theodore Presser $ ask
Patterson, P: Comedy for Five Winds

parts only
Weinberger $ ask
Paviour, P: Frank Gardiner and Friends
four Australian folksongs freely arranged for Wind Quintet
1. Frank Gardiner is Caught
2. Travelling Down the Castlereagh
3. Moreton Bay; an elegy
4. The Stringybark Cockatoo

Score and Parts

Australian Work

Keys Press $34.00
Reicha, A: Quintet in Eb Op. 88 No. 2 Leuckart $ ask
Rentaro, T: Japanese Song Fantasy (Kojo-no-tsuki/Hana)

Bassoonist Alan Leech's adaptation of two well known Japanese melodies by Taki Rentaro, Kojo-no-tsuki (Moonlight on the Ruined Castle) and Hana (Cherry Blossoms).
5 minutes duration
International Opus $ ask
Rimmer, J: Composition 2

New Zealand Work.
manuscript $21.90 Now $5 + postage
Rimsky-Korsakov, N: Le vol du bourdon
"Flight of the Bumble Bee"

Transcription by David Walter Score and Parts
Billaudot $59.50
Romeo, J: Light.

In this one movement work, composer Jonathan Romeo distills something new; an evocative style filled with elements of classical, folk, rock and roll, and other popular musics. Clear and emotive melodies with influences from all the ages flow with rhythmic energy in this accessible fusion work.
5-6 minutes duration
International Opus $ ask
Rumshinsky, J: Yiddish Suite for Wind Quintet.

Joseph Rumshinsky, Abraham Goldfaden and Abraham EllsteinThese simple arrangements of Yiddish favorites ("Schloimele Malkele", "Shein Vi Di Levone", "Roshenkis mit Mandlen", "Oy S'iz Gut!"), as well as the traditional hora, "Havah Nagilah", are perfect for Jewish weddings.
Arranged by William Scribner.
13 minutes duration
International Opus $ ask
Shaw, L: Dear Tessie

...a short, swing-oriented piece for woodwind quintet, and is meant primary for use as an encore. It has been played on serious concerts as well as demonstration programs for school. The title does not refer to an individual, but rather was an exclamation that came into use (and then faded quickly) about the time I first put the tune on paper. It started out as a piano sketch, later surfaced as a "chart" for big dance band, and then was put into this form when our quintet needed a closer

Hornists Nest $11.55
Soong, Fu-Yuan: Zhong Guo Xiao Jing (Little Scenes from China).

Soong's quintet in the style of traditional Chinese music is in five short, contrasting movements depicting various scenes of China, old and new. The movements are New Year's Day, A Little Boat on the River Li, Fast Ride on the South Sea, In the Moonlight, Thinking of a Place Far, Far Away, and Flower Drum Song. A beautiful work, full of energy and hauntingly beautiful sonorities and harmonies. 11 minutes duration
International Opus $ ask
Strauss, J (Junior): Perpetuum Mobile Op. 257

Arranged by Friedrich Gabler.
Score and Parts
Doblinger $ ask
Strauss, J: Pizzicato Polka for Wind Quintet.

Arranged by Friedrich Gabler. Parts only.
Doblinger $ ask
Strauss, J (Senior): Radetzky March Op. 228

Arranged by Peter Totzauner.
Score and Parts
Hofmeister $ ask
Sullivan, A: The Overture To Iolanthe

Arranged by Graham Sheen.
Parts only
Emerson Edition $ ask
Taffanel, P: Wind Quintet

parts only
Taffanel, P: Wind Quintet

Edited by Don Stewart.
Parts only
IMC $75.95
Taylor, R: Woodwind Quintets
$ ask
Turner, K: Berceuse for Mary Rose
The Berceuse for the Mary Rose for woodwind quintet was composed in February 2004. The inspiration for the piece came from a visit to the Mary Rose ship hall in Portsmouth, England. The composer was able to view the ghostly inner hull of the ship, which remains submerged in sea water. In this short historical fantasy piece, the listener too is with the Mary Rose as it is displayed in this condition. Thus the piece begins in a ghostly, grey and mysterious mood. Gradually the story of the famous ship unfolds. With the introduction of an authentic part song by Henry VIII himself, "Pasttime with Good Company", the listener is quite suddenly transported to the year 1545. An impression of sights, sounds and smells are portrayed as the ultimate destiny of the Mary Rose arrives. As if awakening from a dream, we are left staring at the silent wreck of the ship.
Phoenix Music $25.95
Traditional - Sailors' Hornpipe

Children in particular will enjoy listening to this rousing piece, arranged by Roy Thackray, which has also proved very suitable for audience participation. For schools, colleges and professionals.

"A hand clapping, foot-stomping 'sure thing' where the flutist gets to pull out the piccolo if desired. Great encore piece or fun fare for student recitals." New Issues October 1996
Broadbent & Dunn $19.95
Traditional - The Animals Went In Two By Two

Excellent for young audiences, the arrangement, by Roy Thackray, is helpful in learning to recognise the sound of the instruments, both together and separately. For colleges, conservatories and professionals.

"The melody transfers from one instrument to the next in this happy wind quartet. Excellent for young audiences." New Issues June 1998
Broadbent & Dunn $16.50
various: 22 Woodwind Quintets Southern
$ ask
various: Music for Weddings for Woodwind Quintet. Vol. 1

Second Edition.
Handel, G.F: Allegro Maestoso (from The Water Music); Barnby, J: O Perfect Love; Grieg, E: Ich Leibe Dich; Wagner, R: Bridal Chorus (from Lohengrin); Mendelssohn, F: Wedding March (from Midsummer Night's Dream)
Musicians Publications $ ask
various: Music for Weddings for Woodwind Quintet. Vol. 2

Clark, J: Trumpet Voluntary; Pachelbel, J: Canon in D; Beethoven, L van: I Love Thee;  Beethoven, L van: Ode To Joy
Musicians Publications $ ask