Studies, Tutors and Books for Horn

(Straight-Out Scale Books first, then by alphabetical order)

Straight-Out Scale Books

ABRSM: Scales and Arpeggios for Horn, Grades 1-8
"Prints all the scales and arpeggios required for ABRSM Grades 1-8 giving recommended minimum speeds and notes on the new forms of articulation required."
ABRSM $24.95
AMEB: Horn & Trumpet Technical Workbook
Australian Music Examination Board.
AMEB $59.95
Burba, M: Scales
Symmetrical and Pentatonics.

For Trumpet or Horn
The following exercises promote the development of musical and technical skills, taking into account brass instrument pragmatism as well as systematic considerations, by improving:
- interval-related tonal consciousness
- comprehension and performance of contemporary music
- jazz improvisation and
- sight-reading, listening, transposing and musical fluency

Edition Marc Reift $30.95
James, I: Scales & Arpeggios
- with accompaniment for piano or second horn. The piano notes have been kept fairly simple, and always in octaves. This means that even family members or friends can join in and help, even if they can only play with one hand!...This would give the young learner much more fun.

Collection Ifor James
Edition Marc Reift
L'Abbate: Scales and Arpeggios in all Major and Minor Keys
A complete manual of all scales and arpeggios in all major and minor keys, offering extensive source material for embouchure building, daily warmup routines as well as basic technique. The only book of it's kind dedicated to the uniek range and problems of the horn. Essential addition to any hornist's basic library. 84 pages.
Phoenix Music $ ask
French Horn Scales and Arpeggios
Grades 1-8

"This book contains all the scales & exercises required for Trinity College London French Horn examinations from 2015 onwards, for Grades 1-8"
Trinity College $26.95


Studies, Tutors and Books

ABRSM: Specimen Sight Reading Tests for Horn, Grades 1-5
"Essential practice material for candidates preparing for ABRSM horn exams, Grades 1-5."
ABRSM $22.95
Arbans, J.B: Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet
Edited by Thomas Hooten and Jennifer Marotta.
CD Performance of 14 Characteristic Studies by Thomas Hooten
New Authentic Edition
CD contains MP3 Audio and PDF content
Carl Fisher $79.95

Arbans, J.B: My First Arbans for French Horn
For the Developing Artist
Compiled and Edited by Robert E. Foster
An Introduction to Arban's Famous Method
Carl Fisher $21.95
Alphonse, M: 200 New Studies Book 1
70 Very Easy and Easy Studies
Alphonse Leduc $64.95
Alphonse, M: 200 New Studies Book 2
40 Easy Studies
Alphonse Leduc $54.95
Alphonse, M: 200 New Studies Book 3
40 Studies of Medium Difficulty
Alphonse Leduc $45.95
Alphonse, M: 200 New Studies Book 4
20 Difficult Studies
Alphonse Leduc $45.95
Alphonse, M: 200 New Studies Book 5
20 Very Difficult Studies
Alphonse Leduc $55.95
Alphonse, M: 200 New Studies Book 6
10 Grand New Melodic Studies for Virtuosity
Alphonse Leduc $48.95
AMEB: Aural Tests: Graded Exercises in Aural Skills.

(Book and 6 CDs)

Australian Music Examination Board.
AMEB $67.95
AMEB: Brass Sight Reading Book
Australian Music Examination Board.
AMEB $54.95
Ashworth, B: Horn Warm Ups
a concise approach for consolidating basic techniques and achieving a focused sound

by Bob Ashworth, Principal Horn of Opera North
In pocket book form
Emerson $15.50
Bacon, T arr: Silent Night, A Study in Horn Chords
Arranged by Thomas Bacon
"A fun piece to help practice your horn chords in preparation for 'Weber Concertino' and other serious works"
McCoy's Horn Library $14.55
Barboteu, G: Classical Etudes
21 studies with editorial notes
Georges Barboteu: Professor of the National Music Conservatory of Paris
Choudens $64.95
Barboteu, G: Lecture-Exercise
80 studies
Choudens $69.95
Barboteu, G: Progressions Volume 1
These 132 little pieces of progressive difficulty, allow young pupils to play the most possible amount of music from the beginning of their studies. By alternating this first volume with the second they can, from the start, play music with the aid of their teacher.
Choudens $69.95
Barboteu, G: Progressions Volume 2
These 40 duos allow young pupils to perform with their teacher right from the start of their studies. The slow progression gradually builds up to the level of superior degrees
Choudens $59.95
Barboteu, G: Progressions Volume 3
This third volume consecrated to the technique of the French Horn practiced
at the Paris National Superior Conservatory, is the continuity of the first volume under the form of exercises and studies.
Choudens $69.95
Belloli, A/Ed. Chambers, J: 8 Studies IMC $ ask
Biehlig, K: Compendium of Horn Technique
Karl Biehlig?s Kompendium der Horntechnik (Compendium of Horn Technique) contains practice material in compact form from which every horn player can put together his daily practice and warm-up quota. The collection is built up systematically and alternates deliberately between pure exercises and excerpts from particularly important and difficult horn passages from the orchestral repertoire up to the music of the 20th century.
  1. Sustained Notes
  2. Exercises with natural notes (legato)
  3. Melodic Studies
  4. Note Studies from orchestral practice
  5. Exercises with natural notes (detached)
  6. A few short passages in natural notes from orchestral practice
  7. Chords and scales
  8. A few rhythmic studies from orchestral practice
  9. Etude studies
  10. Quotations from orchestral practice
Brietkopf $54.95
Bluemel, C.P: Guide to Brass Musical Instrument Repair
"This book, by master repair technician, Chris Bluemel, covers repairs from basic simple repairs to professional repair work. It is a step-by-step guide to brass repair. Easy to read and designed for use the book while repairing brass instruments. Lots of photos and diagrams. Perfect for classroom repair as well as a guide individuals."
Northeastern Music Publication $44.95
Borris: Music for Horn Op.109 Book 1 Heinrichshofen $24.15
NOW $5 + postage

"Born in 1937, Daniel Bourgue started his music studies in his native town of Avignon, learning the cello, horn, harmony, music history and chamber music. After winning several First Prizes, he completed his studies at the Paris Conservatory where, after eight months' work, he was unanimously awarded a First Prize in Jean Devemy's horn class. He then embarked on a career as soloist, chamber musician and teacher in western and eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Africa, the USA, Latin America, Canada, Japan, etc. First horn soloist with the Paris Opera Orchestra from 1964 to 1989, Daniel Bourgue has played with the most renowned international orchestras. Critics have hailed him as one of the most gifted soloists of his generation, praising him for his virtuosity, the colour of his tone, and the elegance and purity of his style."    
Bourgue, D: Conversations About The Horn
Translator: Nancy Jordan Fako
International Music Diffusion $44.95
Bourgue, D: First Scales
Grade: Beginner
Billaudot $ ask
Bourgue, D: Method for the French Horn.
Volume 1
Alphonse Leduc
Bourgue, D: Method for the French Horn.
Volume 2
Alphonse Leduc
Bourgue, D: Method for the French Horn.
Volume 3
Alphonse Leduc
Bourgue, D: Method for the French Horn.
Volume 4
Alphonse Leduc

Bourgue, D: Method for the French Horn.
Volume 5
Alphonse Leduc
Bourgue, D: Techni-Cor Volume 1: Flexibilities
Daily exercises followed by orchestral excerpt
Billaudot $44.95
Bourgue, D: Techni-Cor Volume 2: Staccato
Daily exercises and orchestral excerpts
Billaudot $44.95
Bourgue, D: Techni-Cor Volume 3: Articulations
Daily exercises and orchestral excerpts
Billaudot $44.95
Bourgue, D: Techni-Cor Volume 4: Synchronisms
Daily exercises followed by orchestral excerpt
(this volume is to do with fingerings and their effect on pitch, which leads to alternative fingerings for different passages)
Billaudot $50.95
Bourgue, D: Techni-Cor Volume 5: Transpositions
Daily exercises followed by orchestral excerpt
Billaudot $47.95
Bozza, E: 18 Etudes in the Form of Improvisation Leduc $43.95
Brahms, J: Ten Horn Studies Opus posth
Kalmus $ ask
Brahms, J: Twelve Studies for Trumpet or Horn.
Dynamic markings and articulation by Max Zimolong. (former solo horn player of the Berlin Philharmonic and the Dresden State Orchestra)

"Two Hamburg musicians, the chamber virtuoso Weschke and the horn player Hans Westermann - who often use to play music with Brahms - told me the following about the origin of the etudes:
while playing in a pub with his father, a trumpeter took part who had not at all the technical perfection as Johannes on the piano. In order to improve his embouchure and his velocity Brahms especially for him wrote some etudes which he handed over to him with the remark Here I have written something for you. have  a good practise, know what I mean!."
Sikorski $34.95
Brophy, W: Technical Studies
for solving special problems on the Horn

Low Register Exercises
Pitch Bending Exercises
High Resister Exercises
Lip Trill Exercises
Accuracy Exercises
Stopped Note Exercises
Rapid Single Tongue Exercises
Multiple Articulation Exercises
Buzzing Exercises
New Beginning Exercises
Carl Fischer $24.95
Burden, J: Horn Playing-A New Approach

Patersons Publications / Novello $21.95

Bushouse, D; Practical Hints on playing the French Horn

(in collaboration with James D. Ployhar)

...designed to answer the many important question raised by the beginning musician as well as the more advanced students
Warner Bros. Publications
Campos, W: Study in Bb Blues
Not just a study but exercises in playing the blues chord progressions. Chord symbols provided in the music.
McCoy's Horn Library $17.50
Clark, L: I Used To Play Horn

An Innovative Method for Adults Returning to Play with Piano Accompaniment and Data/MP3 CD

I Used to Play is a new series for adults looking to get back into playing their instruments of yesteryear, and will help jumpstart their memory and comfort with music. Its #1 goal is to get people re-acquainted with their instrument(s) by not only reviewing theory and technique with etudes, but also providing them with types of music they want to play, like pop, jazz, and classical tunes. Each book contains a CD with audio MP3 files of complete performances of most songs, plus accompaniment-only play-along versions. The CD also contains printable PDFs of piano parts for practice or performance opportunities. It's just the push former players need to fall back in love with their instruments again!
Carl Fisher
Concone, G: Lyrical Studies for Trumpet
with CD accompaniment in Bb

32 Studies transcribed by John F. Sawyer
The Brass Press $27.95
Concone, G/arr Ashworth, R: Concone Studies for Horn
26 studies that are better suited to the horn player, with 5 studies in bass clef. Robert Ashworth is principal horn of Opera North, Leeds.
Emerson Editions $ ask

Concone, G/arr Ashworth, R: Concone Studies for Horn.
Piano Accompaniment
Emerson Editions $44.95
Cosia, S: Modern French Horn Player
An Appendix to All Methods for Students and Professionals
A: Modern Scales and Exercises
B: Modern Arpeggios
C: Five Modern Concert Studies
Baron $20.80
NOW $5 + postage
Cosia, S: Modern French Horn Player
Piano Accompaniment for the Five Modern Concert Studies
Baron $ ask
Cugnot, A: 12 Etudes Billaudot $ ask
Cugnot: 30 Etudes Wind Music $ ask
Damm, P: Studies for Horn.
Studies based on works of Bruckner, Rimskij-Korsakow,  Mendelssohn, Wagner, Reger and Schostakowitch
Uetz $29.95
Davies, J: Scales & Arpeggios for the Horn Boosey & Hawkes OUT OF PRINT
Davies, J/Harris, P: Improve Your Sight-reading!
A workbook for examinations. Grades 1-5
Faber $ ask
Denniss, G: Studies for Low Horn (1993)
Graded Studies. Used at the Victorian College of the Arts
Australian Work.
"The low register is an area commonly neglected by students of the French Horn, yet when the student comes to play in a band, orchestra or ensemble, the low notes are often required, as they are in more advanced solo repertoire.
Work on the low register will also help attain a richer and fuller sound, due to the relaxation of the embouchure needed to produce steady, in-tune low notes. The tone across the entire range will improve as a result of mastering the low register
A number of these studies address the issue of moving quickly between registers, a technique required by 2nd horn players in works by Classical composers such as Beethoven and Haydn. Other studies centre around the F sharp below middle C which needs to be played on the F side in order to be tune.
I have tried to make the studies interesting and varied, so that musical challenges are encountered as well as the obvious technical problem.
This book is dedicated to my teacher and friend, Olwen Jones."


Dixon, M: Tuning the Horn - Beginnings

Tutor Book including CD
"Comprehensive teaching resource book which provides a framework for learning to play the horn. It could also benefit those desiring to deepen their practical awareness of the harmonic series. This book focuses on the harmonic series that each valve produces, the pitch relationship between them and introduces subtleties of intonation that various fingerings provide ... and more"
$ ask
Dufrasne, L: Dufasne Routine
Edited by Thomas Bacon
Southern Music
$ ask

Ericson, J: Playing High Horn: A Handbook for High Register Playing, Descant Horns, and Triple Horns

A great resource for advanced and advancing hornists, with an emphasis on the effective use of descant and triple horns. Includes exercises for range development, notes on equipment and fingerings, complete parts for the Brandenburg Concerto No. 1 and B Minor Mass of Bach, Concertos by Telemann and Förster, the Symphony No. 31 and Divertimento a tre of Haydn, the Symphony No. 40 of Mozart, the Schumann Concertstück, excerpts from other works of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Berlioz, Dvorak, Ravel, and Shostakovich, and much more. 116 pages

Horn Note Edition
$ ask

Ericson, J: Introducing the Horn: Essentials for New Hornists and Their Teachers

Covers in one volume the range of performance-related topics that are the most essential in giving a new hornist a good start. While primarily directed toward current and future instrumental music educators (the materials originally were compiled for use in methods classes for music education students), this publication is also a great resource book for beginners and for those converting to the horn. 22 pages.

Horn Note Edition
$ ask

Ericson, J: Playing the Wagner Tuba: A Handbook for Hornists

A complete, practical guide to the literature and performance techniques of the Wagner tuba. An ideal resource for the advanced student or young professional who needs to get up to speed quickly to perform Wagner tuba in a symphonic setting. Includes information on instruments and fingerings, complete parts (original notation and transposed) for Bruckner's Symphony No. 7 and excerpts from Götterdämmerung and Eine Alpensymphonie, and much more. 62 pages.

Horn Note Edition
$ ask

Ericson, J: A Mello Catechism: A Guide to the World of Mellophones and Marching Horns

The Mellophone is widely used today in marching bands and drum corps, but it is an instrument with few published resources. A highly practical tome on all things mellophone, A Mello Catechism is directed primarily toward music educators and horn teachers with limited mellophone experience. This unique publication includes information in a question and answer format on mellophone history, mouthpiece choices, tone quality, intonation, coping with marching, and much more. 30 pages.

Horn Note Edition

Ericson, J: Ultimate Horn Technique

The result of a long quest for practical technical materials to develop Classic technique for modern horn students, Ultimate Horn Technique contains exercises from 19th-century masters Gallay, Meifred, Kling, Dauprat, Schantl, and Arban to develop finger technique, range, transposition, characteristic playing, and double and triple tonguing, with an appendix containing 38 exercises to develop intonation by Gumpert and Kling. 80 pages.

Horn Note Edition
$ ask

Ericson, J: Ultimate Low Horn

It is not a secret; every horn teacher knows that developing tone and facility in the low range is the key to everything for an advancing hornist. Ultimate Low Horn is the result of a long search for practical and effective materials for low range study by intermediate to advanced students, containing focused exercises by Bordogni, De Pre, and Gallay to develop low range facility and characteristic playing. 80 pages.

Horn Note Edition
$ ask
Farkas, P: A Photographic Study of 40 Virtuoso Horn Player's Embouchures.
Included in this study by Philip Farkas are life-size, highly detailed photographs of some of the great horn players' embouchures of the 20th century from all over the world. They show each embouchure in high, middle and low registers. A diagram at the side of each photo shows the direction of the air-column.
Wind Music $27.95
Farkas, P: The Art of Brass Playing
The Art of Brass playing is a treatise on the formation and use of the brass player's embouchure. It includes sections on the embouchure's function, mouthpiece placement, moist versus dry lips, the lip aperture, articulation, mouthpiece pressure and breath control. A must for all brass players, this includes photos of the embouchures of Adolph Herseth, Philip Farkas, Edward Kleinhammer, and Arnold Jacobs, among others. This book has become a standard in brass technique classes and at conservatories everywhere.
Wind Music $43.95
Farkas, P: The Art of French Horn Playing
A treatise on the problems and techniques of French Horn Playing, explained to the fullest extent and in a manner to make clear, to even the self-taught hornist, the secrets of successful horn playing. Included are the author's own warm-up studies, designed to create and maintain a strong, flexible embouchure. Also icluded are selected Etudes for specific playing problems.
"The bible of French Horn playing"
Summy Birchard $37.95
Farkas, P: The Art of Musicianship
The Art of Musicianship explores the skills, knowledge and sensitivity needed by the mature musician to perform in an artistic and professional manner. It has been used since 1976 in brass classes and music appreciation courses across the country. Topics of discussions include; Musicianship, phrasing, dynamics, tempo, rhythm, articulation, intonation, ensemble playing and stagefright, to name a few.
Wind Music
Faust, R.E: The Hornist's Jokebook
A Book of New Etudes for Horn
SCHERZI for physical and mental flexibility.
Faust Music $6.95
Faust, R.E: Interval Etudes for Horn
New and accessible studies based on each of the intervals from the Minor Second through the Major Seventh.
Faust Music $6.95
Fearn, W: Exercises for flexible Horn Playing
"Studies that will improve your....lower middle range....flexibility....technique....rhythm....tone....ear"
Elkan Vogel $26.95
Franz, O: Etudes & Concert Etudes Hofmeister $ ask
Franz, O: 28 Etudes (28) And Concert Etudes (7)
Kalmus $17.95
Frehse, A: 34 Etüden für tiefes Horn (Low Horn)

Hofmeister $24.95
Gallay, J-F: Daily Exercises for Horn
edited by Kazimierz Machala
IMC $34.95
Gallay, J-F:; 12 Etudes de Style (Op. ?)
6 Melodies amd 6 Etudes Characteristic
edited by Daniel Bourgue
International Music Diffusion $ ask
Gallay, J-F: 30 Etudes Op. 13
Edited by James Chambers
IMC $ ask
Gallay, J-F:  39 Preludes Op. 27
Measured Preludes: Numbers 1 - 19
Unmeasured Preludes: Numbers 20 - 39
Edited by Lucien Thevet
Alphonse Leduc $36.50
Gallay, J-F:  40 Preludes Op. 27
Edited by James Chambers
International Music Company $34.95
Gallay, J-F: 12 Grand Caprices Op. 32
edited by James Chambers
IMC $ ask
Gallay, J-F: Twelve Grand Caprices Op. 32
Collection Michel Garcin-Marrou
Billaudot $43.95
Gallay, J-F: 12 Grand Brilliant Studies Op. 43
Collection Michel Garcin-Marrou
Billaudot $ ask
Gallay, J-F: 12 Etudes Op. 43
edited by Kurt Janetzky
Hofmeister $ ask
Gallay, J-F: 12 Etudes Brillantes Op. 43
Edited by James Chambers
IMC $ ask
Gallay, J-F: 12 Studies (for second horn) Op. 57
edited by James Chambers
IMC $31.95
Gallay, J-F: 12 Studies Op. 57
Collection Michel Garcin-Marrou
Billaudot $33.95
Gallay, J-F:  22 Fantaisies Melodiques Op. 58
edited by Daniel Bourgue
International Music Diffusion $32.95
Gallay, J-F: 22 Studies for Horn
edited by John Cerminaro

These are the Op. 58 Studies, just in a slightly different order to 11099
IMC $32.95
Gardner, R: Mastering the Horn's Low Register

A new low horn method for all horn players, whether high or low hornists, students, amateurs or professionals, who wish to enjoy the many benefits that come with low register proficiency. Randy C. Gardner, Professor of Horn at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music and former Second Hornist of The Philadelphia Orchestra for 22 years, examines tone production and technique, breathing, register breaks, shifts, flexibility and more. The excerpt studies give detailed insights and practice techniques for the preparation of 30 audition excerpts with challenging low register passages including Beethoven Symphonies 3 and 9, Mahler Symphonies 1 and 3, Shostakovich Symphony No. 5, Strauss Don Quixote, Ein Heldenleben and Till Eulenspiegel, and Wagner Das Rheingold. Includes a list of resources of special value to low register performance and successful audition psychology. A must for all horn players! (100 pages). Teachers and institutions are encouraged to order multiple copies together to save on mailing expenses.
International Opus
Getchell, R.W: First Book of Practical Studies for French Horn
The First Book of Practical Studies is designed to develop chord consciousness and to provide additional experience in the fundamental rhythms, key signatures, and articulation and to improve accuracy in reading through the use of interesting and melodic studies. It may be used either to supplement or to follow any beginning method book and will serve as an ideal preparation for the slightly more advanced techniques to be found in the second book. The following rhythms are introduced and developed in the first book: eighth Notes, dotted quarter notes, sixteenth notes, Major scales (Diatonic and thirds)
Belwin $16.95
Getchell, R.W: Second Book of Practical Studies for French Horn
The Second Book of Practical Studies is designed to logically extend the techniques already presented in the First Book and also to introduce and develop new techniques and rhythms that will offer a challenge to the intermediate student. Through the use of slightly more difficult and more extended studies, it is hoped that the material used in this book may more fully develop general musicianship and more feeling for style and interpretation and thus act as a foundation for solo literature. The following rhythms are introduced and developed in this second book: dotted eighths and sixteenths, 3-8 rhythm, 6-8 rhythms, Syncopations.
Belwin $16.95
Gorham, C: Mahler. A Brass Player's Guide to the German Instructions Contained in the Symphonies of Mahler.
At last, the perfect resource for those who practice and perform Mahler's brass parts. Charles Gorham, professor of trumpet at Indiana University, has compiled a glossary of over 300 words and phrases needed to correctly understand and practice Mahler excerpts. Indispensable for both students and professionals. The print, organization and style of this all contribute to a first rate product. Highly recommended. Every brass player should own one.
Manduca Music Publications
$ ask
Gouse, C.F: Learn to Play the French Horn.
Book 1

"A carefully graded method that emphasizes good tone production, builds a sound rhythmic sense and develops well rounded musicianship"
Alfred $19.95
Eisenhauser, W: Learn to Play the French Horn.
Book 2

Alfred $19.95
Grüber, F/arr Bacon, T: Silent Night
A Study in Horn chords
McCoy's Horn Library $14.55
NOW $5 + postage
Gugel, H: 12 Studies for Solo Horn
Revised by F. Gumbert, Newly Edited by James Chambers
IMC $ ask
Hackleman, M: 21 Characteristic Etudes for High Horn Playing
Grade: Intermediate-Advanced
These high horn studies are designed to add a new dimension of technical challenge and musical reward for the horn player. They are carefully constructed to expand all of a player's capabilities while relying on a melodic and traditional sense of composition. The altissimo register of the horn should be a natural extension of a player's solid ease in the middle range. The tempo markings are exact and should be carefully observed. All the double bars are intended as points of rest if desired. The studies are based on the works for clarinet of Cyrille Rose (1830-1902), important teacher and author of pedagical material still widely in use today.
Edition BIM $37.95
Hackleman, M: 34 Characteristic Etudes for Low Horn Playing
Grade: Advanced
The purpose of this book is to give horn players an opportunity to improve their low register technique. This neglected area of the horn requires precision of relaxation and timing othe embouchure, tongue, and throat. To produce a full, clean sound air control is emphasized continually. I have endeavored to compile selections that have musical merit as well as some technical challenge; characteristics often automatically dismissed by horn players when playing below the staff. These studies are taken from the works of Blazhevich and Vassiliev. Players are advised to use these etudes with caution as prolonged periods exclusively in this range can tend to "spread" the embouchure too much. Obviously it is up to the individual as to the amount he needs or desires. They can also help endurance by being occasionally interspersed between demanding middle and upper range exercices. All etudes are to be read in "old notation". Careful attention to metronome markings is advised.
Edition BIM $43.50
Hallam, A: Epic Etudes
Australian Work
"20 of the most Epic high, Epic low, Epic fast, Epic slow Etudes ever! Covering four octaves and an Epic array of techniques, Epic Etudes will give you an Epic workout! You will be asking yourself "Where have these been all my Epic life?" These Epic Etudes can also be performed as solo items. Epic Etudes are composed for students of 8th Grade and above, standard. (AMEB/ Trinity UK)."
Hallam Music $25.00
Hill, D: Collected Thoughts
on Teaching and Learning, Creativity, and Horn Performance
Alfred $55.95
Hill, D: Extended Techniques for the Horn.
A practical handbook for students, performers and composers. Includes CD
Warner Brothers Publications Out Of Print
Hill, D: Warm-ups and Maintenance Sessions for the Horn Player.

Really Good Music $29.95

Hill, D: French Horn Basics....Questions Answered.
A Compact Guide for Teachers and Young Players
Really Good Music $18.95
Hill, D: Low Range for the Horn Payer.
Text and Exercises by Douglas Hill
Really Good Music $ ask
Hill, D: French Horn Fundamentals.
Performance/Practice Materials for Music Education Students
Really Good Music $22.95
Hill, D: From Vibrato to Trills to Tremolos...for the Horn Player.

Really Good Music $29.95
Hill, D: High Range for the Horn Player.
Text and Exercises by Douglas Hill
Really Good Music $ ask
Hilliard, H: Intermediate Studies for Developing Artists on the French Horn

"This text covers every possible style appropriate to an intermediate book for brass. It includes music from the 14th century up to the beginningof the twentieth century from dozens of countries, including original c ompositions that mimic many historic styles. The musical selections outside the standard repertoire compare well in quality to the more famous works and have unique elements that increase students musical vocabulary.
Includes: challenging and rewarding music in a comfortable range for students with braces • musical exercises to teach phrasing; lip slur exercises • great music used to make practicing feel effortless and enriching.
Meredith Music $27.95
Hilliard, H: Lip Slurs for Horn: A Progressive Method of Flexibility
Grade: Advanced
"This unique text provides a comprehensive collection of essential slurring skills for the first year student as well as exercises that challenge the most advanced professional. A balance between variety and accessibility is used to challenge the ear and combat the monotony of typical lip slur exercises while maintaining a logical and musical shape to the phrase. Special areas included contain:

- Large intervals within a modest range
- Exercises designed to eliminate or minimize breaks between registers
- Memorizable warm-ups
- Techniques that exploit out-of-tune harmonics
- Innovative ways to increase range both high and low
- Exercises that provide an extreme challenge to the ear
- Lip slur hybrids combined with lip trill precursors

"…The early focus on simple intervallic slurs as they relate to the harmonic series of the horn is especially important …a comprehensive method for all levels, from the beginning student to the accomplished professional."

Mark Houghton, Principal Horn, Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra

"The MOST important thing in horn playing is hearing what you're about to play. Sometimes, feeling what you are about to play helps you to hear it. Howard's book is a GREAT help in accomplishing this for players of all ages. Knowing where you are on the harmonic (overtone) series is crucial for any player, and Howard's book is a great MAP to help us all navigate it."

Charles Bell, Hornist, The Cincinnati Symphony; horn professor, Xavier University

Meredith Music $27.95
Hoeltzel, M: Mastery of the French Horn
The well-known standard for all questions concerning the technique and playing of the horn - now in English translation. The work is relevant to professionals as well as students. Apart from issues of daily practice and playing, it also deals with topics that haven't been covered within horn literature until recently: playing the high F-horn or the Wagner-tuba, the arrangement of the cadenza in the solo concertos (including cadenzas of all established concertos), personal management as a performer, and other subjects. The German edition has received the German award "Best Edition" 2000.
Holenstein, C & Brodmann, U: 76 Progressive Sound Studies for Horn
Grade: Easy/Advanced
"The main goal of this series of studies is to get a rich sound. It is intended for horn players who already have basic musical skills and want to progress quickly and effectively in the study of the horn. These studies are also suitable when changing from single to double horn as well as for those who switch to the horn from another instrument."
Edition BIM $42.95
Horner, A: Exercises & Etudes and "Theme & Variation'

Southern $15.95
Horner, A: Primary Studies for The French Horn
100 Studies which include some duets and trios
Elkan & Vogel $30.95
Hulin, E: 15 Studies with classical and contempory notation.
Grade: Beginner
Collection Michel Garcin-Marrou
Billaudot $19.70
NOW $5 + postage
Hulin, E: 20 Studies on 5 Notes in Concertante Style
Grade: Beginner
Collection Michel Garcin-Marrou
Billaudot $20.80
NOW $5 + postage
Huth, F: Rhythmic and Technical Studies
30 Studies
Hofmeister $ ask
Huth, F: School for Horn

As a teacher of long standing, as well as an experienced orchestral horn player and much traveled horn soloist I would like to equip the young horn player with a useful and purposeful method. By means of this systematic, slow, step by step method, it is possible for the beginner to reach his goal as quickly and as surely as possible. It is left to the teacher whether other exercises and studies should eb used alongside this method and, if so, care should be taken to select the right ones. May this course of study stimulate and produce as many good players as possible
Simrock $38.95
James, I: "Warming Up"

Collection Ifor James
Edition Marc Reift $44.95
James, I: So You Want A Technique

Collection Ifor James
Edition Marc Reift $50.95
James, I: Learn or Teach Horn Fingering and Have Fun

Collection Ifor James
Edition Marc Reift $37.95
Jeurissen, H: The Basic Principles of Horn playing
Volume 1: Warming-up and Daily Exercises
Hofmeister $ ask
Jeurissen, H: The Basic Principles of Horn playing
Volume 2: Etudes and Solo Pieces
Hofmeister $ ask
Jeurissen, H: The Basic Principles of Horn playing
Volume 3: Ensemble Playing
Hofmeister $ ask
Jeurissen, H: Four Characteristic Studies for Horn
"More than studies, they could stand alone on a recital.

Dance of the CapriCORns
A Beautiful Whitsunday
Viennese Waltz
Dance of the HORNets

by Herman Jeurissen

The book is written in different styles: pastoral, scherzo, waltz, ending with a dance. The type of writing is mostly modal sometimes atonal. There are some bar changes."
McCoy's Horn Library $17.50
Kling, H: 25 Studies and Preludes
Edited by Lee Bracegirdle
IMC $ ask
Kling, H: 40 Characteristic Etudes
Edited and Revised by Lorenzo Sansone
...same as below...
Southern Music Company $21.95
Kling, H: 40 Studies
Edited by James Chambers
IMC $41.95
Kopprasch, G: 50 Etudes Op. 6 for French Horn.
Revised by Oscar Franz.
Southern $ ask

Kopprasch, G: 60 Studies Op. 6. Book 1
Studies No. 1 - 34
This revised edition includes a link and code to download MP3 recordings of all thirty-four studies in Book 1, performed by Michelle Stebleton, Associate Professor of Horn at Florida State University.
Carl Fisher $34.95

Kopprasch, G: 60 Studies Op. 6. Book 1
Studies No. 1 - 34
Hofmeister $29.95
Kopprasch, G: 60 Studies Op. 6. Book 2
Studies No. 35 - 60
Hofmeister $26.95

Kopprasch, G: 60 Studies Op. 6. Book 1
Studies No. 1 - 34
IMC $35.95
Kopprasch, G: 60 Studies Op. 6. Book 2
Studies No. 35 - 60
IMC $40.95
Kopprasch, G: 60 Studies
(All sixty studies, Op. 6)
Zen-On Music $32.95
Kopprasch, G: 90 Etudes Wind Music $25.95
Koetsier, J: 13 Characteristic Etudes Op. 117 (1989) Dedicated to Peter Damm.
Duration approx. 20'
Edition Marc Reift $32.95
Krol, B: Natural Horn Studies
50 Studies for the Bb horn
Pro Musica $14.50
Lawrence, P: Featured Melody
Grades: Easy - Medium
The twenty-seven pieces in this collection are carefully graded for technical and musical development. The wide variety of styles range from Renaissance dances to a modern jazz suite. The pieces can be grouped together to form unaccompanied suites. In private practice the pieces will provide many appropriate technical challenges but their melodic nature also makes them ideal for unaccompanied concert performance.
Featuring Melody includes elements especially for the F horn. These include use of the natural horn, elementary hand stopping and alternative low notes for the more advanced player. These are introduced and explained within the book.
... Syncopated Dance • The Huntsman • Courante • Off Beat • Stately Tune • Restless • Impromptu • Staccato Ritmico • Rondo • Lamentoso • Arietta • Romance • Suite of Three • Pensive • Prelude • Romanza • The Chaser • Blues • Moody • Stomp Off • Three on Five • Hornpipe • La Chase
".... they really are melodious and suitable for concert performance being of some substance. I can highly recommend them ...." Reviewed 'Music Teacher'
Brass Wind Publicaions $21.95
Lawrance, P: Graded Lip Flexibilities for Horn in F and Bb
A smooth, rich sounding legato is a characteristic closely associated with the horn. From the earliest stages of playing, regular practice in the form of flexibility exercises will develop a true legato by developing good embouchure control and breathing. This carefully graded collection of flexibility exercises has been designed to develop range, embouchure control and flexible legato playing on both the F and Bb sides of the instrument. Covering grades 1-8, each level is preceded by useful warm-up exercises that can provide a prelude to daily practice sessions. There is an additional section introducing lip trills.
Brass Wind Publicaions $24.95
Leloir, E: Daily Exercises Billaudot $59.95
Lewy, J. R: 10 Studies arranged by Peter Damm
Hofmeister $18.95
Lewy: 10 Progressive Studies Kalmus $ ask
Marchesi, M: 24 Vocalizations Hofmeister $ ask

Matosinhos, R: 12 Jazzy Etudes for Horn

Ricardo Matosinhos performs
•12 Jazzy Etudes for Horn, no.12 "Matosinhos' Blues"
•15 Low Horn Etudes, no.12 "Tribute to J.S.Bach"
•10 Jazzy Etudes for Horn, no.10 "4 Variations on a theme by Paganini"

Matosinhos, R: 12 Jazzy Etudes for Horn

"Written for the advanced student to professional, these etudes feature different techniques that are essential to horn playing. In a fun, fanciful and whimsical style, Mr Matosinhos focuses each etude on a different technique, always within a style heavily invluenced by Jazz. 24 Pages. Dedicated to Arkady Shilkloper."
Phoenix Music $28.95

Matosinhos, R: 10 Jazzy Etudes for Horn

" Written for the advanced student to professional, these etudes feature different techniques that are essential to horn playing. In a fun, fanciful and whimsical style, Mr Matosinhos focuses each etude on a different technique, always within a style heavily invluenced by Jazz. 28 Pages. Dedicated to Arkady Shilkloper.


Due to the success of the tremendously popular 1st book (12 Jazzy Etudes), we now bring you this second book of the Jazzy Etudes Series of Mr Matosinhos. "

Phoenix Music $27.95

Matosinhos, R: 15 Low Horn Etudes

" New! Especially written by Ricardo Matosinhos for Low Horn!

Dedicated to Sarah Willis!

Mr Matosinhos has extended his series of fun etudes, this time written for low horn. Continued in the frivolous and fancy free style as the jazz etudes, these etudes concentrate on the difficulties of the low horn register, a register that is often ignored both by students as well as publishers! "

Phoenix Music $30.50

Matosinhos, R: 13 (Un) Lucky Etudes

" Good Luck or Bad Luck it's all up to you: What, Why, Where, When, with Whom, How and How much you practice!
But, most of all, please have fun while practicing! "

Phoenix Music $28.95
Martin, J-L: 20 Studies
Collection Michel Garcin-Marrou.
 Easy Grade
Billaudot $ ask
McCoy, M: 46 Progressive Exercises
"Widely accepted to fill the gap between basic low horn info and the more difficult low horn exercises"
McCoy's Horn Library $23.95
Miersch, E: Melodious Studies for French Horn
45 solo studies and 8 duets
Carl Fischer $31.95
Miles, P: Low Horn Etudes and Drills for the Intermediate Player Really Good Music $ ask
Morrell, K: Musician, Heal Thyself - A Self-Help Guide for Hornists
".... is intended to help horn players help themselves. The book is an assemblage of drills and exercises, strategies for more efficient practice and problem solving, injury prevention and musical wellness, audition preparation, and dealing with performance anxiety and other helpful resources, all in a concise and easy to use format including ten color photographs and illustrations. Dr. Morrell is instructor of horn and chamber music at the University of Southern California Thornton School of Music and the Colburn School of Performing Arts."
Balquhidder Music
$ ask
Müller, B: Etudes Op. 64 Volume 1
(Studies 1-22)
Hofmeister $29.95
Müller, B: Etudes Op. 64 Volume 2
(Studies 23-34)
Hofmeister $ ask
Müller, B: 34 Studies Op. 64 Volume 1
(Studies 1-22)
International Music Company $ ask
Müller, B: 34 Studies Op. 64 Volume 2
(Studies 23-34)
International Music Company $ ask
Nauber, F: 30 Easy Melodic Exercises Op. 33 Zimmermann $22.95
Neuling, H: 15 Etudes for HIGH horn Pro Musica $19.95
Neuling, H: 30 Etudes for LOW horn. Book 1
No. 1-15
Pro Musica $26.95
Neuling, H: 30 Etudes for LOW horn. Book 2
No. 16-30
Pro Musica $26.95
Neuling, H; Horn Method Volume 1 German
Pro Musica $29.95
Neuling, H; Horn Method Volume 2 German
Pro Musica $29.95
Orval, F: Method for Natural Horn Edition Marc Reift $ ask
Pizka, E: Interval and Scale Studies Reisal $ ask
Pottag, M: Daily Exercises for French Horn
Belwin $ ask
Pottag, M: Preparatory Melodies to Solo Works for French Horn.
Selected from the Famous SCHANTL Collection.
Belwin $14.95
Pottag, M & Andraud, A: 335 Selected Melodious Progressive and Technical Studies  for French Horn. Book 1.
The most selective collection of the best and most efficient studies written by the famous teachers and virtuosos on the French Horn (Artôt, bach, Belloli, Cugnot, Franz-Kopprasch, Gallay, Gugel, Handel, Hoss, Kling, Michiels, Mozart, Pauderts, Haydn, Saint-Saëns) also other famous horn solos, forming a complete and progressive course that will enable the student to build and develop a solid technique
Southern $ ask
Pottag, M & Andraud, A: 335 Selected Melodious Progressive and Technical Studies for French Horn. Book 2
The most selective collection of the best and most efficient studies written by the famous teachers and virtuosos on the French Horn (Art
ôt, bach, Belloli, Cugnot, Franz-Kopprasch, Gallay, Gugel, Handel, Hoss, Kling, Michiels, Mozart, Pauderts, Haydn, Saint-Saëns) also other famous horn solos, forming a complete and progressive course that will enable the student to build and develop a solid technique
Southern $ ask
Pottag-Hovey Method for French Horn.
Book One
by Max P Pottag and Nilo W. Hovey
Belwin $16.95

Pottag-Hovey Method for French Horn.
Book Two
by Max P Pottag and Nilo W. Hovey
Belwin $16.95

Ree Wekre, F: Thoughts On Playing The Horn Well
"Thoughts on warming up, breathing, intonation, work of the facial muscles, memorizing, practicing, and much more." by Frøydis Ree Wekre
McCoy's Horn Library
$ ask
Reger, W.A: The Talking French Horn Charles Colin $18.95
Reynolds, V: 48 Etudes
"...are designed to explore beyond the present limits of horn technique and are meant to form a contemporary extension to the older stidies of Kopprasch. Gallay, Maxime-Alphonse, etc."
Schirmer $24.95
Ridgeon, J: The Physiology of Brass Playing.
A comparative study of brass playing and teaching techniques
Brass Wind $32.95
Robinson, W.C: An Illustrated Advanced Method for French Horn Playing. Edited by Philip Farkas
This method is intended as a guide for advanced students of the horn with materials included to help students establish a good direction in their efforts and also to serve as a helpful guide in the avoidance or correction of faulty fundamental playing habits.
Wind Music $ ask
Schanti, J: Grand Theoretical & Practical Method for the Valve Horn
"Here's Schantl's original method for valve horn which fulfills the requirements necessary for proper development of the rudiments of sound French Horn playing. The exercises are written to thoroughly acquaint the student with all the major and minor keys. Special exercises are written for each interval of the scale and each study further develops the performer's skill in rhythm and phrasing. The student is also exposed to the low register where he learns to play with surprising facility."

Wind Music $ ask
Schanti, J: 120 Melodic Pieces without accompaniment.
these pieces "are designed to teach interpretation preparatory to solo-playing."

Wind Music $33.95
Schantl, J: School for Horn
Volumne 1
"Natural Horn"

Schmidt $27.95
Schneider B: Horn Fundamentals
Composer:Schneider, Bruno (*1957)
Year of composition:2010
Level:intermediate / advanced
" This book is a compilation of the basic rudimentary exercises I have played as a matter of routine to keep me in the requisite physical shape to endure the rigors of a demanding orchestral, solo, and chamber music career. They also represent the underlying concepts and principles on which my teaching of technical issues has been predicated, and which I have always endeavored to impart to my own students. It is the kind of book I wish had been readily available to me during the course of my career.

Efficiency in technical development requires patience, creative imagination, and a dedication to the ultimate goal of technical perfection is an important component of my teaching. Additionally, it should be noted that technical perfection exists solely as a means to achieve a musical goal, providing musicians with the necessary confidence and tools to express the complete range of musical emotions.

Content | 76 pages of fundamental exercises
1) Flexibility exercises on the F horn and B-flat horn
2) Fast flexibility exercises on the F, B-flat and optional high E-flat horn
3) Complete scales, written out in all major and minor tonalities with articulation alternatives
4) Intervals in all tonalities
5) Articulations exercises written out in all tonalities
6) Chromatic exercises to steady the embouchure in the sensitive range
7) The sound production (practice the "attack" of the note) in all ranges and all dynamics
8) Exercises to be played loud
Edition Bim $43.95
Schuller, G: Horn Technique
2nd Edition
"The first edition of this book was published in 1962 and quickly established itself as the classic guide to all aspects of horn-playing, with chapters on tone-production, exercises, legato and staccato playing, and the art of practising. For this new edition the author has greatly enlarged the Repertoire List, which gives details of over 1,000 pieces from the solo, chamber, and orchestral repertoires which include one or more horns. The author draws attention to key works in each genre. There are also a number of corrections and up-datings throughout the text and a new preface outlining recent developments in the horn world."
Oxford University Press $45.95
Schuller, G: Studies for Unaccompanied Horn
13 Studies
"Includes 13 short pieces for horn that help the player master breath support, tonguing, articulations, rapid note-playing, and varying rhythms, all while exploring the range of the instrument."
Oxford University Press $32.95
Shoemaker, J.R: Legato Etudes for French Horn
Based on the vocalises of Guiseppe Concone
from the sleeve notes..."Legato Etudes for French Horn is addressed to three specific problems faced by the French Horn performer: 1. interpretation of the legato phrase; 2. extension of the low range; and 3. familiarity with the bass (F) cleff. Key signatures, time signatures, and dynamic markings have received careful consideration in relation to these problems. Special attention has been given to the low range through use of the bass clef" 24 etudes
Belwin-Mills $16.95
Singer, J: Embouchure Building for the French Horn
(Compiled and Edited by Richard E Ballou)

Skornicka, J.E: Elementary Method
"One of the most widely used series of methods for individual or like-instrument class instruction. Using a very well-rounded approach including scales, arpeggios, technical studies, studies for musicianship, articulation studies, solos, duets, and studies devoted to the special needs of each instrument, this series provides a fantastic wealth of material for all student musicians."

Skornicka/Erdman: Intermediate Method
"A follow up course for individual or Like-Instrument Class Instruction"

Sparke, P: Starter Studies.
65 Progressive Studies
Anglo Music $15.95
Sparke, P: Skilful Studies.
40 Progressive Studies
Anglo Music $22.95
Sparke, P: Super Studies.
26 Progressive Studies
Anglo Music $19.95
Stevens, T: 48 Lyric Studies. Trumpet (or other treble clef instruments) based on the Vocalises of Concone and Bordogni
The "48 Lyric Studies" consists of freely transcribed versions of, or original studies derived from, select ed vocalises by Giuseppe Concone (1801-1861) and Giovanni Marco Bordogni (1789-1856). [...] The "48 Lyric Studies" is intended to improve the musician's music-reading comprehension to the point of being better able to determine what the written page of music tells the performer, and, perhaps more importantly, what it does not. The studies have been progressively arranged in a manner designed to emphasize numerous specific musical problems associated with notation from the performer's perspective, from the recognition of elementary musical structural components such as motives, phrases, (including melodic outlines) cadences, and meter, to the concept of overall musical architecture, usually presented in song forms. It should also be noted that the actual notation of the music in these studies has its own purpose, in accordance with an old dictum of 20th Century composer and performer, Leonard Bernstein, paraphrased here as follows: Sometimes the music sounds the same as it looks, sometimes it looks different but it sounds the same, and sometimes it looks the same but it sounds different! There is no further text: the music should speak for itself. The absence of dynamic markings in these studies is intentional. In studies such as these, this musical component is best left to the performer's imagination.
Thomas Stevens, Los Angeles, 1997
Edition BIM $54.95
Stevens, T: Changing Meter Studies. Trumpet (or other treble clef instruments) Level: Intermediate
Excellent preparation for playing of contemporary music.
Edition BIM $32.95
Strauss, F: 17 Concert Studies
after themes from Beethovens 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th Symphonies, The Ruins of Athens etc..
Kunzelmann $37.50
Suttner, J : Practical Studies for Horn.

Edition Peter Damm
Based on the works of Wagner
The Flying Dutchman
Tristan and Isolde
Uetz $26.95
Teuber, F: Progressive Studies in Flexibility and Range Development for French Horn
Flexibility: Numbers 1 - 8
Range Development: Numbers 9 - 17
Interval Studies: Numbers 18 - 26
Scale Patterns and Studies: Numbers 27 - 30
Twelve Melodic Studies for Natural Horn
Medici Music Press $42.95
Thompson, J: The Buzzing Complete Method Book
Comes with a CD
trumpet and other treble clef brass instruments
(CD in C and in Bflat)
Buzzing on the mouthpiece has many benefits if done with a systematic and observant approach. Because the mouthpiece offers less resistance than does the instrument, buzzing helps accustom the player to using more air. This greater airflow helps let the lips relax and vibrate more freely, producing a more resonant sound. It also makes the player more reliant on his ear to place pitches, just as a singer does. Further, it aids in developing the most efficient and consistent mouthpiece placement. Finally, perhaps most importantly, mouthpiece buzzing allows the player to develop new and more refined aural/physical habits more easily.
Edition Bim $32.95
Uber, D: Solo Etudes for Horn

"This is a collection of twelve advanced studies for horn, written in contrasting tonalities, meters and varied articulation patterns. Each etude is designed to provide the player with challenging material that will enhance his or her command of the instrument"
Hornists' Nest $17.95

Wastall, P: Learn as You Play French Horn.

"The LEARN AS YOU PLAY method is simple to understand and easy to use. Each book is divided into units that provide clear explanations of each new stage of learning. Plentiful exercises are included, along with Concert Pieces, many of which have been set for examinations"
Boosey & Hawkes $29.95
Wastell, P: Piano accompaniment to "Learn as You French Horn" Boosey & Hawkes $21.95
Weber, A: 13 Studies Alphonse Leduc $41.95
Yancich, M: A Practical Guide to French Horn Playing Wind Music $ ask