Lost and Stolen Horns

Watch out....UK based Horn Scam....

Update 24 July 2018
HornsAplenty (Alan Wiltshire) - were you a customer?

We are trying to reach all those people who were customers of HornsAplenty (proprietor Alan Wiltshire) - specifically people who sent horns to be sold and for which they did not receive payment, possibly going back over several years. (If you have pictures and any other identifying details like serial numbers that would be very helpful.) We are urging you to get in touch so that we have as complete a picture as possible. There is an ongoing police investigation into this business and its proprietor and we are keen the investigation should have access to all the facts.

Please contact Luke@woodheadhorns.co.uk

27 March 2018
"Hello Graham,

Bit of a long shot here - I was browsing your Hornarama website and it occurred to me that you and your site visitors might be interested to know of a situation that has developed here in the UK and which some Australian horn-players just might be caught up in.

The horn buy-and-sell business HornsAplenty is/was based in Gloucestershire, UK. It has been realised that quite a few horns that have been sent there have neither been returned nor has money been sent, and it seems the instruments have disappeared into some kind of limbo. Alan Wiltshire, who is the sole proprietor, has not been answering the phone and e-mails and has now disappeared. His house has been sold and his website closed.

The police are now involved and Luke Woodhead, who runs a horn repair and trading business in Bedfordshire, has been co-ordinating the responses from people who have lost horns. We think it very likely that customers from outside the UK are involved. This is the message that Luke has been sending out:

"If you have given a horn to HornsaPlenty to sell and have not been paid it will be in your interest to get in touch with us for more information. Luke@woodheadhorns.co.uk"

If you could find a way of placing this fairly prominently on the Hornorama website the group would be very grateful. If you wish to validate the story, please contact Luke directly.

Best wishes,

Stolen in Canberra

"The thieves smashed in my window and took it on Friday night (the 10/06) in Canberra. It is much loved and I would really appreciate people keeping an eye out of it!

- It was a Regency by Leblanc Holton Double Horn
- Red/Rose Brass bell and silver mouthpiece
- Dark pink leather hand grip
- worn case (external black plastic with red "FRAGILE' stickers - internal black fluffy material)
- minor aesthetic wear on the bottom, lacquer erosion inside bell/on valves"

Contact Iona Renwick, ph: 0474783304- or on email: iskyereno@gmail.com

Stolen in Sydney earlier this week
Alexander 1101 GAL
Serial Number 25347

If you have any information then please contact me on 0414 762 134 or graham@hornarama.com.au and I'll pass the information on to the distraught owner

Alexander Stolen in Malaysia

Hi, I'm Nursaedah Said from Malaysia.  My car window was smashed and an Alexander 103 (serial no:25236)  was stolen on the 23/5/2009.  It comes with the Marcus Bonna case model MB5.   Please help me keep an eye if anybody trying to sell the stated instrument. 

            My email address is: nursaedah@hotmail.com                  
                 contact number :+6012 668 0275            

Thanks a lot for your help.
Nursaedah Said

PAXMAN stolen/lost
in the Sydney area...24/4/08

Paxman 23LYD with a silver bell in a Marcus Bona MB5 case. The serial number is 3440. There is a reward for its return.
Contact Euan on 0449 175 445 or email harveyeuan@gmail.com

Paxman Stolen

A distinctive paxman horn was stolen on the morning of the 12th Febuary 2008 from Ourimbah (central coast NSW) as part of a house robbery.

1965 Paxman K series, gold brass, unlaquered, detachable bell, flipper attached, pennys on the valves, modified Tiltz 11 mouthpiece in a hard leather gig bag with white material straps & a light coloured wooden mute. Serial no. 465T1

If seen please contact Melissa on 0439 717 506 or Geoff on 0418 625 822 or Melissa.Davidson@studentmail.newcastle.edu.au