Works for Horn(s) with Harp

Works for Horn and Harp unless otherwise stated

Bochsa, N: Nocturno Op.50 No.1

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Brahms, J: 4 Songs Op. 17 No. 1 for Womens Chorus, Two Horns and Harp.
4 x Score, Hn 1, Hn 2, Harp.
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Bochsa: Nocturne No. 2 for Horn and Harp, "L'echo"
IMD $ ask
Chaussier, H: Elégy
Edited by Daniel Bourgue
Hommage à Madame Anna Galliné
(Piano can be substituted for the Harp)
McCoys Horn Library $10.95
Chef D'Orge, H: En Harmonie Avec Le Ciel Et La Terre

For Violin, Horn and Piano/Harp
Harp can be substituted for the piano. Duration, approx. 3 minutes.
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Dauprat, L. F: Sonate In F
Revised and Arranged by Edmond Leloir
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Demar, S: Grand Duo op.60

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Duvernoy, F: Nocturne No. 1

"Frederic Duvernoy (1765 - 1838)
3 nocturnes for horn and harp

"Frederic Duvernoy was 1st Hornist at the Parisian opera, horn professor at the Conservatoire. It was an advocate of the "cor mixed" . The use of a quite restricted described register this in the middle register of the horn. On particularly spectacular excursions to the height and depth was renounced in the composition, the chief attention lay in the Cantilene.
Its 3 nocturnes arose after 1815 and were edition for the first time at the Pariser publishing house Richault. Duvernoy shows off on the title page, this the harp voice of the Harp player Naderman friendly with him was revised"

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Duvernoy, F: Nocturne No. 2

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Duvernoy, F: Nocturne No. 3

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Isoz, E: Divertissment

Etienne Isoz 1905-1986
Edition mf $47.50
Koetsier, J: Sonate Op. 94 (1983)

Duration approx. 15'
Edition Marc Reift $59.95
Labarre, Th: Duo No. 1

Edited by Daniel Bourgue
"Théodore Labarre (1805-1870) was born in Paris...made most of his career as a virtuoso harpist in England"
International Music Diffusion $39.95
Labarre, Th: Nocturne No. 1

Variations on a theme by Mozart
This Nocturne, in the form of variations on a theme of Mozart, was written in collaboration with Jean Baptiste Mengal, who was then principal hornist with the Opéra Comique
International Music Diffusion $38.50
Oberthür, C: Mon sejour a Darmstadt op.90 for Horn and Harp

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Oberthür, C: Souvenir a Schwalbach for Horn and Harp op.42

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Satie, E: Gnossienne No. 1 (1890)

Arranged for Horn and Harp (or Piano) by David Jolley
For Roland Manuel
International Opus $35.55
Simrock, H: Thema and 6 Variation

ROM $15.95
Singer, J: Suite for Horn and Harp
Cor Publishing
Spontini, G-L: Divertimento

Revised and Arranged by Edmond Leloir
Duration: 6 minutes
Gasparo-Luigi Spontini 1774-1851
Billaudot $22.95