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Horn Case/Gig Bag

Updated Listing Gard Professional All Leather Detachable Bell Gig Bag - $100 ono
Barely used durable leather soft case (no hard interior panels). High density foam interior. Extremely lightweight, with convertible shoulder/backpack configuration.
Gard product page (all specs) - www.gardbags.com/en/brasswind/french-horn/gig-bag/42-mlk-gard-french-horn-detachable-bell-sfr-gig-bag-leather.html
Contact Kate on
sutcliffekate@gmail.com (Gig Bag is in Adelaide) [6 January 2018]

Yamaha flat case for Yamaha 668/667 detachable bell horns. May fit other makes of similar size. It has a couple of minor scuffs, and the covering on the handles has separated a bit (repairable), but otherwise sturdy and in good condition. Located in Sydney. $80 ONO Contact Julian julianleslie@hotmail.com [19 April 2017]

Yamaha 667 Horn Case
I have a Yamaha "briefcase style" horn case for sale in quite good condition. As can be seen in the photo, there is a small gauge in the case but otherwise no other large superficial blemishes. Just over 10 years old - great case to have as its solid and sturdy and keeps the instrument safe! Please email me on jess.hornplayer@gmail.com if you want anymore information. Case is located in Perth, Western Australia. Buyer must pay for shipping. Price is $200neg. [17 September 2016]

Single Horns

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Compensating Double Horns

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Full Double Horns

New Listing Alexander 103, Yellow brass, Detachable bell. Very good condition. 5 1/2 years old, but barely played for 2 years. $10,000 ono. Please contact Tina Brain on braint@bigpond.net.au, if you would like to try it. Horn is in Sydney [19 December 2017]

New Listing Holton H180 Bb/F double horn in yellow brass; lacquered; includes case and extras. This Holton H180 is in good condition, with only some laquer wear on the lead pipe and minor dents in the bell, and has been fitted with a duck's foot by Paxman's in London for more comfort while playing. The H180 is a free-blowing horn, with a rich and resonant intonation and good projection. The horn comes with the *very* sturdy original case; this thing is solid as a rock and will keep the horn well protected for many years to come. A Dennis Wick mute plus a Vincent Bach 3 and Paxman N/23A mouthpieces are also included if desired. The horn is located in Fairfield, Melbourne. You are welcome to come try it! Price $3900 (negotiable). Contact Neil on mobile: 0409 428 218, or email neilhornplayer@fastmail.com [22 October 2017]

Updated Listing Paxman 21M Bb/F double horn- yellow brass; detachable medium sized bell; lacquered; 5 valves; air freight case; extras
"This Paxman 21M is a good example of a Paxman professional horn with superb tone that is difficult to surpass. I have personally tried many different horns over the years, but found none that equal or surpass this horn in tonal qualities. The Paxman 21M has the thumb valve in the Geyer/Knopf wrap style, with the valve at the end of the valve train, furthest away from the mouthpiece. It is a completely original and unique design that is built around the Merewether system which allows the air to flow through the valve section in the same direction on both the F and Bb sides of the instrument. This minimises airflow disruption from the turning rotor and enables characteristic smooth slurring and legato playing on both F and Bb horns, and when changing between them. This particular Paxman 21M has been regularly played on a daily basis and looked after its entire life by the same owner. The horn is in very good condition (there is a small amount of lacquer deterioration e.g. on inside bell, finger keys, Bb tuning slide as can be seen in the photographs) It has recently been serviced (all valves re-honed; rubber end stops on all 5-valves renewed; adjustable Pinky Hook installed). The thumb valve is in standard format (key of F) when not pressed, and non-standard format (key of Bb) when pressed. The thumb lever is easily reversible to stand in either F or Bb when not pressed. The 1st. valve from the mouth piece end (photo 1) is a stopping valve which is handy for stopped notes because they do not require any transposition when using this valve. Not only can the horn be tuned with the main (Bb, F) and F tuning slides, but there is also a Bb tuning slide, which comes in handy for fine tuning the instrument. This feature gives independent tuning slides for both sides of the horn. It is recommended that the entire horn be tuned using e.g. an iPhone App like Cleartune, which can be used to tune each individual note. A number of extras are included (Paxman 3D mouthpiece; Paxman Oils and Slide Grease; leather hand guard; Paxman The Horn Care and Maintenance booklet). The horn is housed in a Paxman air freight light case.
  • yellow brass
  • lacquered
  • 5 valves including stopping valve
  • detachable bell
  • medium size bell
  • lacquered
  • in very good condition (small amount of lacquer deterioration)
  • air freight light case (photo 3)
  • additional Bb section tuning slide
  • recently had all valves re-honed
  • recently had rubber end stops on all 5-valves renewed (photo 4)
  • includes Paxman 3D mouthpiece
  • includes adjustable Pinky Hook (shown closed in photo 4)
  • includes little finger hook
  • includes Paxman valve oils [1) Piston & Rotor Oil; 2), 3) Lever Linkage Oil; 4) Spindle Bearing Oil; 5) Slide Grease) (photo 5)
  • includes leather hand guard (photo 1,2,4)
  • includes Paxman The Horn Care and Maintenance booklet (photo 3)
  • ~15 years old
Price $8,700 negotiable Contact: Geoff on mobile: (0413) 891 781 E-mail: wfeg23@gmail.com
Horn location: Wollongong NSW" [29 November 2017]

New Listing. "Handmade horn This is a rare opportunity to experience a handmade horn by master horn maker Hans Smit in Amsterdam. He made my horn 5 years ago and when I advertised one recently which he made for a friend there were many enquiries about wanting a horn which was similar to an Alexander 101. So he has made one specially. Hans makes horns individually to the player, their size, stance, preference for sound etc. Mine is small and light weight. This is a full size double horn. Its high register plays easily. It comes in a specially designed case which can be carried as a backpack. You are welcome to try it. It is located in the Melbourne CBD. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do mine. $8,750 Contact Leonie or Marnie 0409 789 580. " [2 October 2017]

New Condition Yamaha YHR-668 NDII Professional level Full Double French horn. The horn has a flat new Yamaha Case and a Protec Screw Bell IPAC Deluxe Case for easy plane travel. The horn has a full, rich and warm tone, big but well centred sound. Response is quick, easy to control quality from pianissimo to fortissimo. The horn is only a little over six months old, I purchased it new at the end of October last year but am unable now to play due to focal dystonia condition that is not responding to rehab efforts well enough for me to enjoy playing again (I'm an ex professional orchestra player from many years back, I was having another good go at the problem!). No dents, a few tiny scratches in the finish that I think are wear-induced just up from the bell- request a closeup picture if you wish. $6,400 includes both cases (price negotiable). Horn is in Melbourne but can taken to Sydney as I travel frequently with our business. " phone 03 97525763. [23 July 2017]

Yamaha Custom YHR862 "Nickel Silver, with a detachable bell and hardcase. I believe it used to belong to Graham Evans. The horn has a bore of 0.469" and plays well in all registers.  It is great condition with some minor wear and tear, and has been recently serviced. $6000 negotiable Horn is in Melbourne, contact Tom on 0406 593 332 or email: thomassta@gmail.com  [19 February 2017]

Descant Horns

Updated Listing Alexander 107, bflat/highf, Gold Brass, detachable bell, stopping valve. Very good condition. Includes sturdy Alexander "Cabin Case". $8,500  Horn is in Melbourne. Contact Russ takeoutthegarbage01@gmail.com [18 September 2017]

Conn 12-D Bb / F-alto horn with stopping valve. Mint condition. Indestructible Conn case. $5,200 Lee: 02 9876 5544 / 0407 520 774 / bighorn2001@hotmail.com (Sydney/Epping) [19 February 2017]

Otto Descant: Bb/high F with detachable f loop. Yellow Brass with detachable bell and flat hard case $5,100 Horn is in Sydney. Contact Graham on gnichols@accsoft.com.au or call 0414 762 134 [19 February 2017]

Triple Horns

Alexander 301 Full Triple Gold Brass. Excellent condition. MB-5 Black Leather case included. $16,000 neg. Enquiries to jasenm@australianballet.com.au (Horn is in Melbourne) [23 June 2017]

Updated Listing Alexander 308, f/bflat/highf, Yellow Brass, detachable bell. Very good condition. Includes early model Marcus Bonna case. $9,000 Horn is in Melbourne Contact Russ takeoutthegarbage01@gmail.com [18 September 2017]