Works for Horn and Tape/CD, Horn and Electronics

Dixon, M: A Hundred Valleys

for double horn in Bb and F (notated in F) Includes computer generated CD for horn and horn half speed and coloured score notation.
Faust, R.E: Horn Call for Horn and Electronic Media (1976)

Performed at The Electronic Music Plus Festival--The University of Maryland --1979. Subject of an article by the composer in THE HORN CALL--Fall of 1980.
Faust Music
Plush, V: Bakery Hill Rising (1980)
Score Only
for 9 Horns OR Solo Horn accompanied by CD of the other 8 Horn parts

"Composed to inaugurate the 'Music by Australians' series of concerts in the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, in celebration of Arts Victoria, Music '81"
Includes performance directions and programme notes.
Duration: 8' 30"
Standard: Advanced
Plush, V: Bakery Hill Rising
CD recording of the 8 accompanying horn parts.
Peter Luff - horn
Rimmer, J: Tides
for Horn and Electronic Music (1981)
Score Only

Program Notes. In a general sense "Tides" reflects the large scale natural rhythms of the tides and their domination on the lives of sea-faring people. The horn is used both lyrically and dramatically and covers a wide range of timbres many of which are fussed with the electronic music. The electronic music was realised at the School of Music, University of Wellington, New Zealand
Catena Press
Rimmer, J: Composition 1
for Horn and Electronic Sounds (1968, rev 1980)
Score Only
to Eugene Rittich

In "Composition 1", the horn and the electronic sounds proceed both contrapuntally and as a commentary on each other. The horn is treated lyrically with its long, flowing melody, broken occasionally by embryonic fanfares while a blend with the electronic sounds occurs mainly at cadence points. The electronic sounds were realised at the Electronic Studio, University of Toronto in 1968 and were revised slightly in 1980 to allow a continuous replay throughout the piece
Catena Press
Rimmer, J: Extro-Intro
for Horn and Stereo Tape Delay (1977)
Score only
to James Fulkerson

There are two 'characters' in Extro-Intro - the first abrasive, flamboyant, quick to act - the second one quiet, reflective, considerate. Both proceed as if side by side in time to a point when the second character begins to influence the first. In musical terms the extroverted fanfares which surround the first character becomes less and less dramatic and intense and ultimately fuse into the music of the introspective second character

Smalley, R: Echo IV

For Horn with stereo Tape-Delay System 1983
Score only
Echo IV was first performed by Daryl Poulsen in Perth Cultural Centre, Australia on 23 October 1983.
Duration: 9 minutes
Faber $20.95
Whiticker, M: Karobann (1985)
(score only)

Duration: approx 5'
Standard: Student, Grade 5

Whiticker, M: Karobann (CD only)