Horn and Piano music of Franz and Richard Strauss

Franz Strauss (26/2/1822 - 31/5/1905)

Born in Parkenstein, Bavaria, Franz Strauss had begun his musical career by the age of 7, playing the violin at a wedding dance. After musical study with his uncles Johann Georg Walter and Franz Michael Walter, in which he learned to play the clarinet, guitar, and all brass instruments, Franz Strauss at the age of 15 entered the service of Duke Maximilian of Bavaria as a guitarist. His study on the horn continued, and it was the horn that would become his major instrument. In 1847 he joined the Bavarian court orchestra, a position he held until his retirement in 1889. Franz Strauss also served as a professor at the Academy of Music in Munich from 1871 until 1896 and served from 1875 until 1896 as the conductor of the amateur orchestra "Wilde Gung'l."

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Strauss, F: Fantasie Op. 2

Fantasy on Schubert's Sehnsuchtswalzer

Edited by Thomas Bacon
McCoy's Horn Library $25.95
Strauss, F: Original Fantasie Op. 6 Hans Pizka Edition $ ask
Strauss, F: Nocturno Op. 7
Universal Edition $34.95
Strauss, F: Concerto Op. 8

Edited by Barry Tuckwell
Schirmer $21.95
Strauss, F: Horn Concerto Op. 8 (1865) Universal Edition $39.95
Strauss, F: Empfindungen am Meere Op. 12

(Impressions at the Sea)
Edition Compusic $21.95
Strauss, F: Theme and Variations Op. 13

Composed in 1879

Duration approx. 6'
Zimmerman $28.95

Strauss, F: Horn Concerto No. 2 in Eb Op. 14
Revised by Hans Pizka
Pizka Edition $ ask
Strauss, F: Fantasy on Themes from Donizetti Lucia di Lammermoor Hans Pizka Edition $ ask
Strauss, F: Les Adieux

Edited by Harold Meek
King $ ask
Strauss, F: Lied Ohne Worte

(song without words)
Hans Pizka Edition $ ask
Strauss, F: Sentiments Romantiques

(G. Voss)
Hans Pizka Edition $8.80

Richard Strauss (1864-1949)

Richard Strauss was born on 11 June 1864, in Munich, the son of Franz Strauss, who was the principal horn player at the Court Opera in Munich. In his youth, he received a thorough musical education from his father. He wrote his first music at the age of six, and continued to write music almost until his death.

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Strauss, R: Allerseelen Op. 10/8 Rubank $ ask
Strauss, R: Andante, Op. posth.

This work was composed in 1888 for the occasion of the silver wedding of Richard Strauss's parents
Boosey & Hawkes $24.95
Strauss, R: Concerto No.1 in Eb. Op. 11
Schirmer $19.95

Strauss, R: Concerto No.1 in Eb. Op. 11

"This new edition is based on the handwritten manuscript and the first edition of the piano arrangement, the first print of the score, the first edition of the horn part and orchestal parts, as well as on the previous editions published bu Universal Editions"
Universal Editions $48.95

Strauss, R: Concerto No.1 in Eb. Op. 11
Edited by Philip Farkas
Ludwig Masters $46.95

Strauss, R: Concerto No.2 in Eb.

This work was composed in 1942. The first performance was given on 11 August 1943 by Gottfried von Freiberg (horn) and the Vienna Philharmonic. conducted by Karl Böhm. Duration: 18 minutes. Horn and piano reduction by Harold Perry.

Boosey & Hawkes $39.95

Strauss, R: Introduction, Theme and Variations, Op. AV. 52

This work was composed in 1878
Duration: 12 minutes
Schott $44.95
Strauss, R: Wiegenlied after Op. 41/1

Arranged by Otto SingerHorn in E
Leuckart $21.95
Strauss, R: Wiegenlied Op. 41/1 MMP $ ask