Horn with Piano Accompaniment: S-Z

Sack, T: Sonate Amadeus $ ask
Sackman, N: Folio IV
"Charming piece for the intermediate student"
Cradle Song, Rumba, Lament (in two parts), October Blues, Scarborough Dreaming, Count Swing.
Warwick Music $24.95
Saint-Saëns, C: Andante
arranged by Christopher Larkin.
Horn and Organ
Though to be composed in 1854...."The piece is certainly intended for a cor basse player".
London Gabrieli Brass Edition $22.95

Saint-Saëns: Concertpiece Op. 94
"As with Schumann's "Concert Piece for four Horns" op. 86 Saint-Saëns' "Morceau de Concert" was also composed with the idea of exploiting the technical possibilities of the new valve-horn mechanism. In this case, the French horn player Henri Chaussier provided the impulse. He had developed a novel "Cor omnitonique" and wanted to demonstrate the merits of his instrument with Saint-Saëns' composition. Chaussier's invention did not gain acceptance amongst horn players - although the "Morceau de Concert" did! From today's standpoint the popular work with one movement is not overly demanding technically; in addition, Saint-Saëns himself suggested two abridgements to simplify the piece, meaning that even advanced pupils can venture to play it."
Henle $31.95
Saint-Saëns: Concertpiece Op. 94 Durand $31.95
Saint-Saëns: Concertpiece Op. 94 IMC $29.95
Saint-Saëns: Romance Op. 36 Durand $19.95
Saint-Saëns, C: Romance Op. 36
Rubank $8.95
Saint-Saëns, C: Romances Op. 36 in F and Op. 67 in E
Includes extensive notes and an additional transposed Horn in F part for Op. 67
Edited by Dominik Rahmer, Fingering of piano part by Klaus Schilde
Henle $28.95
Saint-Saëns, C: Romance Op. 67 in E
Alphonse Leduc $19.95
Saint-Saëns, C: Romance Op. 67 in E Masters Music $11.95
Saint-Saëns, C: The Swan
from Carnival of the Animals.
Arranged by John Humphries
Fentone $ ask
Saint-Saëns, C: The Swan
from Carnival of the Animals.
Arranged by Ronald Hanmer
Horn parts in F and Eb
Studio Music $11.95
Salonen, E-P: Hornmusic No. 1
Seesaw Music $ ask
Sampson D: Sonata Forty
"Sonata Forty, for horn and piano, was commissioned by Scott Brubaker and the International Horn Society. Completed on February 2, 1992, the title and composition were inspired by my fortieth birthday. This birthday along with my twenty-first and thirtieth, was a transitional one. As it approached, I found myself becoming increasingly agitated with thoughts of dreams unfulfilled, countless failures, missed opportunities and questions concerning what direction my life should take now. Even though I had read that this «taking stock» period was very common around this age, it surprised me that the emotions were so powerfully disturbing. I spent a great deal of effort sorting through basic questions of time, vulnerability and choices. When I began writing this horn sonata for Scott Brubaker, this working out process flowed directly into the composition and presented me with a natural form. The movements portray the progression from crisis to inner doubts and shadows to the cherished memories and finally to a resolution of building on the past and moving on. Coincidently, I found out later that Scott Brubaker also celebrated his fortieth birthday around the time I was writing this work. It makes the title and subject matter seem even more appropriate. David Sampson"
Duration 14'10
Edition Bim $27.50
Schickele, P: "What Did You Do Today at Jeffey's House?"

Three Pieces for French Horn and Piano

I. "First we had a parade"
II. "After lunch Jeffey's mom made us take a nap"
III. "Then we did a carnival with a haunted house and dancing bears"

Written for Tom Bacon, first performance on 14th October 1988

Duration approx 5'
Elkan Vogel $ ask
Schlemm, G.A: Variationen über ein romantisches Thema Thomi-Berg $ ask
Schmitt, F: Lied et Scherzo
Florent Schmitt is one of the great French Impressionist composers. Horn players are indebted to Florent Schmitt for one of the finest modern contributions to their limited repertoire. - Philip Farkas
Masters Music $ ask
Schoek, O: Concerto
Boosey & Hawkes $36.95
Schreiter, H: Sonatine Op 12 Bote & Bock $ ask
Schubert, F: Adagio
arranged by Oscar Franz
Erdmann $ ask
Schubert, F: Ave Maria
Arranged by Julian Oliver
Edition Marc Reift $13.95
Schubert, F: Ave Maria
arranged by J. F. Gallay, edited by John Humphries
Fentone $ ask
Schubert, F: Trout
from Op. 114
Fentone $17.50
NOW $5 + postage
Schubert, F: Twenty One Lieder for Horn and Piano
Volume 1
Transcribed and Edited by Kazimierz Machala
This volume includes Wohin?, Du Bist die Ruh, Liebe schwärmt auf allen Wegen, Frülingssehnsucht, Wiegenlied, Heiden-Röslein, Gretchen am Spinnrade, Die Forelle, An die Musik, Ellens zweiter Gesang, and Nacht und Träume.
These pieces (Vol. 1 and 2) have been recorded by Richard King, Principal Horn of the Cleveland Orchestra
Capo Tasto Music $35.95
Schubert, F: Twenty One Lieder for Horn and Piano
Volume 2
Transcribed and Edited by Kazimierz Machala
This volume includes Rastlose Liebe, Ständchen, Rückblick, Am Meer, Der Musensohn, Der Einsame, Die Post, Der Lindenbaum, Auf dem Wasser zu singen, and Litanei auf dem Fest aller Seelen.
Capo Tasto Music $35.95
Schuller, G: Nocturne Margun Music $14.20
Schuller, G: Sonata
Margun Music $ ask
Schuller, G: Troi Hommage Margun Music Out Of Print
Schultz, A: Christmas Song
Australian Work.
Horn in F and piano, c.1'50, grade 4.
An arrangement of a theme from "Little Tree" for children's choir and orchestra by Andrew Schultz and e e cummings
Wirripang $15.00
Schuman, W: Three Colloquies Merion $36.20
NOW $10 + postage
Schumann, C: Sonata in F Op.118

Pfefferkorn $49.95
Schumann, C: Sonata No. 2 in D op. posth.
"The first edition of a forgotten treasure.
This edition contains the original solo part for horn in D as well as a version for horn in F.
Schumann's horn sonatas were composed in 1936/37. Considering the slim repertoire offered horn players from this period, it is more than surprising that these two masterpieces could have slumbered for so long. Both sonatas are similar in structure, with op. 118 being one of Schumann's few three-movement sonatas.

The first movements of the pieces sparkle with melancholically lyrical melodies, whereas passages strongly marked rhythmically, variously shape the two outer movements. Virtuoso moments can be found, respectively, in the final movements, bringing the works to a brilliant close. The horn parts predominantly range within the full, sonorous middle register, where occasional "outbursts" up to the notated a flat'' are also not lacking. The clever handling of the balance of sounds, the possibilities on the early valve horn as well as the inner interweaving of themes differentiating horn and piano make the sonatas an exceedingly vivid testimony to Schumann's mature compositional art.

Schumann's horn sonatas are a crucial enhancement to each horn player's repertoire."
Breitkopf $48.95

Schumann, R: Adagio and Allegro Op. 70 URTEXT
Ed.: Ernst Herttrich, Fing.: Klaus Schilde

"In 1849 Schumann turned to a new genre: works for piano and an accompanying instrument. The first work he composed were the Fantasy Pieces for Piano and Clarinet op. 73, immediately followed by the Adagio and Allegro op. 70. Clara played the new work together with the horn player E. Julius Schlitterlau, writing afterwards in her diary: "The piece is splendid, fresh and passionate, just as I like it!" Even Schumann himself was impressed with his new composition. He particularly drew the publisher Kistner's attentionto the "brilliant allegro", whose solo part is indeed so virtuosic that opus 70 is one of the showpieces for horn players even today."
Henle $ ask
Schumann, R: Adagio and Allegro Op. 70
Edited by Barry Tuckwell

Schirmer $22.95
Schumann, R: Adagio and Allegro Op. 70 URTEXT
Edited by  Joachim Draheim
"A work from Schumann's "most prolific" year, 1849, when the composer wrote a number of chamber works. Opus 70 has obviously become known above all in its extraordinary original scoring for horn and piano. Contemporaries praised the piece that showed "the inner workings of the soul" and the "truthfulness of the moods upon which it is based." Since Schumann himself had alternative solo parts made for the cello and violin in order to heighten the work's appeal, the new edition contains three separate parts. Following an exhaustive comparison with the engraver's copy, the music text was based on the reliable first edition. "
Breitkopf & Härtel $33.95
Schumann, R: Adagio and Allegro Op. 70 Peters $28.95
Schumann, R: Adagio and Allegro Op. 70 Zen-On Music $24.95
Schumann, R: Adagio and Allegro Op. 70
Composed in 1849
International Music Diffusion $28.50
Schumann, R: Fantasy Pieces Op.73
Originally for Clarinet and Piano, arranged Kazimierz Machala.
International Music Company $39.95
Schumann, R: Three Romances Op. 94
Originally for Oboe and Piano, transcribed by Daniel Bourgue
International Music Diffusion $ ask

Schuncke, J, C: Concertino
for Chromatic Horn.
First Edition
Edited by Peter Damm
Hofmeister $37.50
Schuncke, J.G: Exercises for Horn and Piano

ROM $19.95
Schuncke, L: Grand Duo Carus $33.95
Schwarz, O.M: Cape Horn
"Cape Horn is situated at the southern point of South America, on the Chilean island "Isla Hornos". For centuries, sailing around the horn was said to be one of the most dangerous passages for ships that wanted to sail from the Atlantic Ocean westward to the Pacific Ocean...The work Cape Horn attempts to reflect the beauty, but also the perils of this region. It is a matter of great importance to the composer Otto m. Schwartz to write new solo repertoire. The tonal language of his main genre - film music - is unmistakable as the experimental parts and catchy tunes."
Level: Intermediate-Advanced
Mitropa Music $41.95
Scriabine, A: Romance
URTEXT Edition
Edited by Dominik Rahmer
Fingering of piano part by Micahael Schneidt
Henle $17.50
Scriabine, A: Romance
A Louis Savart
Arranged by Edmond Leloir
Billaudot $19.95
Searle, H: Aubade Op. 28 Schott $ ask
Seiber, M: Notturno.
"Written for Dennis Brain and dedicated to the memory of Brahms"

Composed in 1944
Duration: 8' 0''
Piano reduction by Donald Banks
Schott $23.95
Shebalin, V.Y: Concertino Op. 14 No. 2.
Reduction of horn and piano by Hans Pizka

Pizka Edition $21.95
Shelukov, V: Scherzo Rubank $ ask
Simon, R: Humeurs Alphonse Leduc $16.95
Spandau, W: Concerto No. 1 Hofmeister $ ask
Sparke, P: Masquarade (Eb) Studio $16.40
NOW $5 + postage
Stamitz, K: Concerto
Transcribed by Verne Reynolds from Cello Concerto No. 1 in G.
for Horn in F
Ludwig Masters
Stevens, H: Sonata


..3rd mov't
Leduc $ ask
Stevens, J: Sonata
"This Sonata for horn and piano was composed in the summer of 2008 with support from a grant from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Graduate School. It was premiered in 2009 by American horn soloist and pedagogue Gail Williams, who is also a former member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. The work is in three movements but the lengthy slow section that opens the first movement, eventually giving way to an Allegro, results in a structure that hints at the four-movement baroque sonata format. As with all of my brass sonatas and concertos, an effort has been made to showcase both the technical capabilities of the horn as well as its glorious, lyrical sound. This work is dedicated to Jerry Peel, a fantastic hornist and great friend, but is also composed with thanks to all of the wonderful hornists who have inspired me throughout my career. John Stevens, Madison, WI, USA 2009."
Duration 19'
Edition Bim $30.95

for Stich, J.W


Punto, G

Still, W.G: Songs for Horn in F and Piano
Arranged by Alexa Still
Bayou Home
If You Should Go
Song for the Lonely
Known as the "Dean of Afro-American Composers"
International Opus $33.30
Stirling, I: Three Horn Miniatures.
1. Horncore. 2. Sarah Hodges. 3. Improvisation.
 Horn part in F and Eb  Collection Ifor James
Edition Marc Reift $16.50

Strauss, J: Dolci Pianti (Sweet Tears)
Edited by Herman Baumann
"A rather delicate piece with a Johann Strauss touch."
McCoy's Horn Library $18.50
Sulek, S: Concerto Edition Marc Reift $59.95
Süßmayr, FX: Allegro (Sonata in Eb)
Horn part in Eb
Hofmeister $ ask
Telemann, G.P: Concerto in D
Edited by Edmond Leloir
Heinrichshofen $27.50
Telemann, G.P: Concerto in D
Edited by Barry Tuckwell
Schirmer $23.00

Telemann, G.P: Concerto in D
Edited and Arranged by Helmut Winschermann and Friedrich Buck
Sikorski $32.95
Telemann, G.P: Sonata in Bb minor
Transcribed by Joseph Eger. Realization of the Figured Bass by Robert Veyron-Lacroix
IMC $29.95
Teyber, A: Concerto Doblinger $44.50
Teyber, A: 2nd Concerto in Eb ROM $32.50
Thieriot, F: Sonata in Eb 1915.
Horn part in F.
Edited from the autograph by Yvonne Morgan
Amadeus $53.95
Tomasi, H: Chant Corse Alphonse Leduc $24.95
Tomasi, H: Concerto

Alphonse Leduc $78.95
Tomesini, G.P: Sonata in F
First Edition
Amadeus $35.95
Turner, K: Concerto for Low Horn in F. Level: Intermediate Composed in 1995 Duration: 17'

Just the Finale with orchestra...

with piano...
Edition Bim $41.95
Turner, K: Sonata
A Three movement work which has become standard recital repertoire all over the world.

Phoenix Music Publications $23.75
Turok, P: Sonata Op. 36
Composer: Turok, Paul (*1929)
Year of composition: 1973
Duration: 10'
Level: advanced
Edition Bim $20.95
Vidal, P: Pièce de Concert Masters Music $ ask
Vinter, G: Hunters Moon
Boosey & Hawkes $23.95
Vivaldi, A: Largo from Winter Fentone $ ask
Vivaldi, A: Largo from Concerto for 2 Horns P.320
Transcribed for Horn and Piano by Marvin McCoy
"Another lovely work for church. Originally a cello solo from the slow movement of Concerto for 2 Horns, P320. "
McCoys Horn Library $6.95
Vivaldi, A: Concerto in F Hindrichshofen $ ask
Wagner, R: Pilgrims Chorus from "Tannhauser" for Horn and Piano
C.F. Schmidt $12.95
Warren, N: Elegy
duration c. 5'
Emerson $12.95
Warren, N: Woodland Scene
duration c. 3'30"
Emerson $16.95
Washburn, R: Hornography Thompson Edition $26.95
NOW $5 + postage
Weber, C.M: Adagio Op.73 Erdmann $ ask
Weber, C.M: Cavatine from "Der Freischutz".
Edited by Oscar Franz and W. Spies.
Erdmann $ ask
Weber, C.M: Concertino Op. 45 in Eb
Edited by John Cerminaro
International Music Company $28.55
Weber, C.M: Concertino Op. 45 in E
Edited by Barry Tuckwell
Weber, C.M: Concertino Op. 45 in E
Edited by Henri Kling

Radek Baborák

Javier Bonnet ~ Natural Horn
Breitkopf & Härtel $27.95
Weber, C.M: Concertino Op. 45
Urtext Edition, Piano reduction, for horn in E and F
"This Henle Urtext edition is based on the autograph, the engraver's copy (checked by Weber himself) and the first edition, and so offers the best possible musical text for those wishing to learn this highly effective virtuoso piece. The Preface also for the first time provides biographical details of Sebastian Rauch, the Munich horn player who commissioned this Concertino."
Henle $32.95
Weber, C.M: Recitative and Gebet Erdmann $17.50
NOW $5 + postage
Weinhart, C: Sonata (1987)
"Each of the three movements of my French Horn Sonata are based on the same musical material, characterized by the tritone and the minor second."
I Maestoso
II Elegie
III Variations
Edition Dohr $53.95
Weismann, J: Concertino Op. 118 Birnbach $32.95
Wiggins, B: Horn Players Debut Studio Music
Wiggins, C: Caprice Op. 98A
Wiggins, C: Four Easy Sketches
Christopher Wiggins, born 1956 in England, studied composition at the Universities of Liverpool, Leeds and London. His prolific output includes educational, vocal, solo and orchestral music. He is becoming internationally well-known for his wide range of music for horn. His compositions have been performed in nearly 20 countries worldwide. Since 1989 he has been actively involved in conducting concerts in Estonia. Recently he has worked as Education Director of the Classic Music Show of London and is currently studying for his Doctorate Degree in Composition. Other compositions for horn published by Phoenix Music Publications include a quartet for the American Horn Quartet Series entitled "Five Miniatures" and a brass quintet "First Dance Suite". He is also the featured composer in the series for variable ensemble "Passe-partout".
Phoenix Music Publications $14.30
NOW $5 + postage
Wiggins, C: Horn Concerto Op. 81
NOW $5 + postage
Wiggins, C: Horn Sonata Op. 98 Wiggins Music
Wiggins, C: Nocturne Op. 77A
For Horn and Piano
Wiggins Music

Wiggins, C: Pieces of Eight Op. 157
  • Praeludium (Hommage à Béla Bartók)
  • Berceuse
  • Gavotte
  • Valse
  • Lullaby
  • Czárdás
  • Carol
  • Refections
Wiggins Music
Wiggins, C: Rêverie
Wiggins, C: Three Pieces Op. 88
For Hand Horn and Piano

Wilcher, P: Two Nocturnes
Australian Work.

© 2007 For Patrick Fazzone
French Horn and piano,
Number 1, c. 3'0,  Number 2. 3'20.
Composed 2007.
Wirripang $25.00
Wilder, A: Four Easy Pieces
for Lorraine Bouras.
Edited by Gunther Schuller
Margun Music $12.50
Wilder, A: Sonata No. 1
1. Allegro
2. Andante (Rock it sweetly)
3. Allegro Giocoso
Edited by Gunther Schuller
Margun Music $ ask
Wilder, A: Sonata No. 2 Shawnee Press $22.95
Wilder, A: Sonata No. 3 (1970)
For Tait and John Barrows
Edited by John Barrows.
Duration: 15.00"
Margun Music $35.10
Wilder, A: Suite for Horn and Piano
1. Danse Quixotic
2. Slow and Sweet
3. Song
Duration: 11.00"
Margun Music $37.50
Williams, J: Concerto for Horn and Orchestra.
Solo Horn with piano reduction. For Dale Clevenger, premier November 2003
"...The project has been a labor of love for me as I have had a life-long infatuation with the French horn. I think this is because of the horn's very special capacity to stir memories of antiquity in the collective psyche. It is indeed an instrument which seems to invite us to dream backward to the ancient time.
With these thoughts in mind I've set the piece in five seperate movements, each casting the horn in one of the many, diverse and dramatic roles of which it is uniquely capable."
To read a review of this piece please click here.
Hal Leonard
Wittell, C: Concerto in F major
"The greatest work of this American composer."
Dedicated to Elwood Cauler
McCoy'sHorn Library $39.95
Wittell, C: Suite for Horn and Piano
"Beautiful suite from a very prolific composer. This deserves to be better known."
Prelude, Scherzo, Dirge, Air vari
McCoy'sHorn Library $31.95
Zbinden J-F: Episodes op.95
Composer: Zbinden, Julien-François (*1917)
Year of composition: 2000
Duration: 12'
Level: advanced

"Commissioned by the Philip Jones International Competition of Guebwiller, France, as set piece for horn in the final round 2001, this work consists of three episodes performed without interruption.

A slow and expressive introduction in the form of a long crescendo leads to an initial, short cadenza for the solo instrument. An Andantino follows, enlivened by a syncopated, breathless accompaniment. Entrusted in the orchestral version to paired horns and oboes, a brief Moderato effects the transition from the closing measures of this first episode to the opening measures of the second.

The central episode presents an elegiac subject, enounced within an atmosphere of intimacy by the horn. Following a momentary, more passionate peroration, the subject returns in an ornamented, condensed form. And as before, a transition section both closes the second episode and leads to the third.

A virtuosic passage for the horn, underpinned by violent chords in the accompaniment, briskly opens the concluding episode. In an alternation of lyrical and joyous elements, the exchange continues, with the support of an accompaniment in perpetuum mobile or fugal style. The work's major cadenza for the solo instrument precedes a brief coda, whose violence relents only upon the final chord's decay.

Episodes, op. 95 is dedicated to hornist Bruno Schneider of Switzerland, whose judicious advice the composer greatly appreciated."
Edition Bim $30.95