Horn with Piano Accompaniment: I-L

Jacob, G: Concerto
For Dennis Brain.
Arranged for Horn and Piano by the composer
Mov't 1.
Mov't 2.
Mov't 3.
Stainer and Bell $48.95
James, I: Four Pieces.
1. Nocturne. 2. Waltz. 3. Eine kleine Sonatine. 4. Lahr Suite.
 Horn parts in F and Eb. Ifor James Collection
Edition Marc Reift $29.95
Jevtic, I: Concerto.
Duration: 20' Level: Intermediate-Advanced Composed in 1994
Edition Bim $54.95
Jevtic, I: Danse d'été.
Duration: 10' Level: Intermediate-Advanced Composed in 1994
Edition Bim $43.95
Johns, T: Holland Park
work has been recorded by the composer on his CD 'Terry Johns Classic and Romantic' and broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland and Classic FM. For studios, schools, colleges and professionals. This was a Trinity College of Music grade 6 exam piece between 1998 and 2004.

"This catchy melody with its lovely accompaniment in the jazz ballad style shows the versatility of the instrument and makes it a refreshing piece for recitals or contests." New Issues September 1995
Broadbent & Dunn $6.95
Johns, T: One Day
This work, originally for trombone and piano but including a version for horn and piano, is a delightful composition. The piece was orchestrated by the composer and broadcast by Simon Johnson with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra. It is written in the jazz ballad style, sustained and high in register with a little optional improvisation over the final bars.

"A delightful original composition from Terry. This is a calm reflective piece ideal for inclusion in a recital programme or possibly as an encore. I say encore as it is fairly short at approximately three minutes, and easily memorised. Very clearly printed throughout in tenor clef, it requires a confident top Db and a slight jazz feel. Indeed, in the penultimate bar, provision has been made for anyone to ad lib on a Bb chord. This is not compulsory, and works well with the provided notes. The entire piece shows the composers maturity, and that good simple tunes can still be written. The piano part, too, displays these same qualities and its style reminds me of Terry sitting down at a hotel piano in Vienna and astonishing and entertaining a very tour weary BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra."
Pete Oram in The Trombonist 2003
Broadbent & Dunn $6.95
Jollet, J-C: Petite Suite Billaudot $20.80
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Kalabis, V: Variationen Op. 31

Duration: 8 minutes
Schott $32.95
Kalliwoda, J.W: Introduction & Rondo Musica Rara $ ask
Kalliwoda, J.W: Introduction and Rondo in F Major Op. 51

Johann Wenzel Kalliwoda / Jan Krtitel Václav Kalivoda (February 21, 1801 -- December 3, 1866)

Premiered in Donaueschingen on November 27, 1833

This edition has alternative parts for Cor de chasse or Cor chromatique
Kunzelmann $49.95
Kato, M: Un-hornism
The title is a verbal expression of hornists' surprise, and of the audience's. "Who can believe this is a work for French Horn! This passage....! This skip...!!"

Premiered Ausust 31 2016. Nobuaki Fukukawa (horn) Yurie Miuta (Piano)
Duration approx 5'30"
Zen-On Music $28.50
Keeffe, D: Poems (2002)
Winds of May.
Bright Cap and Streamer.
Lonely Watchers of the Skies.
Australian Composition
Muso's Media $20.00
Keeffe, D: Magnificat (2003)
Australian Composition
My Soul doth magnify the Lord,
And my spirit hath rejoiced
in God my Saviour
- the Magnificat
Muso's Media $35.00
Kern, F: Scherzo Op. 43 Ausguse Grosch $ ask
Kershaw, R: Night Ride
Grades 6-7

Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) Grade 6 Exam Piece for the period 2013 to 2020

A brilliant concert piece for a relatively experienced horn player, and one that would make an ideal finale to any recital. A short, suspenseful slow introduction leads straight into the main movement, which is an exciting gallop for both players. The fast tempo aside the range is comfortable and there are no major technical problems for the soloist.
Broadbent and Dunn $15.95
Ketting, O: Autumn
©1980. Duration approx. 6'45"
Donemus $41.95
Kiel, A: Concerto Op. 23
Edited by Linda Lovstad. Long out of existence, brought back by Linda Lovstad, this reminds one of the Weber Concertino.
movt. 1
movt. 2
movt. 3
McCoy's Horn Library $32.95
Kilar, W: Sonata

"Sonata for Horn and Piano' is a little-known work by Kilar. This interesting composition, enriching the literature for this instrument, consists of three movements: Allegro, Recitativo e arioso (Grave, Allegretto)"
Kirchner, V.D: 3 Poems

Lamento ca 7'

Danza ca 2'

La Gondola funebre ca 4'

Schott $59.95
Kirchner, V.D: Lamento d'Orfeo
for Marie-Luise Neunecker
approx. 7 minutes
Schott $33.95
Klebe, G: Il Ritorno Barenreiter $163.80
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Knechtel, J.G: Concerto in F

ROM $23.95
Knussen, O: Horn Concerto Op. 28
The first performance was given by Barry Tuckwell with the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra conducted by the composer at Suntory Hall, Tokyo on 7 October 1994 Duration: approximately 13 minutes
Faber $54.95
Koechlin, C: 15 Pieces Op 180 Volume 1
Revised by Daniel Bourgue

No. 1 Dans la foret romantique (4'10")
No. 3 Andante presque adagio (3'15")
No. 4 Allegro vivo (3'20")
No. 5 Adagio (5')
No. 6 Allegro (1'45")
No. 7 Andante (3'15")
Billaudot $62.95
Koechlin, C: 15 Pieces Op180 Volume 2
Revised by Daniel Bourgue

No. 9 Adagio (2'30")
No. 10 Andante (4'30")
No. 11 Allegro vivo (1')
No. 12 Adagio (5')
No. 13 Allegro (1'45")
No. 14 Andante con moto (3'10")
No. 15 presque Adagio (3')
Billaudot $51.95
Koechlin, C: Sonata Op. 70 Max Eschig $71.95
Koechlin, C: Sonata Op. 71 (for Bassoon or Horn) Billaudot $57.95

Koepke, P: La Chasse

Out Of Print as a single piece but still available in Concert and Contest Collection  10064

Rubank Out Of Print
Koetsier, J: Concertino Op.74 (1977)
For Hermann Baumann. Duration: approx. 13'
Edition Bim $54.95
Koetsier, J: Scherzo Brillante Op. 96 (1983)
Duration approx. 4'
Edition Marc Reift $25.95
Koetsier, J: Sonatina Op. 59/1 (1972)
Duration approx. 10'
Edition Marc Reift $34.95
Koetsier, J: Romanza Op. 59/2 (1972)
Duration approx. 5'

Edition Marc Reift $27.50
Koetsier, J: Variations Op. 59/3 (1986)
Duration approx. 4'
Edition Marc Reift $27.95
Korn, P. F: Sonata Op. 18 Simrock $ ask
Krivitsky, D: Concerto Edition Marc Reift $39.95
Krol, B: Concerto Barocco Op. 86
Bote and Bock $69.95
Krol, B: Corno Concerto (Study in Jazz) Op. 29
I Cool
II Sweet
approx 18 minutes
Simrock $41.95
Krol, B: Figaro Metamorphosen Bote and Bock $36.25
NOW $10 + postage
Krol, B: Impromptu Op. 72 No.1 Bote and Bock $ ask
Krol, B: Three Pieces Op. 72
Gratulation Impromptu für Rainer Ruß Op. 72/1
Canto mesto Op. 72/2
Geschwindmarsch Op. 72/3
Bote and Bock $27.95
Krufft, N de: Sonata
Horn in E
Viola Roth - Editor
Birdalone $ ask
Krufft, N.F von: Sonata for Horn and Piano Eb Major
(Version for Horn in Eb)
Edited by Kozo Moriyama
Zen-On Music $36.95
Krufft, N.F von: Sonata E-major for Horn and Piano
Horn in E
Baron Nikolaus Freiherr von Krufft (1779 - 1818)
This edition is also available, by special order, with the horn part in Eb

ROM $30.50
Kruft, N: Variations in F

ROM $26.95
Kuhlau, F: Andante and Polacca
Edited by Hans Steinbeck
Kunzelmann $34.95
Kvandal, J: Introduction and Allegro. Op. 30
. $30.50
Labor, J: Theme and Variations Op. 10 Amadeus $ ask
Lachner, F: Fantasy in F minor
Edited by Kurt Janetzky
Kunzelmann $ ask
Lachner, F: Variations of a Swiss Folksong.
Edited by Hermann Baumann
Schott $43.95
Lane, R: Theme and Variations
Composer:Lane, Richard (1933-2004)
Year of composition: 1991
Duration: 5'
Level: intermediate

"The title and text of the theme is pivotal: the theme is "Sweet Adeline," an old song, very romantic but very passé in its language, frequently sung by a kind of vocal group called "barbershop quartet," four men singing in close harmony. It is also often sung by someone doing a parody of a drunken man singing. Because of all these reasons, the song is always quoted in a slightly facetious manner; hence, the "toujours avec une expression grave" [always with a serious expression] handwritten in French at the beginning of the piece by Richard Lane and completed with the drawing of a comic man's face.

Theme and Variations is dedicated to flutist Adelin Tomasone, but written for her husband, David Wetherill, who was co-principal of the Philadelphia Orchestra and before that, solo horn of the Boulez' Ensemble Intercontemporain in Paris, and before that, principal horn of La Scala in Milan. Both were studying at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia. David Wetherill performed the piece 1991 on a recital in Provincetown, Massachusetts."
Edition Bim $17.50
Larsson, E: Concertino Op.45/5
approx. 13 minutes
Gehremans $59.50
Lawrance, P: Lament Warwick Music $17.50
Lenom, C: Mélodie Rubank $ ask
Lewy, J.R.: Divertissement op.11
sur des motifs de l'opera "Les Huguenots" de Meyerbeet, dedicated to Galla. (written for Chromatic Horn)
Joseph Rudolph Lewy (1802-1881)
Hans Pizka Editio $ ask
Lewy, J.R.: Divertissement op.13
sur motifs de Franz Schubert
(written for Chromatic Horn)
Hans Pizka Editio $ ask
Lézé, J-F: Sonhos (Dreams) [2005]
The theme of Sonhos (Dreams) was influenced by the jazz-style of "ballade" both in its form and harmony
Duration 5'

recorded on CD 01111
J Bernardo Silva - horn.
Edition Bim $16.50
Ligeti, G:Hamburg Concerto
For Marie Luise Neunecker
Duration: 15'
  • I Praeludium
  • II Signale, Tanz, Choral
  • III Aria, Aksak, Hoketus
  • IV Solo, Intermezzo, Mixtur, Kanon
  • V Spectra
  • VI Capriccio
  • VII Hymnus
Piano Reduction by Olga Kroupová/Miroslav Kroupa
Part 1
Part 2
Lischka, R: Jazzy Joke for Horn and Piano AND Steps and Leaps for Solo Horn
For Peter Damm
Lisle: Intermezzo
NOW $5 + postage
Lloyd Weber, W: Summer Pasture Stainer and Bell $14.25
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Loeillet, J.B: Sonata for Horn and Piano

The second movement of this work is an Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) Grade 6 Exam Piece for the period 2013 to 2020

A fine arrangement to add to Alan Civil's music for French Horn.
Broadbent and Dunn $26.95
Lorriman, H: Prelude and Scherzo
For Mark Bousie.
Solo parts in F, Eb, Bb or C
Obrasso $29.95
Lortzing, A: Concertpiece
Horn in E
Edited by Rolf Julius Koch
approx. 13 minutes

Berliner Music Edition $42.95
LoveLock, W: Rhapsody
Australian Composition
for Alan Mann

Special Postage Charge on this item as it is in a large format, please ask.
Australian Music Centre $37.50
Lowe, L: Sonata No. 1

RMW Publishing $44.95
Luigini, A: Romance Op. 48 Billaudot $ ask