Horn with Piano Accompaniment: E-H

Eaves: Rhapsody Brand $ ask
Eccles, H: Sonata in G minor (1670-1742)
Arranged Joseph Eger
International Music Company $19.95
Elmsly, J: Memorial Waiteata Press $ ask
Eschmann, J.C.: In Autumn. Six Fantasy Pieces Op.6
Phantasiestücke, Ständchen am Abend, Herbstgefühle, ???, Intermezzo, Zur Weinlese
Amadeus $39.95
Ewazen, E: A Song from the Heart
"Originally composed for Trumpet and Piano, A Song from the Heart is one of those rare new works that immediately captures performers and listeners in a wide range of settings. A beautiful melodic solo sings over a lush piano accompaniment, with passages that stick in the mind well after the performance. A Song from the Heart will be at home on any program, whether memorials, recitals, or weddings. For intermediate to advanced performers."

Presser Music
Ewazen, E: Autumn Rondo
"Autumn Rondo was commissioned by hornist Heather Pettit Johnson as a birthday gift for her husband, the celebrated hornist David Johnson. The work's title refers to the time of year of David's birthday and to its traditional rondo form. Autumn Rondo is filled with buoyant energy and rollicking rhythm supporting a horn line that sings and soars throughout. For advanced performers."

Ewazen, E: Horn Concerto

Movt. 1
Movt. 3
Ewazen, E: Horn Sonata
This work was commissioned and dedicated to Scott Brubaker, who premiered the work on March 8, 1992

Southern Music
Fauré Song Book
Arranged for Horn and Piano by Adrian Connell
  • Après un Rêve (After a Dream) Op. 7, No. 1
  • Lydia Op. 4, No. 2
  • Les Roses d'Isaphan (The Roses of Isaphan) Op. 39, No. 4
  • Rêve d'Amour (Dream about Love) Op. 5, No. 2
  • Le Secret (The Secret) Op. 23, No. 3
Edition Dohr $29.95
Faure/arr: Pie Jesu from Requiem Fentone $ ask
Faust, R.E: Declamation for Horn and Harpsichord (2004)

Fantasy variations using natural horn, horn and harpsichord. Commissioned and performed by Lars and Sebastian Bausch.

Faust Music 8.95
Faust, R.E: Cadenza and Fanfare from the Horn Concerto for Horn and Piano (1987/2006) Faust Music $10.95
Faust, R.E: Rondo from the Horn Concerto for Horn and Piano (1987/2006) Faust Music $10.95
Faust, R.E: Scherzo from the Horn Concerto for Horn and Piano (1987/2006) Faust Music $10.95
Faust, R.E: Rondo for Horn & Piano (1997)
Composed in honor of Roger Collins, hornist with the Camerata Woodwind Quintet from 1966-1997.
Faust Music $10.95
Faust, R.E: Three English Folk Song (2006)

I. Henry Martin
II. The Water is Wide
III. Gently, Johnny
Faust Music $16.50
Faust, R.E: Largo from Violin Concerto in a minor
by Antonio Vivaldi, edited by Marvin C. Howe
Faust Music $5.50
Fiddles, R: Two Concert Pieces Australian Music Centre
Finko, D: Remeniscence of Childhood Presser $21.90
NOW $5 + postage
Flosman, O: Horn Concerto
Edited and Piano Reduction by Milos Petr
Schott $44.95
Förster, C: Concerto  in Eb Major
Edited by Kurt Janetzky.
Piano reduction by Manfred Schlenker

Hofmeister $27.50
Förster, C: Concerto No. 2 in Eb Major
Edited by William Scharnberg.

This is NOT the same concerto as 17095
McCoys Horn Library $37.50

Forsyth, M: Momentum

Australian Work

Kookaburra Music $30.00
Françaix, J: Canon in Octave
Written in 1953
Duration 1'
International Music Company $22.95
Françaix, J: Divertimento
I. Introduction
II. Aria di Cantabile
III. Canzonetta
Written in 1959
Duration 12'

Transatlantic $33.95
Franz, O: Lied Ohne Worte Op.2
Prefaced by Peter Damm
"Those who have heard Peter Damm have undoubtedly heard this piece. "
McCoys Horn Library $17.95
Frehse, A: Serenade

Hofmeister $19.95
Fricker, P. R: Sonata Op. 24
© 1956
Schott $52.95
Friedmann, S: Jerusalem Fugue
Composer:Friedman, Stanley (*1951)
Year of composition:1996
Level:intermediate / advanced
"Jerusalem Fugue for solo horn and strings was commissioned by Israel Philharmonic principal hornist James Cox and the International Horn Society (the Meir Rimon Commissioning Assistance Fund).

The piano reduction can be used both for practice and for recital performance.

The pitch sets (plus transpositions) yield "Hebraically" inflected scales and harmonies. The music reflects the dramatic and conflicted nature of my experiences in Israel, where I was inspired by the noblest of human aspirations and made heartsick by the shattering of dreams.

The choice of a fugal treatment for the musical expression of my Israel experience was deliberate; the fugue is simultaneously a great intellectual, artistic challenge and a representation of an obsession, an idea run amok, in perpetual conflict with itself. Specifically Jewish references include the "shofar-esque" opening theme and the quasi-cantorial melody, first expressed in Section A. The ending of the piece is purposefully inconclusive; there is much more of this story yet to be told.

Stanley Friedman, May 2007"
Edition Bim $30.95
Fürst, PW: Rannoch Con. Op. 59 Doblinger $ ask
Gade, N.W: Four Fantasy Pieces for Horn (Bassoon) and Piano Op. 43
Originally for Clarinet (Violin) and Piano
Edited by Bodo Koenigsbeck

No. 1
Accolade Musikverlag $36.95
Gallay, J.F: Concerto No. 1

Edited by Daniel Bourgue.
Piano reduction by F. Bremond
International Music Diffusion $26.50

Gallay, J.F: Concerto Op. 18 in F
Revision and Piano Reduction by Edmon Leloir

Pizka Edition $13.95
Gallay, J-F: Fantaisie Sur la Romance "Ma Normandie" for Horn and Piano op.34
" Jacques François Gallay, , * 8. Dez. 1795 in Perpignan, † 18. Okt. 1864 in Paris Gallay became 1833 successors of Dauprat as a professor for horn (natural horn) at the Parisian Conservatoire. Gallays oeuvre is very extensively, next to didactic works, and others études and a horn school, it composed 2 horn concerts and different other works for horn and orchestras. In the chamber music, certainly today, its grand is frequently played to Quatuor op.26 for 4 horns in different tones. The Fantasy for horn and the piano op.34 has a theme of the chansonier Frederic Bérat from the Romance "Ma Normandie"."

ROM $24.50
Gallay, J.F: Les Echos. Three Petites Fantaisies Op. 59

1. Le Cor des Alpes
II. Les Combats du Coeur
III. Je Pense a Toi

"Excellent examination or concert pieces, they are good for elementary or intermediate levels".
Edited by Daniel Bourgue.
International Music Diffusion $ ask

Gallay, J.F: 12 Solos Op. 55 for Horn in Eb and Piano
Pizka Editions $10.95
Gay, B: Pouchkine
Comes with a part in Eb and in F

"Born in 1957, Bertrand Gay studied at the Sion a nd Lausanne Conservatories. He obtained a trumpet teaching diploma under the tuition of Vanca Samonikov. He also studied conducting with Pascal Favre and Jean Balissat and obtained a certificate in this subject. He has written several large-scale fantasies, light music pieces and marches for wind orchestra, as well as several suites for brass ensemble. He won the first prize in the composition competition held to celebrate the 40th annive rsary of the Sion Conservatoire.He has also written choral music, theatre music and various pieces for trumpet and piano. He is at present professor of trumpet and cornet at th e Sion Conservatoire. He also conducts the Martigny Municipal Band and the Mixed Chorus in Collonges"
Edition Marc Reift $16.95
Gay, B: 5 Love Songs

Monday's Song
Tuesday's Songr
Wednesday's Song
Thursday's Song
Friday's Song
Edition Marc Reift $42.95
Gay, B: 5 Minutures

Edition Marc Reift $31.95
Gethen: Nocturne
$ ask
Gilmour, R: Arnold Visits Brumby at Stravinsky's House
$ ask
Glazounov, A: Chant de Menestrel
arr. Daniel Bourgue. In memoriam M Boujanoski
International Music Diffusion $18.50
Glazunov, A: Rêverie Op. 24
M.P. Belaieff
$ ask

Glazunov, A: Rêverie Op. 24
Edited by Dominik Rahmer
Fingering of piano part by Klaus Schilde

Glière, R: Concero Op 91 in Bb To Valery Polekh
Edited and provided with a cadenza by Valery Polekh
International Music Company $52.95
Glière, R: Concero Op 91 in Bb To Valery Polekh
Edited and Cadenza by Valery Polekh
Piano Score by Valery Polekh
Sikorski $74.95
Glière, R: Intermezzo Op.35/11
Edited by Joseph Anderer
International Music Company $21.95
Glière, R: Nocturne Op.35/10
Edited by Joseph Anderer
International Music Company $ ask
Glière, R: Romance Op.35 No.6
Edited by Joseph Anderer
International Music Company $20.95
Glière, R:Valse Triste Op.35/7
Edited by Joseph Anderer
International Music Company $20.95
Glière, R: Four Pieces Op.35
No. 6, 7, 10, 11
Masters Music $26.95
Goddard, M: Party Pieces Sparten Press $20.80
Godel, D: Rondo Edition Marc Reift $ ask
Godfrey, P: Three Impromptus
Prelude, Romance, Gigue.
Difficulty: Medium
Brass Wind $22.95
Goedike, A: Concerto in F minor Op. 40
Edited by James Chambers
International Music Company $ ask
Goedike, A: Concerto in F minor Op. 40
for Arsenij Alexandrowitsch Jankelewitsch
Kalmus $18.50
Golland, J: Rhapsody No.1 Op.71 Studio Music $ ask
Golland, J: Sonata Op. 75 Kirklees $ ask
Gomelskaya, J: Bagatelle Guildhall $ ask
Gounod, C: 6 Original Pieces Volume 1.
Numbers 1 and 2
Edited by Edmund Leloir
Billaudot $24.95
Gounod, C: 6 Original Pieces Volume 2.
Numbers 3 and 4
Edited by Edmund Leloir
Billaudot $31.95
Gounod, C: 6 Original Pieces Volume 3.
Numbers 5 and 6
Edited by Edmund Leloir
Billaudot $22.95
Grainger, P: A Bridal Lullaby Barbic $ ask
Granados, E: Andaluza (Danzas Españolas, No. 5)
Transcribed for Horn and Piano by Kazimierz Machala
International Music Company $24.95
Granados, E: Essential Horn
Transcribed by Kazimierz Machala.
Schirmer $ ask
Graun, C.H: Concerto in D
"For three of the pieces of the collection is a ,, Sigr. Graun " indicated as the composer, unfortunately without that the copyist explains, whether it was Johann Gottlieb Graun ( approx.1702/03 -- 1771) or his younger brother of Carl Heinrich (approx.1703/04 -- 1759). Both attended the school "Kreuzschule", however left Dresden after 1730. It is therefore probable that it is relatively early work of the composer, belonging to the collection of Lund, before he lost the contact with Dresden. "

ROM $27.50
Gregson, E: Horn Concerto
For Ifor james
Duration: 18 minutes
Originally for Horn and Brass Band
Chester $55.20
Grgin, A: Sonata

"Dedicated to Professor Milan Radic"
Edition Marc Reift $35.50
Grieg, E: Ballade. arranged Phillips Oxford University Press, Official Copy $ ask
Grieg, E: Funeral March Camden Music $ ask
Grieg/Grey: Air-Holberg Suite Fentone $17.50
NOW $5 + postage
Gubaidulina, S: Two Pieces for Horn and Piano
1. Far Away
2.The Hunt
Sikorski $29.95
Gugel, H: Nocturne Pastorale Kunzelmann $ ask
Gwilt, D: Sonatine
For Tessa Schiele and Lucy Cowan

Bayley and Ferguson $19.95
Haas, J: Sonata Op. 29
Composed 1910
Schott $47.95

Adrian has redefined Beginner Band music with his highly innovative and energetic approach. His works, Stadium Rock, Haunted and Kung Fu, have become some of Australia's most popular performance pieces.

Adrian has also published many Horn and Piano works across all grade levels. His compositions have been performed at the Midwest Clinic in Chicago and shortlisted in the American Band Association's Young Band Composition Competition as well as the UK Songwriting Contest.

In 2015, Adrian was commissioned to write "Blockbuster" for the International Horn Society conference in Los Angeles. This work for 4 horns and Wind Band featured soloists from the Berlin Philharmonic, the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the London Symphony Orchestra.

Adrian is currently the Principal Horn with the New South Wales Police Concert Band. As a freelance musician, he has performed on studio recordings and soundtracks. Adrian has also worked with many orchestras and diverse performers such as comedian Eric Idle, Bootleg Beatles, The Paper Kites, Daleks from Dr Who, and Grammy nominated hip-hop artist Ryan Leslie. ​


Hallam, A: Blue Dragon
Australian Work
"In Chinese mythology, dragons are depicted as being powerful and benevolent. They are bringers of wealth and good fortune. The dragon that controls the Chinese astrology is the Blue Dragon. The Blue Dragon is associated with water, power and strength. They generally live in lakes, rivers and the ocean. The most powerful dragons live in the larger expanses of water. This piece captures the nature of the Blue Dragon. Blue Dragons are free spirited, self reliant and independent in nature. They also symbolize "Spring".
Blue Dragon is composed for students of 5th Grade standard. (AMEB Australia/ Trinity UK)"

Hallam Music $20.00

Hallam, A: Cat and Mouse
Australian Work
"Cat and Mouse is a tribute to the music of the Tom and Jerry cartoons. This is a collection of these musical cliches. Cat and Mouse contains a chase through a farmyard, up a clock, down a piano and anywhere else your imagination takes you! You can decide who wins - The Cat or the Mouse!

Cat and Mouse is composed for students of 8th Grade standard (AMEB Australia/ Trinity UK). "

Hallam Music $20.00

Hallam, A: Hornasaurus
Australian Work
"One of the most magnificent creatures ever to walk the face of this earth was the Hornasaurus! Fossils have been found dating back to the Brasseous Period, 67 to 65.5 million years ago! From the moment Hornasaurus hatches from its shell it has just one thought on its mind - FOOD! It hunts and eats and hunts and eats and finally sleeps! When the Hornasaurus awakes, it is hungry, very hungry, it must eat, eat, eat....... It is time to RAMPAGE! Lots of terrifying rips you can really make a meal out of! Hornasaurus is composed for students of 5th - 6th Grade standard. (AMEB Australia/ Trinity UK)."
Hallam Music $20.00

Hallam, A: HORNted
Australian Work
"Have you ever been scared? …really scared? This fun and descriptive piece will take you on the scariest adventure of your life! HORNted is composed for students of 4th Grade standard (AMEB Australia/ Trinity UK). It introduces students to techniques of horn playing such as hand stopping, the use of a mute and flutter tonguing, while inspiring the imagination. HORNted is programmatic and tells a story utilising horror movie clichés. Starting with a HORNted theme, sections include The Haunted Mansion, The Graveyard, Zombies and a terrifying Chase scene! Frighteningly realistic and lots of fun!"
Hallam Music $20.00

Hallam, A: Mobsters
Australian Work
"Just when you though you could get out of practising - these five pieces will pull you back in!

1. Bada Bing
2. "Hitman" Sam
3. The Godmother
4. Big "Lips" Louie
5. Harry "The Hatchet"

Mobsters is composed for students of 2nd Grade standard (AMEB Australia / Trinity UK). "

Hallam Music $30.00

Hallam, A: Realm Of Fantasy
Australian Work
"Welcome to the Realm Of Fantasy!
1. March of the Dwarves
2. Elven Magic
3. Dungeon OF Doom
4. Water Nymphs
5. Dragon Storm
6. The Horn Of Heroes

Realm of Fantasy is composed for students of 1st Grade Standard (AMEB Australia / Trinity UK)"
Hallam Music $30.00

Hallam, A arr: Londonderry Air
Australian Arrangement
"The title of this work is derived from the county in Ireland where it is thought this air originated from. It was first published as an anonymous air in the 1855 book The Ancient Music of Ireland. The book attributes the air's submission to a Jane Ross of Londonderry. As a result of this, the air came to be known as "Londonderry Air"
Londonderry Air is arranged for students of 4th Grade standard. (AMEB Australia/ Trinity UK)"

Hallam Music $15.00

Hamilton, I: Aria

(not this cover)

Schott $11.95
Handel, G.F: Air - So Shall The Lute and Harp Awake  from Judas Maccabeus
Transcribed and Arranged by Ronald C Dishinger for Horn and Piano
Grades 3-4
Medici Music $16.50
Handel, G.F: 3rd Sonata
Transcribed for French Horn and Piano by Verne Reynolds.
(Four Movements)
Grade VI
Southern $16.95
Handel, G.F: Concerto in C major Israel Brass- Woodwind Publication $ ask
Handel, G.F: Concerto in F minor
Arranged by Paul Angerer

(includes a solo horn part in F and Eb)
Edition Marc Reift $22.95
Handel, G.F: Sonata in F Major
Arranged after the Violin Sonata in F major Op. 1/10 by Michael Höltzel for Horn and Basso Continuo
Schott $32.95
Handel, G.F: Sonata in F Major
Arranged by Michael Höltzel..."this F-major Sonata almost gives the impression of the composer having written it in anticipation of today's valve horn: all four movements are so graspable and typical of the horn in their motif and thematic treatment"
McCoys Horn Library $23.95
Hanmer, R: Suite for Horn
1. Prelude
2. Waltz
3. Arioso
4. Finale
Horn parts in Eb and F
"The Suite for Horn, although well within the range of a second year student, is a little gem. Lyrical tunes and a most effective piano part make this a suitable short item for a recital"
Emerson Edition $22.95

Haydn, J: Concerto No. 1 in D
Hob VIId Nr. 3

Hermann Baumann

André Cazalet

Dale Clevenger

Ab Koster

Erich Penzel

Barry Tuckwell

Radovan Vlatkovic

Haydn, J: Concerto No. 1 in D
Separate horn parts in D and in F
Boosey & Hawkes $ ask
Haydn, J: Concerto No. 1 in D
Hob VIId Nr. 3
Horn part in D only.
Horn & Piano arrangement and cadenzas by Eusebius Mandyczewski
Breitkopf & Härtel $22.50
Haydn, J: Concerto No. 1 in D
Hob. VIId:3
Ed.: Makoto Ohmiya
Ed.: Sonja Gerlach
Piano reduction: Stefan Zorzor,
Cadenzas: Johannes Ritzkowsky
Horn Part in D and F
Henle $ ask
Haydn, J: Concerto No. 1 in D major, Hob. VIId
Edited by John Cerminaro
Horn part in D only
International Music Company $ ask
Haydn, J: Concerto No. 1
Horn part in F only
Carl Fisher $22.95

Haydn, J: Concerto No. 2 in D
Hob VIId Nr. 4

Hermann Baumann

André Cazalet

Dale Clevenger


Barry Tuckwell
17470 Haydn, J: Concerto No. 2 in D
Hob VIId Nr. 4
Horn part in D only.
Horn & Piano arrangement and cadenzas by Eusebius Mandyczewski
Breitkopf & Härtel $35.95
Haydn, J: Concerto No. 2
Horn part in F only
Carl Fischer Out of Print
Haydn, J: Concerto No. 2 in D major. Hob. VIId, No. 4
Edited by John Cerminaro
Horn part in D only
International Music Company $32.95
Haydn, J: Concerto No. 2 Boosey & Hawkes Out of Print
Haydn, J: Largo

"The Largo on hand was first published 1818/1819 in Leipzig by Breitkopf & Haertel. The arrangement (author unknown) is based on Joseph Haydn's string quartet Hob III:74 the so-called "Reiter-Quartett" (equestrian quartet). This piece of music by the way is very interesting because it considers the particularities of the natural horn. Its originality lies in the contemporary arrangement of a popular work of music.

This scare print is kept in the Bavarian State Library Munich, signature 4° Mus . pr. 57671."
ROM $16.50
Haydn, M: Concertino
Edited by Barry Tuckwell
Schirmer $24.95
Haydn, M: Concerto in D major
Edited by Edmond Leloir.
Horn part in D only
(This is the same piece as 17136)
Heinrichshofen $43.95
Herfurth, W: Farewell Serenade Rubank $7.70
Hess, W: Concerto in Eb Op. 65 Kunzelmann $ ask
Hess, W: Fünf Tonstücke Op.100 Kunzelmann $ ask
Hidas, F: Horn Concerto No. 1

EMB $19.95

Hidas, F: Horn Concerto No. 2

EMB Hire of Score and parts only

Hidas, F: Horn Concerto No. 3 for Horn and Symphonic Wind Ensemble

$ ask Purchase  of Score and parts only

Alfred Hill (1869-1960)

Click HERE for wikipedia

Hill, A: Horn Concerto
Australian Work
"Suggested by and dedicated to Alan Mann"
Completed in December 1947
Stiles Music Publication $50.00
Hill, A: A Hunting Tune, Romance, and Rondino
Australian Work
"All were composed in Sydney in April 1947 for students at the conservatorium where Alfred Hill taught compostion"
Stiles Music Publication $20.00
Hindemith, P: Concerto (1949)
Schott $55.95
Hindemith, P: Sonata (1939)
Schott $46.95
Hindemith, P: Sonata (Alto Horn in Eb) (1943)
Schott $46.95
Hlobil, E: Aria & Rondo Op.37 Panton Out of Print
Hlobil, E: Sonata Op. 21 (1942)
Duration: 16'
Panton Out of Print
Holley, A: "Still Road"
Sonata for Horn and Piano

"The title comes from a road sign north of Sydney, and I was intrgued by its inherent ambiguity. The conflict of ideas between stasis/stillness and the travel that can occur on a road led me to contrast certain elements in the music. At times, particulary in the first and third movements, it is as if the music does not 'move'. Simple repeating rhythmic, melodic and harmonic patterns are in contrast to the constantly changing musical ideas in the second movement."

Australian Work
Kookaburra Music $28.00
Holley, A: "The Glebe Glows
for Horn and Piano

For Ilir Kodhima and Hrvoje Pintaric

Australian Work
Kookaburra Music $25.00
Hoshina, H: Miko Dance
Japanese Composer Series
Miko Dance is a concerto for horn and orchestra written to commemorate the 10th edition of the "Hoshina Academy Chamber Orchestra Ensemble Harmonia," that was held early 2007 in Kurashiki and Tokyo. This piece is inspired by the slow and gentle movements of the traditional dance of a Miko (maiden integrated into the religious ritual of the Japanese Shinto-Shrine). This is a highly stylized dance, especially when compared to those of occidental cultures. The solo horn inserts "cadential" phrases within the context of a formal musical structure in which the sound and expression resources of todays instruments are beautifully exploited on an richly colored orchestral accompaniment. First performance: Feb. 3, 2007 at Daiichi Seimei Hall Tokyo, with Satoshi Sugimoto, horn, and the Hoshina Academy Chamber Orchestra "Ensemble Harmonia" conducted by Takashi Akiyama.
Edition Bim $40.95
Howlett, M: Nocturnal
Australian Work.

Horn in F and piano, c.4'25 Grade 6
An evocation of the tranquility and spatial remoteness of a cold, clear starry night.  Composed 2011
Wirripang $20.00
Howlett, M: Nocturne
Australian Work.

Horn in F and piano, c.5'50
An evocation of the tranquility and spatial remoteness of a cold, clear starry night.  Composed 2006.
This piece is suitable for AMEB Grades VI and VIII
Wirripang $20.00
Howlett, M: Nocturne ii
Australian Work.

Horn in F and piano, c.7'00
Extended from the original version to cater for the higher grade students. Composed 2011
This piece is suitable for AMEB Grades VIII
Wirripang $25.00
Hummel, B: Sonatine Op.75a
Composed 1981
1925 - 2002
I. Maestoso
2. Ballade
3. Finale: Presto
Schott $45.95
Humperdinck, E: Abendsegen aus Hänsel und Gretel 
Edited by Simon Scheiwiller.

"The world-famous fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel" of the Grimm brothers was set in the 1890s by the German composer Engelbert Humperdinck. The children's opera is regularly performed at many houses. The evening blessing "At night I will go to sleep", with which the two children sang to sleep, is one of the most famous songs of this opera and also represents the beginning of the Overture. The present version for horn and piano is also very suitable for horn and organ. Registration suggestions for this version are given."
Hurrell/arr: Meadowland (Traditional) Rubank $ ask
Hurrell: Horn of Heimdall Rubank Out Of Print