Works for Horn and Organ

Albinoni, T: Adagio

Arranged by Francis Orval
(Horn in F)
Collection Francis Orval.

Edition Marc Reift $18.95
Alfvén, A: Notturno Elegiaco Op. 5
For Axel Malm
Gehrmans $32.95
Allers, H-G: Toccatina passionata Op. 48 Nr.1
Edition mf $29.50
Couperin, F: "La Diane"
Suite for Horn and Organ (Piano), arranged by Herman Jeurissen

Entrée: La Diane
Passepied I
Passepied II
La Trophée
Hofmeister $24.95
Ducommun, S: Sonata da Chiesa
Composer:Ducommun, Samuel (1914-1987)
Year of composition:1953
"Premiered in 1969 by Joszef Molnar, this very meditative and innerdirected work occupies a special position in the output of Samuel Ducommun. The exposition of the Choral continues with variations of varied colors, exploring many contrapuntal techniques (retrograde, augmentation, rhythmic modification, fugal style, stretto), and concludes with a reprise of the theme as a figured chorale. The second movement is a pensive Interlude, freely structured, and evocative of a recitative. The Quasi marcia provides an animated rhythmic diversion, where the final Lento evokes the preceeding Adagio in using part of the motif, enlarging and developing it into a luminous conclusion."
  1. Choral et variations
  2. Adagio
  3. Quasi Marcia
  4. Lento
Edition Bim
Faust, R.E: Celebration for Horn and Organ (1974)
Faust Music $4.50
Faust, R.E: Fantasy for Horn and Organ (2001)

Fantasy Variations on -- Von Himmel Hoch
Faust Music $10.95
Faust, R.E: Festive Processional for Horn and Organ (2001)

Wedding processional dedicated to and first performed at the wedding of Krisin and Michael, San Francisco, California, September 2001.
Faust Music $8.95
Faust, R.E: Meditation for Horn and Organ (1983)

Commissioned by Jim Kellock of St. Columba's Episcopal Church, Washington, D.C.
Faust Music $5.50

Faust, R.E: Sesquicentennial Prelude for Horn and Organ (2004)

Variations on hymn tune "Standing on the Promises of God." Premiered at the Sesquicentennial Services of Centenary United Methodist Church, Mankato, Minnesota.
Faust Music $10.95
Gervaise, C: Three Renaissance Dances

Arranged by Roy Newsome.
Parts for horn in F and Eb
Obrasso $40.95
Grahl, K: Elegie and Small Fugue
on Dietrich Bonhoeffer (2005)
Edition Dohr $31.50
Hakim, N: Suite Rhapsodique
This suite is intended for concert or liturgical performance. It is based on songs which originate from different regions of France [Brittany (Offrande), Basque (Air), Savoie (Noël)], as well as gregorian (Alleluia, Mariale) and maronite repertoire (Incantation, Mariale). The six pieces articulate a credo which starts out in the meeting of the Beloved and reaches its climax in the eternal joy of the bride!
World premiere: by Petri Komulainen, horn and Jan Lehtola, organ, 8 August 2003, Church of the Cross. Lahti, Finland.
  1. Noël
  2. Offrande
  3. Incantation
  4. Air
  5. Alleluia
  6. Mariale
United Music $49.95
Henry VIII: Pastime with Good Company

Arranged by Roy Newsome.
Parts for horn in F or Eb
Obrasso $29.95
Høeberg, G: Andante
For Hans Sørensen
Edition Dohr $19.95
Humperdinck, E: Abendsegen aus Hänsel und Gretel 
Edited by Simon Scheiwiller.

"The world-famous fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel" of the Grimm brothers was set in the 1890s by the German composer Engelbert Humperdinck. The children's opera is regularly performed at many houses. The evening blessing "At night I will go to sleep", with which the two children sang to sleep, is one of the most famous songs of this opera and also represents the beginning of the Overture. The present version for horn and piano is also very suitable for horn and organ. Registration suggestions for this version are given."
Isoz, E: Three Bagatelles
Edition mf $33.95
arr. Ernst-Thilo Kalke: Spirituals
(Nobody knows the trouble I've seen; Sometimes I feel like a motherless child; Swing low, sweet chariot.)
Musikverlag Bruno Uetz $29.50
Klein, R.R: Two Ledgends Tonger $ ask
Koetsier, J: Choral Fantasy Op. 89 (1981)
Gib dich zufrieden und sei stille
Edition Marc Reift $43.95
Krol, B:  Missa Muta Op. 55

Five minitures for French Horn and Organ.
  • Miserere
  • Gratias agimus
  • Suscipe
  • In mei memoriam
  • Ite
(spiral bound)
Bote & Bock $ ask
Linke, N: Prozession Hofmeister $27.40
NOW $5 + postage
Liszt, F: Rosario

Three Pieces for Horn and Organ
Mysteria Gaudiosa, Mysteria Dolorosa, Mysteria Gloriosa
Heinrichshofen $39.95
Mouret, J.J: Rondeau

Arranged by Roy Newsome.
Parts for Horn in F and Eb
Obrasso $29.95
Mouret, J: Rondeau
Arranged for Horn and Organ (or Piano) by Lawrence Barnhart
McCoys Horn Library $13.95
Müller, B Ed: Andante Religioso Op.74
Composed 1910
Grade 2 (out of 6)
Zimmermann $19.95

Müller, B Ed: Gebet, Adagio Religioso Op.65a Zimmermann $14.50

Müller, B: Gebet(Prater) for Horn and Organ Op. 65a
Edited by Marvin M. McCoy
"Beautiful piece for church on short notice."
McCoys Horn Library $13.95
Näther, G: Schlaf wohl, du Himmelsknabe, du
Fantasy for Horn and Organ
Hofmeister $14.20
NOW $5 + postage
Neukomm, S von: Marche Réligieuse (1822), Andante (1843) London Gabrieli Brass Edition $24.70
NOW $5 + postage
Pflüger, H: Klangfiguren Op.17

For Hermann Baumann (1975)
Bote and Bock $ ask
Purcell, H: Trumpet Tune and Air

Arranged by Roy Newsome.
Parts for horn in F and Eb
Obrasso $29.95
Saglietti, C.M: Preghiera
Warwick Music $19.95
Saint-Saëns, C: Andante
arranged by Christopher Larkin. Though to be composed in 1854...."The piece is certainly intended for a cor basse player".
London Gabrieli Brass Edition $22.95
trad: Amazing Grace
arranged as a "Spiritual Improvisation" by Claus-Erhard Heinrich.
Uetz Music $24.95
Turner, K: 'Twas a Dark and Stormy Night...'

'Twas a Dark and Stormy Night... was composed in the winter of 1987. My inspiration came from a book of the same title. It was a compilation of short stories that were entered in a literature competition out of England. The only mandatory guideline was that the story must begin with 'Twas a dark and stormy night. After that, the world was open for whatever the imagination might bring.
I was so excited by the idea, that I decided to basically do the same thing with an equally simple and yet "open" motive. Thus the piece begins with the musical equivalent of 'Twas a dark and stormy night. The opening cadenza sets the stage, the harmonic language is introduced, and all at once, the imagination lets loose the adventure within.
I chose to compose the piece for horn and organ because I was at the time presenting quite a number of recitals for that duo. Obviously the search for repertoire was challenging. In composing 'Twas a Dark and Stormy Night..., I hoped to fill a major gap, that is, a challenging recital piece for horn and organ that shows off the best loved characteristics of each instrument, and one that is completely different from anything else that might appear on the program.
This piece can be performed with piano as well. The pedal notes for the organ are notated with the stems downwards, and can be omitted if performed with piano. There are some optional notes notated within brackets which are to be played by the piano, but not the organ. Which stops to be used on the organ is completely up to the artist.
Phoenix Music Publications $28.50
Vivaldi, A: 6 Sonatas

Arranged by John Glenesk Mortimer.
Sonata No.1 in Bb major
Sonata No.2 in F major
Sonata No.3 in A minor
Sonata No.4 in Bb major
Sonata No.5 in E minor
Sonata No.6 in Bb major.

Horn parts in F and in Eb
Edition Marc Reift $37.95
Vivaldi, A: Concerto Op. 3 No. 9

Arranged by Francis Orval
(Horn in F)
Collection Francis Orval.

Edition Marc Reift $22.95