Music for Horn, Violin and Piano

Banks, D: Horn Trio
Written in 1962 for Barry Tuckwell
"Commissioned by the Edinburgh Festival Society Ltd. for the 1962 Edinburgh International Festival".

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Beamish, S: St Andrew's Bones
St Andrews Bones draws on three elements - the thirteenth-century hymn to St Andrew, 'Vir Perfecte'; the pitches of ninth-century Scottish bronze bells, and the natural series of a medieval horn, which opens the piece. In this context, the three instruments began to come together, creating for me a stark and poignant echo accross the centuries - resonances of an ancient and powerful devotion. - Sally Beamish

Commissioned by the English Horn Trio with funds provided by Eastern Arts Board, The Arts Council of England and The Holst Foundation. It is dedicated to the memory of Father Eric Thacker

The first performance was given by the English Horn Trio at Bromsgrove Music Club on 23rd January 1998
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Berkley, L: Trio Op. 44

To Sheila Robertson.
Three movements.
Horn in F.
Duration 26 minutes

"This Trio, commissioned by Colin Horsley, was written in the autumn of 1952 and first performed in March of the following year at a concert in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. It is in three movements:

Allegro. The principal theme, based on rising fourths, is announced without any preamble by the horn and immediately echoed by the violin. The second subject is in a contrasting and gentler mood. The development section is based mainly on the counter-subject (heard originally on the piano at the beginning of the work) and the second subject, combined with a certain amount of new material. In the recapitulation, the parts taken in the opening by horn and piano are reversed, but after this very little actual repetition takes place.

Lento This begins with an eight bar tune played by the violin, and repeated, in a modified form, immediately by the horn. A passage for piano alone leads to the central section which mainly consists of new material. The opening is repeated with the melody shared between the violin and the horn, and after some allusions to the middle section a short coda ends the movement.

Theme and Variations The first part of the theme is stated by the piano, the other instruments entering for the second part. The variations are:

1. Allegro moderato 2. Allegretto 3. Lento 4. Vivace 5. Allegretto 6. Moderato 7. Adagio 8. Moderato 9. A lively Gigue leading straight into 10. Moderato "

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Bischof, R: Aphorism for Three Instruments Op.34 (1992)

 Single movement. Horn in F
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Bourgeois: Trio Op. 70

For the Deakin Horn Trio.
Allegro fieramente.
Adagio expressivo.
Allegro con brio.
Horn in F
"Derek Bourgeois wrote his Horn Trio during the spring of 1981. It was commissioned by the Deakin Horn Trio. It is an overtly romantic work in sharp contradistinction to the composer's 5th Symphony which immediately preceded it, a work that is rather severe by comparison. In the Horn Trio Derek Bourgeois has placed emphasis on melodic writing throughout, writing actual singable tunes as the thematic basis for all three movements. Nevertheless the spirit of unease, which pervades our contemporary life. lies brooding beneath the surface, constantly threatening to destroy the outward veneer of calm and joy. Technically the work is a tour de force for all three soloists, presenting many problems of ensemble and finesse as well as the more obvious bravura."
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Brahms, J: Trio in Eb Op. 40
URTEXT Edition
Edited by Christopher Hogwood

Extensive notes
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Brahms, J: Trio in Eb Op. 40

Four movements.
Horn in Eb
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Brahms, J: Trio in Eb Op. 40

Four movements
Edited by Georg Schumann.
Horn in Eb
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Brahms, J: Three Brahms Songs

Arranged by Graeme Denniss (1993)
- Sapphische Ode (Sapphic Ode)
- Sommerabend (Summer Evening)
- Geheimnis (A Secret)
Duration: 7'37"
Australian Arrangement

Bruch, M: Trios for Violin, Horn and Piano Op. 83 No. 1-4

Transcribed by Carlo Gianneschi and Caterina DiFidio
1. Andante
2. Allegro con moto
3. Andante con moto
4. Allegro agitato
Hans Pizka Edition $16.50
Bruch, M: Trios for Violin, Horn and Piano Op. 83 No. 5-8

Transcribed by Carlo Gianneschi and Caterina DiFidio
5. Rumanische Melodie
6. Nachtgesang (Noctune)
7. Allegro vivace, ma non troppo
8. Moderato
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Carr, G: Castle of Dreams

Written for the 'Hermes Ensemble' with the composer being the horn player, 'Castle of Dreams' is a companion piece for the 'Brahms Horn Trio' and is of similar difficulty.
Four movements.
Horn in F. © 1993.
"After an evocative and atmospheric introduction, the first movement is strangely savage and rhythmically complex. There seems to be a reference to Britten in bar 196 but in these four contrasting movements Gordon Carr is speaking with his own voice. The trio is quite long, half hour or so, but the whole piece is sufficiently interesting to constitute the centre piece of a recital." Anthony Tunstall September 1994
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Chef D'Orge, H: En Harmonie Avec Le Ciel Et La Terre

Horn in F.
Harp can be substituted for the piano.
Duration, approx. 3 minutes.
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Czerny, C: Premier Grande Trio Op. 105
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Denniss, G: Static Blues
Variations for Horn, Violin and Piano
1996 rev 2009

Australian Work.

Dussek, J.L.: Notturno Concertant Op. 68
12 February 1760 - 20 March 1812
First Published in 1809
This edition edited by H Voxman
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Duvernoy, F: Trio No. 1 in C Minor

Revised by Edmond Leloir

for Horn in F, Violin (Flute, Clarinet) and Piano
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Duvernoy, F: Trio No. 2 in F Major

Revised by Edmond Leloir and Hans Pizka

for Horn, Violin (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet) and Piano
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Ewazen, E: Trio
"Commissioned by Chamberosity, Eric Ewazen's Trio for Horn, Violin, and Piano pays homage to Brahms' work for the same instruments. Ewazen's four movements are modeled after the Brahms, with a slow-fast-slow-fast scheme. A mysterious first movement accumulates depth and momentum, then returns to the gentle world of the opening. The second movement is a rip-roaring scherzo, with melodies tossed between the violin and horn. The melancholy third movement features long lyric melodies, and the final movement, following an austere introduction, turns into a grand fugue, full of life and excitement. For advanced performers."
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Gehann, H: Trio  Op. 40

© 1997
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Graun, K.H: Trio in D major
by (Karl Heinrich) Graun, Edited by William Scharnberg.
"Possibly from the Dresden court library"
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Harbison, J: Twilight Music (1984)

Commissioned by the Chanber Music Society of Lincoln Centre, New York.
First performance by David Jolley, James Buswell and Richard Goode March 22 1985.
Duration approx. 17'
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Hartzell, E: Horn Trio "A Little Light Music" for Horn, Violin and Piano (1995)

A certain fondness for jazz and light music was always part of the tradition of the Viennese School. Alban Berg's Chamber Concerto is just one example of this tendency, which was also continued in the following generation by pupils of Arnold Schönberg and Alban Berg such as Hans Erich Apostel. It thus comes as no surprise to find the tradition persisting in the work of Apostel's American pupil Eugene Hartzell, for whom the idea of twelve-tone jazz became something of an idée fixe. His Horn Trio is one of the most striking examples of his work in this style. In his own programme note, Hartzell introduced the work as follows: "The work's subtitle is principally a reference to two elements borrowed from the world of light music: a boogie bass and a ragtime theme. What goes on in between these elements, however, is somewhat more serious in character. The work is given its basic structure by means of a horn call that is sounded in the first bars. It consists of the natural tones C, E flat, F, G, A, B (sounding). The inversion (C sharp, A sharp, G sharp, F sharp, E, D) completes the twelve-note row and is also used as a call."
Duration approx. 10'
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Herzogenberg, H von: Trio in D major Op. 61

For Oboe (or Violin), Horn (or Viola) or Cello) and Piano. Austrian....1843 - 1900. Horn part in D and F
Edited from the original by Bernhard Pauler
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Kahn, R: Serenade Op. 73
Robert Kahn (1865-1951)
For Violin, Horn and Piano.
"In a post-Brahmsian idiom, the lovely Trio Serenade is, unlike Brahms' own serenades, in one continuous substantial movement. It does, however, consist of two alternating parts, each with its own middle section or trio. The first part is a genial and relaxed Andante sostenuto which has for its trio section a lively Vivace. The second part consists of an Allegretto non troppo e grazioso, not terribly fast but elegant. It too has a faster middle section."
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Koechlin, C: Four Little Pieces

For Violin, Horn and Piano.
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Llàcer Pla, F: Inducciones

Madrid, June 1992 for J.Llinares (violin), J. Bonet (horn) and A Bañados (piano).
I. Allegretto, II. Andantino infantil, III. Larghetto, IV Finale.
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Lazarof, H: Trio (1994)

for the Walden Trio.
I. Intrada, II. Arioso, III. Waldango.
Duration approx. 20'
Horn in F
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Ligeti, G: Trio (1982)....Hommage à Brahms last! Seperate piano part and then combined violin & horn parts.
First peformance 7th August 1982. Saschko Gawriloff - violin; Herman Baumann - horn; Eckart Besch - piano.
Duration: approx. 21 minutes
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Link, E: Chan d'amour
melodie romantique
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Madsen, T: Trio for Violin, Horn (in F) and Piano Op. 110
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Mozart: Trio in Eb. arr. of the Horn Quintet KV407(386c)

arranged by Ernst Naumann, based on the Quintet for Horn, Violin, two Violas and Cello. Horn in Eb
Breitkopf and Härtel $41.95

Nisle, J. F: Sonata (Trio)

Edited by Chritoph Dohr
Score and parts
Edition Dohr $69.50
Pezold, C: Trio Sonate in F major

Christian Pezold 1677 - 1733.  For Violin, Corno da caccia in F and Basso continuo. Edited by Kurt Janetzky
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Pflüger, H.G: Rhapsodie (1983)

First Performance 19 March 1984 in Paris. Hermann Baumann - horn, Saschko Gawriloff - violin and Eckart Besch - piano.
Duration: approx. 14 minutes
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Raue, R: Trio

Edition Marc Reift $ ask
Rachmaninov, S: Two Songs

O cease thy Singing, Op. 4 No. 4
Vocalise, Op. 34, No. 14
Transcribed by Clark McAlister
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Schobert, J: Trio in Eb major

Johann Schobert 1738-1767. Clarinet can be substituted for Violin.
This edition is an arrangement of a sonata for violin, two horns and harpichord.
Arranged by Peter Schmalfuss.
Three Movements.
Horn in Eb
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Schroeder, H: Trio No. 2 Op.40
Horn in F. Three Movements. © 1967
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Smalley, R: Trio

First Performance was given on 1 August 2002 in the Octagon Theatre, Perth by Darryl Poulsen (horn), Paul Wright (violin) and Roger Smalley (piano).
Duration: ca 22 minutes.
Australian Composition
A CD of this piece is also available from Hornarama
Australian Music Centre $82.10
Tomesini, G. P: Trio in F major

Piano/Harpsichord, Horn in F and violin
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Turner, K: Quartet After Four
(September 1996)

Every night around four fifteen I awaken. It is neither sudden nor brought on by a bad dream. Usually my mind is quite blank when I drift out of a deep sleep. Then, as if on cue, the first haunting thought occurs. It is usually a dilemma which I have not been able to resolve. I'll turn it over in my head one more time until I'm reminded of something I said to someone who may be mildly related to the dilemma. Embarrassment, anger and regret come over me as I relive the stupid remark...there in the darkness, under my sheets.
Turning on my side, I'll shrug off an insult to myself about my irresponsibility and suddenly I am reminded of something I was supposed to do, or perhaps something I must do tomorrow. I won't, however, be able to take care of it tomorrow because of that original dilemma I was pondering earlier.
I turn over on my other side, and slowly many other problems and dilemmas, each somehow related to the original one, begin to circle in my head. I toss and turn more turbulently now, and usually throw the covers off in an over_heated sweat. I make conscious attempts to calm my mind, reciting the 23rd Psalm or Reinhold Niebuhr's prayer, "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change..."
Sometimes the clear solution will briefly come into focus through the confusion of prayers, bewilderment and resentment. Then it too will become swirled into the grand dilemma. It remains unsolved. And the storm that haunts me every night at quarter_after_four has numbed my mind yet again as I drift off as quietly as I awoke.
"Quarter_After_Four" was composed during the month of September, 1996. It was originally intended to be a piece for violin solo and piano, which was to be written for the violinist Atti1a Keresztesi, a colleague of mine in the Luxembourg Philharmonic. The addition of the horn brought a wider spectrum of color and special effect possibilities. It was also a logical choice to add the horn, as several horn players of international repute had suggested I compose a piece that could conceivably re programmed with the Brahms Horn Trio. I hope this piece will be added to the already fine repertoire which is steadily growing for this type of ensemble.
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Ullrich, H: Trio Fantasy Op. 20

Hermann Ullrich 1888-1982
Doblinger $70.95
Wanek, F.K: Kanons (1971)

Fredrich K. Wanek 1929 - 1991
First performance 20 January 1980 with Louis Michal - Violin, Klaus Wallendorf - horn and Silvio Natiello - piano.
Horn in F
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Wehrli, W: Trio. Op. 11

Werner Wehrli 1892 - 1944.
Three movements.
Horn in F
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Wiggins, C: Trio Op. 90 (1990)

Commissioned by Uve Uustalu & Tiiu Peäske, Tallinn, ESSR. Horn in F
Solid Wood Publishing
Willi, H: Trio (1992)

for Paul Sacher.
First performance: October 6, 1992 in Adelaide International Barossa Music festival. Brenton Langbein - Violin, Barry Tuckwell - Horn, Maureen Jones - Piano.
Single movement.
Duration: approx. 8 minutes.
Horn in F
Schott $99.50