Music for Two Horns

27 Rare Horn Duets

Compiled by Douglas Hill
Excellent teaching material. Very approachable for transposition studies.

These duets have been compiled from three pre-1800 publications, intended for the open hunting horn. An attempt has been made to select the most unique along with the more typical duets within these publications, giving the players a cross section of the demands, both technical and musical, placed on the hunting hornists.

Difficulty Level: 4

  • 7 duets from Nouveau Manuel du Veneur, 2nd Edition par Tellier
  • 14 duets from Les Fanfares des Equipages Francais Par le Comte Henri de LaPorte
  • 6 duets from The Complete Tutor for the French Horn printed for and sold by John Simpson (London 1746)
McCoy's Horn Library $23.95
Armitage, D: 8 Happy Pieces
  • The Happy Twins
  • Just Flirting
  • Two for the Road
  • Double or Nothing
  • Dance with Me
  • Echo of a Lullaby
  • East over West
  • Jack and Jill
Edition Marc Reift $ ask

Basler, P: Ken Bits

Also available for Trumpet and Horn (35186)
RM Williams $19.95
Blanc, J: Grand Duets for Horn
These duets are ideal for the teacher who wishes to accompany his student. They are an excellent study for transposition experience. Best of all, the duets are charming and musically delightful to perform. The first set of Grand Duets, No. 1 through 13, are written for two horns in treble clef and can be played on the natural horn. No. 14 through 31 are also in treble clef but written for the valve horn. The next group of 30 duets is designed for French horn in treble clef and for a bass clef instrument in concert key. Thus, the second part could be performed on the following instruments: French horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba, bassoon, cello, bass, and piano. The last 12 duets in the book are written for two horns in E-flat.
Wind Music $ ask
Bockschweiger, M: Five for Two I
5 classics for 2 horns in F or Eb

  • Albinoni: Allegro
  • Bach: Invention No. 4
  • Mozart: Alla Turka
  • Mozart: Piano Sonata in C
  • Mozart: Eine kleine Nachtmusik
Uetz Music $ ask
Bockschweiger, M: Five for Two II
5 classics for 2 horns in F or Eb

  • Handel: Fireworks
  • Mozart: A Little Bit Mozart
  • Vivaldi: Violin Sonata in F
  • Bach/Gounod: Ave Maria
  • Marcello: Oboe concerto in D minor
Uetz Music $ ask
Bockschweiger, M: Five for Two III
5 classics for 2 horns in F or Eb

  • Mozart: Sonata
  • Bizert: Carmen
  • Bach: Invention No. 8
  • Albinoni: Sonata "St Mark"
  • Beethoven: Für Elise
Uetz Music

$ ask

Bourge, D: 16 Small Duos
for the very beginner
Billaudot $ ask
Carr, G: Learn Through Duets
Grades 1-3
Mayhew $ ask
Civil, A: Suite for 2 Horns
Preambule, Siciliano, Intermezzo, Finale. Alan Civil Collection
"An original work from the pen of the late and celebrated hornist Alan Civil."
Broadbent and Dunn $11.95

Clark, L: Progressive Duets Volume 1
Easy to Medium
54 Duets composed or arranged by Larry Clark

Music by Bach, C.P.E, Bach, J.S, Bach, W.F, Beethoven, Blume, Boieldieu, Clarke, Couperin, Couppery, Czerny, Diabelli, Donizetti, Duncombe, Duvernoy, Ellmenreich, Franck, Gariboldi, Gluck, Handel, Haydn,  Kling, Köhler, Mendelssohn, Mercadante, Mozart, L, Mozart, W.A, Pleyel, Reichardt, Schumann, Tchaikowsky, Telemann, Türk
Carl Fisher $ ask

Clark, L: Progressive Duets Volume 2
Medium to Advanced
Duets composed or arranged by Larry Clark
Carl Fisher $ ask

Clark, L: Compatible Duets for Winds: Horn
"These invaluable collections contain 31 duets in a variety of styles (classical, folk music, new original pieces) that can be played with any combination of two wind instruments. Students can develop their chamber ensemble skills while playing with their friends, no matter what instruments they play. Ranging from grade levels 2-3, Compatible Duets for Winds is perfect for band directors to buy for use in the classroom, and its flexibility makes it a must-have for any wind player."
Carl Fisher $22.95

Clark, L: Compatible Duets for Winds
Available for all other wind instruments, so your friends can play along with you on the horn part (19100).....just ask
Available in books for
  • Flute/Oboe
  • Clarinet/Trumpet/Euphonium T.C./Tenor Saxophone in Bb
  • Alto Saxophone/Baritone Saxophone in Eb
  • Trombone/Euphonium/Bassoon
  • Tuba
Carl Fisher $22.95
Dauprat, L-F: Six Duos Op. 13
Six Duets for Horn alto and Horn basse in E flat that explore every major and minor tonality with two-part compositions...."are certainly amongst the masterpieces of the horn repertoire."

Collection Michel GARCIN-MARROU
Billaudot $69.95
Dauprat, L.F: 20 Duos for Horns in Different Keys, Op. 14

Edited by Daniel Bourgue
Excellent teaching material. Very approachable for transposition studies.

You must transpose to play these. Very beautiful, but rather difficult. by Louis François Dauprat Edited by Daniel Bourgue These duets are suggested as studies. However, those who wish to use them only for pleasure, can, by way of the thematic tables that correspond to each duet, choose the tones and scales that would best facilitate their execution.

Difficulty Level: 5
McCoy's Horn Library $29.95
Denniss, G: 12 Canons
Easy, performed often by students
Australian Work.
(1980 rev 2009)
"This set of short canons is designed for the Intermediate student. The range is restricted, from A below middle C to the D an octave and a half later
Duets have many educational benefits for students and are good fun to play. As Gordon Jacobs aptly put it in his book on orchestration, "French Horns hunt in pairs", so it is good to practise playing in pairs from an early stage.
ntonalion, rhythm, ensemble and balance can be learned from playing in small groups, and the duet is theeasiest group to form. In addition, duets are easlily intergrated into both solo and group lessons, either with students playing both parts, or one part being taken by the teacher"

1. Promenade, 2. Cantabile, 3. Aeolian Bells, 4. Slithery, 5. Viennese Waltz, 6. A Sad Song, 7. Amsterdam Jig, 8. Furtive Frogs, 9. Three-legged Walk, 10. Grazioso, 11. Dogs Chasing Their Tails, 12. Fanfare

Del Mar, N: Sonatina in F Minor for Two Horns in F 1943)
Written for and performed by Dennis Brain and Norman Del Mar
Duration 7 minutes
Maecenas Music $27.50
Duvernoy, F: 20 Duets Op. 3
Frédéric Duvernoy (1765 - 1838). Edited by C.F. Schmidt
Schmidt $17.95
Duvernoy, F: 20 Duets Op. 3
Frédéric Duvernoy (1765 - 1838). Edited by Hans Steinbeck
Kunzelmann $ ask
Franz, O: 100 Duet Book 1 (1-53) Erdmann $39.50
Franz, O: 100 Duet Book 2 (54-100) Erdman Out Of Print
Gallay, J-F: Twelve Little Pieces In Easy Duets. Op. 3

Edited by Howard K. Wolf
Masters Music Publications $27.95
Gallay, J-F: 14 Duos

"....taken from his own original method."
Edited by Daniel Bourgue
International Music Diffusion $23.95
Gallay, J-F: Twelve Easy Duets Op. 14

Edited by Howard K Wolf
Masters Music Publication $17.50
Gallay, J-F: Three Grand Duos Op. 38

Edited by Daniel Bourgue
International Music Diffusion $29.50
Gallay, J-F: Three Concert Duets Op. 38

Edited by Howard K Wolf

No. 1/2
No. 2/1
Masters Music Publication $33.95
Gallay, J-F: Twelve Easy Duets Op. 50

Edited by J.L. Rydelius
Masters Music Publication $27.95
Gatti, D: 6 Concert Duos
Domenico Gatti (1816-1891). Arranged/Edited William S. Fatch
Hofmeister $ ask
Gatti, D: 14 Selected Duos
Domenico Gatti (1816-1891). Arranged/Edited William S. Fatch
Hofmeister $ ask
Griebling, M: Hornswoggle
Hornswoggle (US slang): To bilk or flim flam, to put one over.
  • Hornswoggled
  • Horned Toad
  • Hornpipe
  • Green Hornet
  • Foghorn
  • Habanera for Long Horns
  • Short Schottische for Short Horns
  • Shoehorn
  • Shorn
  • Thorn
  • For-L'horn
  • Corn
  • Horn Rimmed
  • Staghorn Beetle
  • Great Horned Owl
  • Hornblende
  • Cornucopia
  • Little Jack Horner
  • On the Horns of a Dilemma
  • Horned Grebe
Hornists' Nest $16.95

Handel, G.F : Forest Harmonies

Horn Duets from the works of Handel, arranged by Herman Jeurissen

Hofmeister $23.95
Harju, J: Horn Hounds "Those Crazy Dogs".

Duration: 6'
Level: Advanced
Composed in 2000
Horn Hounds is the story of the encounter of two dogs, told in a musically humorous and virtuosic language using special effects while respecting the horn's lyrical and heroic traditions. The musicians are invited to give free reign to their imagination when it comes to interpretation, choreography and costumes.
Edition Bim $27.50
Haudek, K: 28 Duets for Two Horns

Karl Haudek 1721  -1802.
Edited by Christopher Larkin
London Gabrieli Brass Editions $24.70
Hill, D: Ten Pieces for Two Horns
"...range from rather gentle, even delicate at times, to boisterous and fun loving. Each player has been given an important role with melodic responsibilities handed back-and-forth throughout the work. The technical demands are rather conservative while interpretational sensitivity requires some serious thought throughout. Metric changes are frequently incorporated to enhance the natural rhythmic flow, phrase shapings, and, at times, just for the fun-of-it. Each piece also has at least one brief reference to the harmonic motivic design from the classical Period called the "Horn Fifth" "
Lament, Hunt, Folk Dance, Song, Moment, Children's Song, Dialogue, Glance, Dirge, March
Hornists' Nest $18.50
Höltzel, M: Passacaglia und Fuge
for 2 horns in F
Schott $29.95
Howe, M: Seventeen Horn Duets
from the sleeve notes......These duets were selected in 1973-75 as melodic material for my student, Wesley Yard. The second horn parts were improvised at his lessons, and later notated at his request. Several of these duets were presented at the 1975 Quebec convention of the International Horn Society. The author hopes that these, perhaps deceptively simple duets, will bring enjoyment to all young horn players, aged 12 to 92
  • Britsh
  • French Song
  • Welsh: Men of Harlech
  • French
  • German
  • Haydn: from Piano Sonata in C
  • Beethoven: Theme
  • After Haydn: Achtung!
  • Beethoven; from Piano Sonata No.8 Opus 13
  • French
  • Hebrew
  • Schubert: from Symphony No. 2
  • German Folk Song: Little Man
  • French
  • Oh Waly, Waly
  • Mozart: from Viennese Sonata No.6
  • Schubert: The Little Brook
Hornists' Nest $18.50
Hurrell, A: Bumper Brass. 101 Easy Duets for Horn Players
good for young players....printed in large print
Nova Music $ ask
Keller, M: Six Pieces for Two Horns
Max Keller (1770-1855) composed these duets in 1829
Amadeus $ ask
Kern, J.J: 30 Duets Wind Music $17.50
Kling: 30 Duets International Music Company $ ask
Köhler, H: Six Duos Wind Music $11.95
Kocsár, M: Echoes No. 2 for two Horn
EMB $16.50
Kopprasch, W: 8 Duo Concertants
arranged by Benny Sluchin
Warwick Music $22.95
Latham, L: Ten Duets for 2 Horns in F
arranged by Lynne Latham from Keyboard works of the Baroque Era
  • Telemann: Minuet from Fantasia 8
  • Telemann: Allegro from Fantasia 4
  • Telemann: Allegro from Fantasia 2
  • Telemann: Moderato from Fantasia 11
  • Telemann: Minuet/Andante
  • Telemann: Gigue from Dance Suite in G
  • Telemann: Gavotte from Dance Suite in F
  • Handel: Allegro from Suite 7
  • Bach: Bourree from English Suite 1
  • Bach:Air from French Suite 4
  • Bach: Gigue from French Suite 4.
Latham Music $15.95
Machell, Dave "Mad Dog": Boogie, Bop `n` Blues Jazz Duets
Jazz Duets for french horns

Thomi-Berg $ ask
McCoy, M: Two Fanfares for Two Horns

These two fanfares commemorate the history of McCoy's Horn Library and our 30th year.

Difficulty Level: 5
McCoy's Horn Library $6.95
Mercadante, S: Two Duets & one Trio
Saverio Mercadante 1795 - 1870. Revision by Luciano Giuliani
Zanibon $ ask
Mozart, W.A: 12 Duets KV487
from the sleeve notes......The following twelve duets are original compositions for two horns by Mozart (K. 487). Mozart is said to have written them in merry mood whilst playing skittles. They were first played in the skittle alley by his friend Leutgelb and his second horn player. On account of the unusually high range, particularly in the first part, not every horn player can discover inspiration and pleasure in these truly charming pieces. In order to make the duets available to all my colleagues and also above all to students, I have transcribed them and recommended the transpositions I have prescribed. Otto Stösser
Hofmeister $19.95
Naulais, J: 12 Duets
for 2 horns in F
Collection Jérôme Naulais
Edition Marc Reift $29.95
Naulais, J: 12 Duets in Style of Vivaldi
for 2 horns in F
Collection Jérôme Naulais
Edition Marc Reift $ ask
Naulais, J: 12 Duets in Style of Chopin
for 2 horns in F
Collection Jérôme Naulais
Edition Marc Reift $32.95
Nicolai, O: 3 Sonatas (1-3)
companian edition to Nicolai, O: 3 Sonatas (4-6) below. Edited by Oliver Brockway (1996)

Kunzelmann $59.95
Nicolai, O: 3 Sonatas (4-6)
from the sleeve notes.....This edition is respectfully dedicated to Farquharson Cousins, formerly principal horn of the BBC Scottish, Scottish National and other orchestras. These were frequently played in pre-war days by Farquharson Cousins with the late Handel Knott from copies made by Knott's father,  in Stettin, from originals, dated 1848, which did not survive World War II. These copies belonged to Farquharson Cousin until the mid fifties, when the Leningrad Philharmonic came to the Edinburgh Festival and their First Horn, M. Buyanovsky, offered to get them published in Russia. The first three duets were published by Musica Rara, and edited by the East German horn player Kurt Janetzky. A later publication of No. 4, 5 & 6, in one volume, edited by Buyanovsky, [19030] turned out to be three totally different pieces, in a style and form not unlike Nicolai's, but of unknown origin, unconnected with the  Stettin manuscripts. This edition presents the original 4, 5 & 6 for the first time, with minimum of editorial embellishments. Edited by Oliver Brockway (1985)
Kunzelmann $63.95
Nicolai, O: Duet No. 1
First Edition.  from"Six Duets for two Horns".  Edited by Kurt Janetzky, 1961
Musica Rara $ ask
Nicolai, O: Duet No. 2
First Edition.  from"Six Duets for two Horns". Edited by Kurt Janetzky, 1961
Musica Rara $ ask
Nicolai, O: Duet 4, 5, & 6
from "Six Duets for Two Horns". First Edition. Edited by M Buyanovsky.
Musica Rara $ ask
Nicolai, O: Three Duets
Edited by Otto Stösser
Hofmeister $18.50
Orval, F: Old Song From Wallonie (South of Belgium)
Gretry, A.M: Appel "Ou peut-on etre mieux qu'au sein de sa famille"
arranged by Francis Oval

for 2 horns in F

Collection Francis Orval
Edition Marc Reift $18.95
Procksch, K: 38 Duette Op. 11 (ca. 1776)
Edition for Natural Horn
Ed Dohr $47.50
Punto, G: Twenty Concertante Duets (1793)
(Johann Wenzel Stich 1746-1803)
Edited by J.L Rydelius
Masters Music $26.50

Punto, G: Twenty Concertante Duets
(Johann Wenzel Stich)
Edited from the First Edition by Yvonne Morgan

Amadeus Music $35.95
Reichardt, J.F: Goethe Songs
16 songs, text and music.  Edited by Herman Jeurissen
Hofmeister $ ask
Rimsky-Korsakov, N: 3 Duos for Horns
Scherzino, Chanson orientale, La Chasse. Arranged Edmond Leloir
Billadout $ ask
Riotte, P.J: Twelve Pieces for Two Horns

Philipp Jacob Riotte 1776-1856.
Edition Peter Damm
Playing score.
Uetz $28.50
Ryden, W (arranged): Christmas Duets for All ~ Holiday Songs from Around the World.

The Sleep of the Child Jesus (Fancois Gevaert, France), The Angels and the Shepherds (Bohemia), Until Us Is Born A Son (Tune from Piae Cantiones, 1592, England), A Child This Day is Born (England), O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (Plainsong Chant),It Came Upon the Midnight Clear (Richard S. Willis, American), Silent Night (Franz Gruber, Germany), O Christmas Tree [O Tannenbaum] (Germany), O Sanctissima (Sicily), I Saw Three Ships (England), O Come, All Ye Faithful (from J.F. Wade's Cantus Diversi), Tell Us Wise Men (Poland), O little Town of Bethlehem (Lewis H. Redner, America), The Babe in Bethlem's Manger Laid (England), Deck the Halls (Old Welsh), The New Born Babe (Spiritual), Good King Wenceslas (John Mason Neale, England), What You Gonna Call Your Pretty Little Baby? (Spiritual), Fum, Fum, Fum! (Catalonia),Hark, What Mean Those Holy Voices? (Russian Melody), Masters i This Hall (William Morris, England), Born Today is the Child Divine [Il Est Ne] (France), Rocking (Czechoslovakia), March of the Three Kings (George Bizet, France), A La Media Noche (Puerto Rico), Patapan (France).
Score Only

Schneider, B: Rencontres 99.
Duet for horn and natural horn
Duration: 5'
Level: Advanced
Composed in 1999
A mon ami Thomas M
Edition Bim $17.50
Schneider, W: 30 Duets after Old Masters
Möseler $ ask

Schuller, G: Duets for Unaccompanied Horns

Oxford University Press OUT OF PRINT
Shaw, L: Bipperies
Nine Duets - Frippery Style
# 1-4
# 5 -7
# 8-9
Hornists' Nest $16.95
Shaw, L: More Bipperies
Volume 2
Ten Duets - Frippery Style
Hornists' Nest $17.95
Sparke, P: Starter Duets

60 Progressive Duets for F or Eb Horns
Anglo Music $25.95

Sparke, P: Super Duets

15 Progressive Duets for F or Eb Horns
  • Let's Tune
  • Follow the Leader
  • All Change
  • Mountain Air
  • Moto Perpetuo
  • Morning Song
  • March of the Toys
  • Wish You Were Here
  • Circus March
  • Build Your Tone
  • Be Flexible
  • Lyic Piece
  • Canon
  • Time for a Change
  • Toccata Variations
Anglo Music $29.95
Story, M arr: Movie Duets for All.
Grade 1-4.
'All books are in score format with each line increasing in difficulty from Grade 1 to Grade 3-4. Perfect for concerts with family and friends, recitals, auditions, and festivals.  Titles: Double Trouble * In Dreams * Singin' in the Rain * The Entertainer * Twistin' the Night Away * We're Off to See the Wizard * Be Our Guest * Fame * Wonka's Welcome Song * Wizard Wheezes * Can You Read My Mind? * Star Wars * Everything I Do * I Don't Want to Miss a Thing * Living in America * Gonna Fly Now * Superman Theme. SCORE ONLY
Alfred $17.95
Story, M arr: Pop Duets for All.
Grade 1-4. Revised Edition

"Pop Duets for All is a versatile, educational, and fun series"
I Got Rhythm * Wipeout * Splish Splash * What'd I Say * Over the Rainbow * The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down * Margaritaville * Scooby Doo, Where Are You? * The Lion Sleeps Tonight * Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini * Domino * (Meet) The Flintstones (From "The Flintstones") * Bang the Drum All Day * Theme from New York, New York * Chattanooga Choo-Choo * You're the One That I Want * Raiders March. SCORE ONLY
Belwin $17.95
var. Waldhorn Duets of 18th/19th Century
Edited by Kurt Janetzky
  • Telemann G.P: Minuet
  • Anon: Seven little duets
  • Mozart, L: Waldhorn Duet
  • Türrschmiedt, C: Seven Duos
  • Chiapparelli, D: Six Pieces
  • Reichardt, J.F: Mondscheingemälde
  • Schubert, F: Five Duets
  • Schantl, J: Six Hunting Fanfares
Hofmeister $18.50
Stösser, O: Duets of Old Masters Vol. 2
Contents: anon: Six Little Duos; Türrschmiedt: Polonaise, Allegro, Fanfare, Presto, Walzer; Palsa: Siciliano; Rousseau: Romanze; Zink: Siciliano; Türrschmiedt: Allegro; Mozart: Allegro; Türrschmiedt: Allegro, Allegro/Trio; Mozart: Andante, Allegro; Türrschmiedt: Allegro/Trio, Allegro Molto, Allegro, Allegro/Trio, Allegro, Allegro; Palsa: Adagio. Edited by Otto Stösser
Hofmeister $ ask
Sulzbacher, B: 20 Duos Reischl $ ask
Telemann, G: Six Canonic Sonatas
from the sleeve notes...."These delightful Sonatas were originally for flutes or violins. Each of the movements is an exact canon...." Adapted by Lowel E. Shaw
Hornists' Nest $12.95
Turner, K: Four Duets for Horns
Four Duets written by Kerry Turner for his own performances.
Titles of the movements: (Introduction), Waltz, Malaguena, Intermezzo (for Kristina), "Trigger"
Phoenix Music Publications $25.95
Urbin, D: Vingt Trois Pensées
Donatien Urbin 1809 - 1857. These 23 Duets are edited by Christopher Larkin
London Gabrieli Brass Edition $33.95
Voxman, H (ed): Selected Duets Volume 1
Easy - Medium
  • Ten Little Duos (Pöhlmann)
  • Five Duets (Schubert)
  • Ten Duos (Schollar)
  • Thirteen Duets (Belloli, Faunconier, Fontana, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Sambataro, and others)
  • Eleven Duets (Pietzch)
  • Eleven Duets (Gallay)
  • Eighteen Duets (Devieux, Handel, Purcell, Boismortier and others)
  • Ten 18th Century Duets (anonymous)
  • Sixteen Duets (Franz, Snow, Türrschmiedt, Mozart, Vecchietti and others)
Rubank $16.95
Voxman, H (ed): Selected Duets Volume 2
  • Four Duets (Mozart)
  • Three Canons (James Winter)
  • Nine Duets (Telemann, Monteclair and others)
  • Duo No. 1 (Kopprasch)
  • Seven Duets (Corrette, Gallay, Weller, Stamitz and Jacqmin)
  • Four Duos (Vecchietti)
  • Nine Duos (Bach, Handel, Mozart, Franz and others)
Rubank $16.95
Wiggins, C: Dialogues Op.96
  • Poco Allegro
  • Poco Lento
  • Poco Allegro
composed 1990
Playing Score
Wiggins Music
Wiggins, C: Twelve Easy Duets for You & You Op. 141
  • Ragtime
  • Berceuse
  • March
  • On the Beach
  • Lazy Days
  • Moto Perpetuo
  • Lullaby
  • Applause
  • Please
  • Into Battle
  • Waltz
  • Bercuese
  • Jig
© 2003
Score and Parts
Emerson Horn Editions
Wiggins, C: Two's Company Op. 157B
Sixteen little duets in different styles, all withing the range of one octave. Both parts share melodies equally (i.e. no "upper" or "lower" part) and there are no page turns within a piece. Ideal teaching material. Grades 1-2.
  • Steppin' out
  • Summertime
  • Dreaming
  • Movin' Along
  • Hungarian Melody
  • On the Seashore
  • Promenading
  • Sword Dance
  • Carousel
  • Two Step
  • Nocturne
  • Song
  • Slumber Song
  • Clouds
  • March
  • Troubadour's Song
For Two Horn

$ ask
Wilder, A: Twenty Two Duets for Horns
from the sleeve notes...."This collection of horn duets is unusual in its varied content. While many "serious" styles and contrapuntal techniques are displayed and the technical difficulties of the instrument are thoroughly explored, there is also subtle humor, an occasional joke and just plain good fun. The duets demonstrate in many ways the skill and creativeness of Alec Wilder, and give some insight into his delightful character. - John R. Barrows"
Margun Music $20.95