Music for Five Horns, Five or Six Horns, Six Horns

Five Horns

Arbeau: Ding Dong Merrily on High
Another of the late Alan Civil's Christmas arrangements.

"A delightful, easy arrangement for Christmas. For schools, studios and professionals." New Issues September 1994
Broadbent & Dunn $22.50
Brahms, J: Two Brahms Pieces
O Wet, ich muss dich lassen (O World, I Now Must Leave Thee)
Adagio from the Alto Rhapsodie
Hornists Nest $11.50
Grieg, E: Sarabande from the Holberg Suite
Arranged by Marvin C Howe
Faust Music 16.50
Hallam, A: Fiat Lux
"Let there be light"

Commissioned by Annie Bosler for UC Irvine
Hallam Music 20.00
DER "Prinz Louis Ferdinand von Pruessen" MARSCH for 5-part Horn Choir
Arranged for 5 Horns by Herman Jeurissen
This piece really was written by Prince Louis, transcribed for horn choir by Jeurissen to be played at a surprise party for Prince Louis.
McCoys Horn Library $17.50
Machala, K: Elegy for Five Horns
In memory of Sonya Twist
Score and Parts
Recorded by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Horn Section
Capo Tasto Music $33.95
Mendelssohn, F: Con Moto
for 5 Horns or 4 Horns & trombone
Score and Parts
Uetz $25.95
Mozart, W.A: Adagio and Allegro K594
Arranged for 5 Horns by Herman Jeurissen
Originally written for a glass harmonica. Very cleverly arranged. This arrangement is an octave lower than the original and far from authentic. It sounds, in all events, sonorous and powerful.
McCoys Horn Library $21.95
Orval, F: Last Lullaby

for 5 horns
"To Ruby (1952-1995)"
Collection Francis Orval
Edition Marc Reift $29.50
Schuller, G: 5 Pieces for 5 Horns (1952)
Score and parts. approx. 11'30" duration
Berben $75.75
NOW $15 + postage
Shaw, L: Quipperies Vol. 1 No. 1-4
Hornists' Nest $17.95
Shaw, L: Quipperies Vol. 2 No. 5-8
The intent here, as in the other "---ipperies", is to give horn players a chance to cut loose and swing a bit.
Hornists' Nest



Songer, L. A: Angel Falls
Hornists' Nest $13.95
Turner, K: Casbah of Tetouan
A Tone Poem for 5 Horns
The Casbah of Tetouan was conceived during a visit to Morocco in the summer of 1988.
Phoenix Music Publications $46.50
Vivaldi, A: L'inverno
Arranged for 5 Horns by Nico De Marchi

Collection Francis Orval
Edition Marc Reift $22.95

Wiggins, C: I Got It Sorted

Score and Parts
© 2004
Emerson Horn Editions

Wiggins, C: Time For Five Op. 141B

Five Pieces for Five Horns
  • Jive For Five
  • Nordic Melody
  • Moto Perpetuo
  • Chilling Out...
  • Steam Train Blues

Score and Parts
© 2006
Emerson Horn Editions

Five or Six Horns

Bach, J.S: Choral Prelude Wir glauben all' an einen Gott
Transcribed for 5 or 6 Horns by Lowell Shaw. 6th Horn is in Bass Cleff doubling other parts an octave lower
Hornists' Nest $9.80

Six Horns

Bach, J.S: Allegro
Transcribed by Lowell E. Shaw
Hornists' Nest $7.90
Bach, J.S: Choral - Jesus Joy of Man's Desiring
arr. Daniel Bourgue from Cantata No. 147
International Music Diffusion $ ask
Bach, J.S: Preludium XXII
from Well Tempered Clavier, Volume 1
(Originally in Bb minor)
Transcribed by Lowell Shaw
Hornists' Nest $11.55
Bach, J.S: Toccata and Fugue in D minor
Arranged by Kerry Turner
Born in 1685, no other composer has written more nor written more beautifully for the organ as Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). Born into a family with a rich and long musical tradition , he was orphaned at the age of 9 and  raised for 6 years by his eldest brother before entering the Choir of the Michaeliskirche in Lüneburg for 2 years. It is here that he emerged as an organ virtuoso, laying the basis of his musical career.
The Toccatta and Fugue in D Minor is, perhaps, one of his most imposing and majestic works for organ. It has been transcribed for a wide range of instrumentations, from solo guitar to large orchestra (as in the Walt Disney Film "Fantasia"). Written in 1708 at the age of 23, the work is full of rich colors and sonorities, characteristics that are masterfully exploited in this arrangement for 6 horns by Kerry Turner.
Phoenix Music Publications $39.95
Beethoven, L van: Adagio Opus 13 & Allegretto Opus 27 No.2

arrangement of two movements from Beethoven Piano Sonatas by Arne Oldberg. The original score was inscribed "To Max Pottag & his N.W. U Horn ensemble."  Memorial Collection of the Max Pottag Library
Hornists' Nest $11.50
Berg, S.A: Parking Meter

Noetzel Edition $24.95
Dauprat, L.F: Sextet

Introduction - Minuetto - Andante - Minuetto - Adagio - Finale
edited by Daniel Bourgue. All parts in original keys. Score and Parts
International Music Diffusion $ ask
Deschamps, C: Sextuors Mars '81
International Horn Society Winner 1981
Hornists' Nest $17.95
Gough, C: Hanoverian Suite

"Honoverian Suite is a suite in 3 movements for 6 french horns. It is an idea showcase for horn ensemble and demonstrates the instrument's range and flexibility."
Warwick Music $35.95
Handel, G.F: Six Pieces from the Water Music

(Movements 1, 5 and 6)
Hornists' Nest $11.95
Handel, G.F: Allegro Moderato from the Water Music

transcribed by Leigh Martinet. This movement can be performed between movements 2 and 3 of Handel, G.F: Six Pieces from the Water Music
Hornists' Nest $11.95
Kerkorian, G: Fanfare and Fugue

" written in a modal style with interesting modulations and some brief shifting of rhythmic emphasis indicated by beaming rather than changing time signatures. It is a challenging piece for each of the players."
Hornists' Nest $17.95
Kerkorian, G: Sextet for Horns Hornists' Nest $11.50
Koestsier, J: Secks Tüßlinger Hornrufe for Six Horns. (six horn calls for six horns) (1986)

For Horns in Eb.
Horn parts only.

(only the first 2 calls)
Donemus $52.95
Mahler, G: Zwei Blauen Augen (Songs of a Wayfarer) arranged by Marvin C Howe for 6 horns

Hornist Nest $12.95
McDonald: Tribute to James Chambers (1921-1989)

When James Chambers passed away in 1989 he left behind one of the greatest legacies and careers of any American-born hornist. Born in 1921, he was appointed Principal Horn of the Philadelphia Orchestra at the age of 17, taught at The Curtis Institute at age 22, became Principal Horn of the Hew York Philharmonic at age 25 and was appointed Professor of Horn at The Juilliard at the age of 26!
Hornists' Nest $16.95
Perrini, N.J: Festival Fanfare

For the Capital University Horn Choir
Hornists' Nest $17.95
Rodgers & Hart: Blue Moon
arr John Humphries & Robert Ramskill (score and parts)
Blue Moon is as popular today as it was when Richard Rodgers wrote it in 1934. Horn players will enjoy this gently syncopated arrangement.

" ...Blue Moon is based closely on Robert Ramskill's arrangement from his Jazzed Up Too album and retains the dotted quaver semiquaver notation in preference to traditional swing quavers. Many young players will of course be familiar with the horn and piano version and there are no reading difficulties so long as all concerned understand the swing style. The result is an outstanding addition to the repertoire for medium sized horn ensemble. Two particularly attractive features are the sixth part which allows your low horn specialist to have a ball, and the fact that the solo part is actually in horn 2 whilst horn 1 shimmers above. The only problem I've come across in several performances with various of my student groups is the little playout for first horn, which I would guess John wants to sound like a harmon muted trumpet but requires very strong hand stopping in order to get across even a very delicately played last chord. It might have been better marked at about forte!" Reviewed 'The Horn Player'
Brass Wind $43.95
Shaw, L: A Corni March
The thought of a march that horn players would actually enjoy has intrigued me for some time.....The result has been a hit at our frequent ensemble sessions, and I was encouraged to publish it"
Hornists' Nest


Texidor, J Amparito Roco

arr. Rodriguez, F
For Daniel Bourgue
Six horns in Eb
International Music Diffusion $45.95
Turner, K: Waltzing Matilda

for Horn Quartet and 2 Offstage horns

Phoenix Music $49.95
Wagner, R: Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg.
Prelude to Act III
arranged by Mort Shafer

Hornists Nest $17.95
Wiggins, C: Conclusions Op. 80 (1988)
Emerson Horn Editions $18.95
Winteregg, S: Pastiche (1979)
This work derives its motivic material from A Mighty Fortress is Our God by Martin Luther, and each movement is based on a different phrase of this Lutheran Hymn. Written for and dedicated to the Wittenburg University Horn Choir.

Mov't 1
Mov' 2
Mov't 3
Mov't 4
Hornists' Nest $16.95