Music for Eight Horns..and More...

Baban, G: Voce Mea ad Dominum
8 Horns.
Transcribed by Verne Reynolds
Hornists' Nest $20.50
Bach, J. S: Prelude &and Fugue in A minor
Transcribed for Eight Horns by Lowell E Shaw
Hornists' Nest $15.50
Beethoven: Egmont Overture Op. 84
8 Horns & Tuba. arr. Alan Civil
"A favourite arrangement from the pen of the late and celebrated hornist Alan Civil. For schools, studios and professionals."
Broadbent & Dunn $ ask
Bissill, R: Three Portraits
On Vacation. Alone Again. Take The Short Way Home
8 Horns. Commissioned by the British Horn Society for their 10th Anniversary
"Finally there is 'Three Portraits' written for eight horns and once more played by the talented and youthful 'Guildhall Ensemble'. A rich and warmly hued work, fizzing with an ear for sonority and for tunes. The opening portrait is 'On Vacation' and is a kind of 'Heldenleben meets Star Wars' affair full of chatty personality, whilst the second sports a melody of almost Bernstein like proportions and one that slowly emerges with real distinction. The finale is a jaunty high-spirited romp. This is a delightful work and a splendid addition to the horn ensemble repertoire." Music Web September 1994
Broadbent & Dunn $54.50

Bizet, G: Carmen Suit ~ Music from the Opera
Arranged for Horn Octet by Kerry Turner

"Carmen is probably the most popular opera of all times. It is the most performed of all operas, with a universal appeal that transcends cultures and generations. It has been the most filmed opera in history. Written in 1874 and first perfromed in 1875, the year of Bizet's death, it was harshly criticised and was not a success until after the composer's death. Bizet's masterly use of orchestral color heightens the dramatic pace and gives the whole opera an almost symphonic quality. The melodies are often uncomplicated and extremely engaging. Mr. Turner has captured all the charm and color of the original in this arrangement for Horn Octet. It is sure to please any audience as well as the musicians who perform it.
This arrangement has been recorded by the Berlin Philharmonic Horn Section."

Phoenix Music Publications $48.50

Bizet arr Damm, P: Intermezzo rom L'Arlésienne for 8-9 horns
Edition Peter Damm
Score and Parts
Uetz $38.50
Bratton, J.W: Teddy Bears Picnic
Arranged for 8 Horns by Adrian Hallam.
Score and Parts with two versions of the 8th part (one all in treble cleff and the other includes bass cleff) and a simplified beginner part so that everyone can join in.
Australian Arrangement
Hallam Music $30.00
Byrd,W: The Earl of Oxford's March
for 8 Horns
Composed in 1590, arranged by Jukka Harju
Level: intermediate / advanced
Duration: 3'
Edition Bim $30.95
Caltabiano, R: Rotations
16 Horns. To Christopher Runnels. Recorded by Richard Runnels on Move Records.....see CD listing. approx. 4'50" duration © 1997
Merion Music/Theodore Presser $ ask
Civil, A: Horn Bluff
8 Horns & Bass Guitar (or Tuba)
Alan Civil Collection
"A merry novelty and highly recommended."
Broadbent & Dunn $40.95
Downes, A: Sonata Op. 53 (1995)
8 Horns.
For Ellen Campbell & The Horn Octet of The University of New Mexico.

Commissioned by Jim Lowe, Janice Lee Sperling MD and British Horn Trust.
5 Movements.
26 minutes duration
Lynwood Music $ ask
Dubois, L: 3 Octets for 8 Horn

ROM $ ask
Eder, H: Intrada Op.92/2a
8 Horns. For Hansjörg Angerer 1991. about 7 minutes Duration
Doblinger $ ask
Elgar, E: Nimrod
arr John Humphries
Although Nimrod allegedly describes a conversation between Elgar and his publisher about Beethoven, it is now regarded as one of the finest pieces in all English music and its character sums up the spirit of its era.

"... I really like this arrangement. From an educational standpoint the key in Db, Gb concert, offers a different challenge and a welcome change from the many ensemble pieces in concert F, Eb or Bb, a benefit it also offers in terms of programming, whilst it also enables younger players to learn more about ensemble and Elgarian style. The highest note is a high Bb so most good young sections will be able to enjoy this great music and more experienced players can add something very majestic and grand to their repertoire amidst the hurly burly of Ruslan and La Danza. Highly recommended..."
Reviewed 'The Horn Player'

Score and Parts (8 horns in F)
Brass Wind $49.95
Ewazen, E: Grand Canyon Suite
8 Horns.
SMC $122.95
Ewazen, E: Legend of the Sleeping Bear
8 Horns.
Score and Parts
SMC $104.95
Faust, R.E: Memoirs and Souvenirs - Prelude and Variations for Multiple Horn Ensemble

A dramatic composition for Horn Octet accompanied by four-part Horn Choir. Commissioned and premiered by Dr. Keith Johnson and The University of Arizona Horn Ensemble.
Faust Music $27.50
Fensterer, M: Bitornello da Caccia
8 Natural Horns. 1-4 in Eb, 5-8 in D
Edition mf $ ask
Gershwin, G: Rhapsody in Blue
Arranged by Peter Damm
"Peter Damm has done it again, this time with a pleasant and playable arrangement of highlights from Gershwin's iconic work.... My college students really enjoyed this arrangement (Jeffrey Snedeker in Horn Call 5/2015)"
8 horns, intermediate-advanced
Uetz $46.95
Grieg, E: Piece Lyrique
8 Horns.. arr. Daniel Bourgue. In Memoriam M. Boujanoski
International Music Diffusion $ ask
Humperdinck, E: Hansel and Gretel ~ Prelude-Choral
Arranged for Eight Horns by Jeffry Hirschen
(score and parts)
Hornists' Nest $17.95
James, I: Merrygoround

8 Horns Collection Ifor James
Edition Marc Reift $34.95
Jöstlein, T: Campbell Fanfare for Horn Octet

A heroic fanfare composed for the Western Illinois Horn Festival in honor of Douglas Campbell, April 30, 2006. Grade IV-V.
Faust Music $16.50
Koetsier, J: Colloquy

8 Horns
Edition Marc Reift $ ask
Koetsier, J: Konzertante Musik Op. 78

8 Horns
Edition Marc Reift $ ask
Madsen, T: Serenata for The Tasmanian Tiger. Op. 42
For 8 Horns, Score and parts.
Musikk-Husets $ ask
Mednelssohn, F: O Rest in the Lord from Elijah
8 Horns. arr Lowell Shaw

This arrangement " somewhat removed from the intent of the composer, but it does make an effective ensemble piece. All players should be aware of the moving voices thoughout this arrangement and should avoid the urge to become Wagnerian."
Hornists' Nest $17.95
Mengal, M. J: Octet for 6 Horns and 2 Trombones (or 8 Horns)

ROM $ ask

Mozart, W.A: Overture to The Magic Flute
10 Horns. Arranged by Peter Damm
Horn Parts in F
Score and Parts
Uetz $53.95
Oldberg, A: Le son du cor
8 Horns.
Memorial Collection of the Max Pottag Library.
The original score is inscribed "For my friend Mr Max Pottag, May 1947"
Hornists' Nest $12.95
Onofrio, M: Three Movements for Horn Choir
Fanfare. March. Rondo
9 Horns. © 1997
Margun Music $ ask
Rossini, G: Le Rendez-Vous de Chasse

for 9 Horns, arranged by Francis Orval

Collection Francis Orval
Edition Marc Reift $43.95
Rossini, G: William Tell

for 8 Horns, arranged by Francis Orval

Collection Francis Orval
Edition Marc Reift $24.50
Sarcich, P: A Song and Dance
8 Horns.

Warwick Music $35.95
Shaw, L: Andante and Allegro
8 Horns. © 1967
Hornists' Nest $16.50
Sims, R: Tribes
for Horn Choir
Score and Parts, 8 Horns in F
Australian Work
"Tribes depicts the war like nature of an ancient people. Battle and Flight, Anguish and Judgement, Hope and Pain. A cycle bound to repeat and a lesson not yet learnt."
Robert Sims
Purchase direct from Robert
Stanhope, D: Hornplayers' Retreat & Pumping Song
8 Horns.
International Horn Society Contest Winner 1979.
Australian Work
Hornists' Nest $21.95
Stroud, R: Cloches
8 Horns.

Warwick Music $17.95
Turner, K: Barbara Allen
A Fantasy Piece for Horn Octet
Recorded by the AHQ together with the Horn Section of the New York Philharmonic. Based on a Scottish Folk Song. Playable by advanced students.
Phoenix Music Publications $ ask
Turner, K: Farewell to Red Castle
Theme and Variations for Horn Octet
8 Horns. Written for and dedicated to the Japan-German Horn club who premiered this work at the 27th International Horn Society Workshop in Japan
Phoenix Music Publications $39.95
Turner, K: The Ghosts of Dublin
For Horn Octet

Phoenix Music Publications $48.50

Turner, K: Tears of Charlamagne
"Another great work by Mr. Turner for horn octet and percussion. For advanced horn group. Percussion instruments needed are: Timpani, Chimes, Gong, Suspended Cymbal, Tambor, Tibetan Bowl (medium low), Maracas and Bell Tree."
Phoenix Music Publications $48.50

Verdi, G: Overture to Nabucco
10 Horns. Arranged by Peter Damm
Horn Parts in F
Score and Parts
Uetz $53.95
Wagner, R: Siegfried's Rhine Journey from Götterdämmerung
8 Horns. Transcribed and Arranged by Richard Payne. This arrangement was first performed on July 28th 1992 at the Royal Northern College of Music during the 24th International Horn Workshop. David Cripps directed the combined forces of the Hallé and BBC Philharmonic horns
Masters Music $32.95

Wagner, R: Tannhäusers Pilgrimage Voyage and Hunting Music
10 Horns. Arranged by Peter Damm
Horn Parts in F
Score and Parts
Uetz $49.95
Wiggins, C: Suite #1 Op.58 (1984)
  • Fanfare - Maestoso
  • Largo
  • Allegro.
8 Horns
Emerson Horn Editions $27.50
Wiggins, C: Suite #2 Op.75 (1987)
  • Allegretto
  • Intermezzo
  • Poco Adagio
  • Finale.
8 Horns
Emerson Horn Editions $ ask
Wiggins, C: Suite #3 Op.107 (1993)
  • Prelude
  • Ländler
  • Interlude
  • Finale.
8 Horns
Emerson Horn Editions $36.50
Wiggins, C: Three Solitudes (Suite #4 Op.124) (1997)
  • Meditation
  • Contemplation
  • Supplication
8 Horns
Emerson Horn Editions $32.95
Wiggins, C: Intrada Op.115 (1995)
8 Horns
Emerson Horn Editions $ ask
Wilder, A: Nonet for Brass (1969)
8 Horns and Tuba. Recorded by the Horn Club of Los Angeles. Duration 10.00'
Margun Music $ ask