Care Kits, Polishing Cloths, Instrument and Mouthpiece Bushes

REKA French Horn Cleaning Kit

"The cleaning element consists of a highly flexible cord. Attached to it is an active cleaning rubber sponge which lifts out the sediment and absorbs the acids contained in the saliva.

Brass Instruments Sets include:
- Cleaning cord for the pipes
- Cleaning bar for tuning slides and valve borings
- Cleaning bar for valve cylinders
- conical mouthpiece brush"
Maintenance Kit - French Horn.

Includes polishing cloth, snake internal cleaning brush, mouthpiece brush, Superslick Tuning slide Grease, Superslick Rotor Oil.

Yamaha Care Kit for French Horn
Comes with: Rotor Oil, Lever Oil, Slide Grease, Flexible Cleaner, Mouthpiece Brush, Polishing Cloth, Care and Maintenance Manual

Jet Cleaner for French Horn, attaches to a hose.

(this is a picture of the various sized Jet Cleaners for different brass are only buying the French Horn one.)

Yamaha Brass Soap
For cleaning Brass Instruments

"La Tromba" Lacquer Polish for All Musical Instrumnets
for All Musical Instrumnets
80ml pump action bottle

"Very high quality cleaning and lack care agent. Brilliant gloss through thorough cleaning and perfect sealed surface. The formation of the non greasy surface film protects the lack from agressive hand perspiration and other damaging influences. Sustains and enhances the value of the instrument."
$ ask
Leblanc: Nickel & Chrome Polishing Cloth

Created especially to care for fine nickel and chrome plated musical instruments. A soft flannel cloth is specially treated with both a polish for a bright gleaming shine and a corrosion inhibitor to protect the surface and prolong the shine.
Caution: Leblance nickel and chrome polishing cloth is for use on bare metal only

(cloth is grey)
Denis Wick: Silver Cleaning Cloth

"This new microfibre polishing cloth is made from the ideal blend of fibres to produce the finest cleaning cloth around. This special mix of microfibres absorbs both oil-based and other water-based dirt equally well. This cloth must be tried to be believed! It leaves instruments spotless and in perfect condition. The cloths are impregnated with special silver cleaning chemicals, which efficiently remove any tarnishing. Use regularly on all silver-plated instruments to keep them in sparkling show-room condition. Just rub the surface of the instrument and lightly burnish to obtain a lustrous long-lasting shine. Always store the cloth in the sealed plastic bag provided when not in use. Keep one in your case at all times to maintain your instrument's brand new look! Size 17" x 12" (44cms x 31.5cms). Made in England."
(cloth is yellow)
Boosey & Hawkes Lacquer Polishing Cloth.
(cloth is yellow)
Paxman Micro-Fibre Polishing Cloth.
(cloth is yellow)
Yamaha Polishing Cloth.
(cloth is yellow)

Paxman Pull Through (old style)

[you put a cloth in the loop and pull like a clarinet pull through]
Pull Through

(the brush is in the middle of the pull through)

Bach French Horn Bore Cleaner
Denis Wick: Instrument Brush $19.95

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