Australian and New Zealand Music


Australian Music Examination Board Publications

AMEB: Orchestral Brass Grades 1 & 2
Allans Publishing $49.95
AMEB: Orchestral Brass Grades 3 and 4
Allans Publishing $49.95
AMEB: Horn Trumpet Technical Workbook
Allans Publishing $59.95
AMEB: Brass Orchestral Excerpts. Grades 5-8. For Bass Trombone, Euphonium, HORN, Trombone, Trumpet and Tuba Allans Publishing $54.95
AMEB: Aural Tests "An Essential Handbook" Allans Publishing $67.95

Studies, Tutors and Books

Denniss, G: Studies for Low Horn
Graded Studies, used at the Victorian College of the Arts


Dixon, M: Tuning the Horn - Beginnings

Tutor Book including CD
"Comprehensive teaching resource book which provides a framework for learning to play the horn. It could also benefit those desiring to deepen their practical awareness of the harmonic series. This book focuses on the harmonic series that each valve produces, the pitch relationship between them and introduces subtleties of intonation that various fingerings provide ... and more"
Hallam, A: Epic Etudes
"20 of the most Epic high, Epic low, Epic fast, Epic slow Etudes ever! Covering four octaves and an Epic array of techniques, Epic Etudes will give you an Epic workout! You will be asking yourself "Where have these been all my Epic life?" These Epic Etudes can also be performed as solo items. Epic Etudes are composed for students of 8th Grade and above, standard. (AMEB/ Trinity UK)."
Hallam Music $25.00

Solo Horn

Denniss, G: Bach Paintings
modelled on the Bach Cello Suites
Allans Publishing $ ask
Gilmour, R: Horn
Australian Music Centre $ ask
Hallam, A: Dreamtime
Australian Work

Hallam Music $10.00

Holley, A: Concorno for Solo Horn
Australian Work
Commissioned by the 42nd Horn Symposium for performance in Brisbane, July 2010. Premiere performance by Robert Johnson

Kookaburra Music $25.00
McConochie, T: Two Jazz Pieces for Low Horn
Australian Work

Kookaburra Music $25.00
Sims, R: Penthorn
Penthorn was originally written as an unaccompanied piece for Solo Horn and was later adapted for Brass Quintet. As such Penthorn can be performed unaccompanied or with the Brass Quartet accompaniment.
Australian Work
Robert Sims Purchase direct from Robert

Sitsky, L: Mertzazil (1984)
for Hector McDonald Australian Work
Solo horn in four movements, c.7'00.
Moderately difficult, suggested grade 8.
Movement I, c.2'15
Movement II, c.1'10
Movement III, c.2'15
Movement IV, c.1'40.
Composed 1984 rev.2011
Movt. 1
Movt. 4
Wirripang $24.95

Horn and CD/Electronics

Plush, V: Bakery Hill Rising (score only) Australian Music Centre $28.50
Plush, V: Bakery Hill Rising (CD only) Australian Music Centre $30.00
Smalley, R: Echo IV Faber $20.95
Whiticker, M: Karobann (score only) Australian Music Centre $24.10
Whiticker, M: Karobann (CD only) Australian Music Centre $15.00

Horn and Piano


Bracegirdle, L: Threnos
"dedicated to the memory of Jerome Ashby"
Duration approx 8 minutes
Peters $31.95
Broadstock, B: Nearer & Farther

$ ask
Carr-Boyd, A: Fabia's Fantasy
Australian Work.

Horn in F and piano, c.15'00, suggested grade 4
The piece is a Fantasy with a gentle Rock mood, to be played with freedom and expression. Composed 2003
Wirripang $15.00
Collins, B: Senegal
for Saul Lewis (for Horn and Piano) 2003

Australian Work

(on saxophone)
Reed Music $38.50
Collins, B: Serenade
for Judith Saxton (for Horn and Piano)

Australian Work

Kookaburra Music $20.00
Denniss, G: A Book of Hornswoggles

"...light-hearted set of pieces written in a variety of mostly dance styles, from Ragtime to Bossa Nova. Designed primarily for enjoyment, they nevertheless embody certain compositional principles, especially the last two of the collection which use minimalist processes."
1. Any Old Jig (2001)
2. Touan Croon (2001 rev 2010)
3. Ravioli Rag (2001)
4. Valse Lulu (2001 rev 2009)
5. Chord Align (2010)
6. G Force (2001 rev 2009)
Denniss, G: 4 Characteristic Pieces
Boojums in the Pantry, Waltz Bitter Sweet, Lazing, The Cappuccino Spider.
These pieces are dedicated to Becky Rasmus
© 1996
Allans $21.95

Denniss, G: Four Romances
" exploration of the beautiful haunting sounds of the French Horn in series of slow paced expressive pieces.....the melodies are written for the warm middle register of the Horn."
1. Legend (2009)
2. Reverie (2009)
3. Ballade (2001 rev 2009)
4. Cantilena (1978 rev 2009)


Denniss, G: Quattro Stagioni
(1984 rev 2009)
for Jessica


Denniss, G: Echoes of the Hunt
Australian Work.
(1994 rev 2013)

Denniss, G: Suite Botanica
1. Spike Cycad (2009)
2. Fran G. Panni (2009)
3. It's Cactus (2009)
4. Phil O'Dendron (2010)
5. Bromeliad: The Epic (2010)
Dixon, M: Padma (Horn)
Australian Work.

Horn and piano. Grade: 8. c.5'0
Padma captures an evocative mood through the use of natural harmonics Now recorded on the CD, piano and ... available online.

Wirripang $15.00
Dreyfus, G: Kyrie & Agnus Dei

Allans Publishing
Out Of Print
Dreyfus, G: Tender Mercies
© 1992
Allans Publishing
$ ask
Fiddles, R: Two Concert Pieces Australian Music Centre $
Forsyth, M: Momentum
Kookaburra Music $30.00
Gethen, F: Nocturne
Duration 2'30"
Australian Music Centre $ ask
Gilmour, R: Arnold Visits Brumby at Stravinsky's House Australian Music Centre $ ask

Hallam, A: Blue Dragon
"In Chinese mythology, dragons are depicted as being powerful and benevolent. They are bringers of wealth and good fortune. The dragon that controls the Chinese astrology is the Blue Dragon. The Blue Dragon is associated with water, power and strength. They generally live in lakes, rivers and the ocean. The most powerful dragons live in the larger expanses of water. This piece captures the nature of the Blue Dragon. Blue Dragons are free spirited, self reliant and independent in nature. They also symbolize "Spring".
Blue Dragon is composed for students of 5th Grade standard. (AMEB Australia/ Trinity UK)"
Hallam Music $20.00

Hallam, A: Cat and Mouse
Australian Work
"Cat and Mouse is a tribute to the music of the Tom and Jerry cartoons. This is a collection of these musical cliches. Cat and Mouse contains a chase through a farmyard, up a clock, down a piano and anywhere else your imagination takes you! You can decide who wins - The Cat or the Mouse!

Cat and Mouse is composed for students of 8th Grade standard (AMEB Australia/ Trinity UK). "

Hallam Music $20.00

Hallam, A: Hornasaurus
Australian Work
"One of the most magnificent creatures ever to walk the face of this earth was the Hornasaurus! Fossils have been found dating back to the Brasseous Period, 67 to 65.5 million years ago! From the moment Hornasaurus hatches from its shell it has just one thought on its mind - FOOD! It hunts and eats and hunts and eats and finally sleeps! When the Hornasaurus awakes, it is hungry, very hungry, it must eat, eat, eat....... It is time to RAMPAGE! Lots of terrifying rips you can really make a meal out of! Hornasaurus is composed for students of 5th - 6th Grade standard. (AMEB Australia/ Trinity UK)."
Hallam Music $20.00

Hallam, A: HORNted
"Have you ever been scared? …really scared? This fun and descriptive piece will take you on the scariest adventure of your life! HORNted is composed for students of 4th Grade standard (AMEB Australia/ Trinity UK). It introduces students to techniques of horn playing such as hand stopping, the use of a mute and flutter tonguing, while inspiring the imagination. HORNted is programmatic and tells a story utilising horror movie clichés. Starting with a HORNted theme, sections include The Haunted Mansion, The Graveyard, Zombies and a terrifying Chase scene! Frighteningly realistic and lots of fun!"
Hallam Music $20.00

Hallam, A: Mobsters
Australian Work
"Just when you though you could get out of practising - these five pieces will pull you back in!

1. Bada Bing
2. "Hitman" Sam
3. The Godmother
4. Big "Lips" Louie
5. Harry "The Hatchet"

Mobsters is composed for students of 2nd Grade standard (AMEB Australia / Trinity UK). "

Hallam Music $30.00

Hallam, A: Realm Of Fantasy
Australian Work
"Welcome to the Realm Of Fantasy!
1. March of the Dwarves
2. Elven Magic
3. Dungeon OF Doom
4. Water Nymphs
5. Dragon Storm
6. The Horn Of Heroes

Realm of Fantasy is composed for students of 1st Grade Standard (AMEB Australia / Trinity UK)"
Hallam Music $30.00

Hallam, A arr: Londonderry Air
"The title of this work is derived from the county in Ireland where it is thought this air originated from. It was first published as an anonymous air in the 1855 book The Ancient Music of Ireland. The book attributes the air's submission to a Jane Ross of Londonderry. As a result of this, the air came to be known as "Londonderry Air"
Londonderry Air is arranged for students of 4th Grade standard. (AMEB Australia/ Trinity UK)"
Hallam Music $15.00
Hill, A: Horn Concerto

"Suggested by and dedicated to Alan Mann"
Completed in December 1947
Stiles Music Publication $50.00
Hill, A: A Hunting Tune, Romance, and Rondino

"All were composed in Sydney in April 1947 for students at the conservatorium where Alfred Hill taught composition"
Stiles Music Publication $20.00
Holley, A: "Still Road"
Sonata for Horn and Piano

"The title comes from a road sign north of Sydney, and I was intrgued by its inherent ambiguity. The conflict of ideas between stasis/stillness and the travel that can occur on a road led me to contrast certain elements in the music. At times, particulary in the first and third movements, it is as if the music does not 'move'. Simple repeating rhythmic, melodic and harmonic patterns are in contrast to the constantly changing musical ideas in the second movement."

Australian Work
Kookaburra Music $28.00
Holley, A: "The Glebe Glows
for Horn and Piano

For Ilir Kodhima and Hrvoje Pintaric

Australian Work
Kookaburra Music $25.00
Howlett, M: Nocturnal
Australian Work.

Horn in F and piano, c.4'25 Grade 6
An evocation of the tranquility and spatial remoteness of a cold, clear starry night.  Composed 2011
Wirripang $20.00
Howlett, M: Nocturne
Australian Work.

Horn in F and piano, c.5'50
An evocation of the tranquility and spatial remoteness of a cold, clear starry night.  Composed 2006.
This piece is suitable for AMEB Grades VI and VIII
Wirripang $20.00
Howlett, M: Nocturne ii
Australian Work.

Horn in F and piano, c.7'00
Extended from the original version to cater for the higher grade students. Composed 2011
This piece is suitable for AMEB Grades VIII
Wirripang $25.00
Keeffe, D: Poems (2002)
Winds of May.
Bright Cap and Streamer.
Lonely Watchers of the Skies.
Muso's Media $20.00
Keeffe, D: Magnificat (2003)
My Soul doth magnify the Lord,
And my spirit hath rejoiced
in God my Saviour
- the Magnificat
Muso's Media $35.00
LoveLock, W: Rhapsody
Australian Composition
for Alan Mann

Special Postage Charge on this item as it is in a large format, please ask.
Australian Music Centre $37.50
McConochie, T: Two Sonatinas
Australian Work

"For Natasha Roumanoff and her horn students"
Sonatina 4
   1. Happy Introduction
   2. Sad Song
   3. Cheeky march
Sonatina 5
   1. Beginning March
   2. Old Song
   3. Ending March

Suitable for AMEB Grade 3

Kookaburra Music $25.00
Paviour, P: The Havisham Cantilce and Litanies

© 2000

Composed 1975

The Keys Press $18.50
Peterson, J: Drive
Australian Work.
French horn in F and piano c.3'0
Composed 1998
Drive is propelled along by the steady but unorthodox 13/8 rhythm which continues throughout the peice. Although the relentless quaver figurations in the piano part give the impression of speed, the French Horn part is quite relaxed and has strong melodic contours. The duration of the piece is anout 4 minutes and 30 seconds. The piece was inspired by car journeys I have made along the wide, open roads of rural and outback Australia. John Petterson, 1999

Schultz, A: Christmas Song
Australian Work.
Horn in F and piano, c.1'50, grade 4.
An arrangement of a theme from "Little Tree" for children's choir and orchestra by Andrew Schultz and e e cummings
Wirripang $15.00
Wilcher, P: Two Nocturnes
Australian Work.

© 2007 For Patrick Fazzone
French Horn and piano,
Number 1, c. 3'0,  Number 2. 3'20.
Composed 2007.
Wirripang $25.00

Multiple Horns


Bratton, J.W: Teddy Bears Picnic
Arranged for 8 Horns by Adrian Hallam.
Score and Parts with two versions of the 8th part (one all in treble cleff and the other includes bass cleff) and a simplified beginner part so that everyone can join in.
Australian Arrangement
Hallam Music $30.00
Denniss, G: 12 Canons (2 horns)
Easy, performed often by students
(1980 rev 2009)
"This set of short canons is designed for the Intermediate student. The range is restricted, from A below middle C to the D an octave and a half later
Duets have many educational benefits for students and are good fun to play. As Gordon Jacobs aptly put it in his book on orchestration, "French Horns hunt in pairs", so it is good to practise playing in pairs from an early stage.
ntonalion, rhythm, ensemble and balance can be learned from playing in small groups, and the duet is theeasiest group to form. In addition, duets are easlily intergrated into both solo and group lessons, either with students playing both parts, or one part being taken by the teacher"

1. Promenade, 2. Cantabile, 3. Aeolian Bells, 4. Slithery, 5. Viennese Waltz, 6. A Sad Song, 7. Amsterdam Jig, 8. Furtive Frogs, 9. Three-legged Walk, 10. Grazioso, 11. Dogs Chasing Their Tails, 12. Fanfare

Denniss, G: The Three Horned Cat
9 Pieces for Horn Trio
Australian Composition
  • Swing the Cat
  • Catalan Sarabande
  • The Catnip Tango
  • Cataclysm
  • Catnap - Berceuse
  • The Catwalk
  • Caterwauling Waltz
  • The Cool Cat Fugue (Hommage to Scarlatti)
  • The Catflap Charleston
D: Composition $33.50
Hallam, A: The Farm

A work for the "Young at Heart".
Dedicated to JCO Farms by Annie Bosler.
"The Farm" consists of nine movements.
  1. Five AM; Far too early to be up!
  2. Pigs: Snuffling and snorting during their dinner!
  3. Cows; Slowly enjoying their life in the paddock!
  4. Chooks: Flittering and fluttering all around their coup!
  5. Ducks; Ducks go quack!
  6. The Tracors: Splutters to life and juants about the farm!
  7. Horses: Running free in the open fields!
  8. The Farm: A place to relax and breath in the fresh country air after a day in the fields!
  9. The Farmer and the Sheepdog: A relationship that puts the fun into work!

"The Farm" is 5th/6th Grade standard. (AMEB Australia/Trinity UK)
Hallam Music $50.00
Hallam, A: Hollywood

Commissioned by Annie Bosler.
"Hollywood" - The home of entertainment.

"Lights", "Camera", "Action"! The legendary filmmaker D.W.Griffith coined these three fmous words synonymous with Hollywood cinematography< Frustrated on set one day, he started firing off orders.
"Lights", to re-spot the lights on the actors, "Camera", to roll the camera, and finally, "Action", to get the ball rolling! From "Then and Now', films have given us a sensory experience. They heighten our mood, create tension and give us a sense of wonder!

"Horn", "Mouthpiece", "Play"!

"Hollywood" is 6th Grade standard. (AMEB Australia/Trinity UK)
Hallam Music $30.00

Powning: Horn Quartet Album
Australian Composition

  • Horn Quartet (1976) for Clarence Mellor
  • Waltzing Matilda for Tony Buddle
  • Carillon (1999)
  • Homage to Alan Mann (1998)
  • Majestic March (2001)
  • Woeful Waltz (2003)
  • Maudlin March (2006)
  • Mysterious March (2006)
  • Funeral March (2001)
  • Frantic Fanfare (1994)
  • Botany Bay
  • Cor Blimey (2009)
  • In Memorium Richard Merewether (1990)
Stiles Music Publications $40.00
Sims, R: Tribes
for Horn Choir
Score and Parts, 8 Horns in F
Australian Work
"Tribes depicts the war like nature of an ancient people. Battle and Flight, Anguish and Judgement, Hope and Pain. A cycle bound to repeat and a lesson not yet learnt."
Robert Sims
Purchase direct from Robert
Stanhope, D: Cortettes
(four horns)

Hornists' Nest $17.95
Stanhope, D: Hornplayers' Retreat & Pumping Song
8 Horns. International Horn Society Contest Winner 1979.
Hornists' Nest $21.95

Horns in Chamber Music

Allen, G: Wind Quintet Opus 71

Keys Press $53.00
Bach/arr: Musical Offering Part 2-4
Brass Quintet
NZBQ Editions $38.50
Now $10 + postage
Bertram, M: Wind Quintet

Australian Work
Keys Press $33.00
Brahms, J: Three Brahms Songs

Arranged by Graeme Denniss (1993)
- Sapphische Ode (Sapphic Ode)
- Sommerabend (Summer Evening)
- Geheimnis (A Secret)

Denniss, G: Static Blues
Variations for Horn, Violin and Piano
1996 rev 2009

Denniss, G: O'Reilly's

Performed by the Praetorius Wind Quintet
(1979 rev 2004)
I. Incantation
II. Spinoff
III. Rumbaba
Duration: 8:30 minutes

Denniss, G: The Three Horned Cat
9 Pieces for Brass Quintet
Australian Composition
  • Swing the Cat
  • Catalan Sarabande
  • The Catnip Tango
  • Cataclysm
  • Catnap - Berceuse
  • The Catwalk
  • Caterwauling Waltz
  • The Cool Cat Fugue (Hommage to Scarlatti)
  • The Catflap Charleston
D: Composition $59.95
Farquhar, D: Bachiana
Wind Quintet
manuscript $25.70
Farquhar, D: Concerto for Wind Quintet
manuscript $30.50
Farquhar, D: Hommage to Stravinsky
Brass Quintet

Forsyth, M: Le Cloître de Saint Trophime

Australian Work
Kookaburra Music $39.00
Gabrieli , A: La Spiritata
arr. Christopher Perrin

Australian Arangement
Kookaburra Music $18.00
Gabrieli , A: Ricercar del sesto tuono
arr. Christopher Perrin
Tpt1, Tpt2, Hn/Tbn, Tbn, opt Tba

Australian Arrangement
Kookaburra Music $17.00
Ghandar, A: Ayoub wa Naasa.
Suite for Clarinet, Horn, Violin, Piano and Percussion

Keys Press $22.00
Gifford, H: Of Old Angkor
Horn in F and Marimba. The horn player also plays 3 Asian gongs and a tam-tam. Duration approx. 6'30'. from the sleeve notes...In June 1970 there was a great concern for the fate of the ancient shrine of Angkor Wat, which seemed likely to be damaged or destroyed by the war. I decided to make the piece a lament for the glory of the old Angkor Wat, that for centuries had been the capital and centre of the flourishing Khmer empire. In writing for the horn and marimba I had in mind the Cambodian natural horn, the sneng, and a type of Asian xylophone. Score Only
Red House $ ask
Grainger, P: Lisbon for Wind Quintet
Score and Parts
Schott $ ask
Gross, E: Merry Peasant Band
Wind Quintet
Australian Work. Score and Parts
Australian Music Centre $37.00
Now $10 + postage
Hamilton, D: Moon is Silently Singing
1985 work for 2 choirs (SSATB) and 2 horns

Heading, A: The Night Before Camp

Australian Work
Kookaburra Music $36.00
Heading, A: Taranaki Highlights

Australian Work
Kookaburra Music $36.00
Hill, A: Serenade for Horn and Strings
Score Only
Australian Music Centre $ ask
Holley, A: Borneo Songs
Wind Quintet and Soprano

Holley, A: Canzona for Ligeti

Australian Work
Kookaburra Music $35.00
Holley, A: Fable of the Winds
Wind Quintet
manuscript $ ask
Irik, M: Interactions

French Horn, Timpani & two Percussionists

Armidale 1988
Kookaburra Music $35.00
Ledger, J: Swamp Music
Horn and Percussion and Electronic Manipulation.
Australian Work

Awarded 1st prize in the 1998 Composition Contest of the International Horn Society.

Ledger, J: Swamp Music
Horn and Percussion and Electronic Manipulation.
Australian Work

Awarded 1st prize in the 1998 Composition Contest of the International Horn Society.

McKimm, B: Brass Quintet (1974)

Australian Work
Kookaburra Music $45.00
McKimm, B: Concert Overture
"Commissioned by Frank Barzyk for the Faculty Bras Quintet and originally published in 1983 by Yarra Yarra Music"
Score and Parts

Australian Work
Kookaburra Music $35.00
Nicholls, G: Ircus MaGurcus for Brass Quintet

Keys Press $16.00
Paviour, P: Frank Gardiner and Friends
four Australian folksongs freely arranged for Wind Quintet
1. Frank Gardiner is Caught
2. Travelling Down the Castlereagh
3. Moreton Bay; an elegy
4. The Stringybark Cockatoo

Score and Parts

Australian Work

Keys Press $34.00
Paviour, P: Trio Sonata No. 6 OP. 106
for Trumpet, French Horn and Trombone

Keys Press $20.00
Rimmer, J: Composition 2
Wind Quintet and electronic sounds
manuscript $21.90
Sarcich, P: Fantasia on Sea Shanties (parts only)

Australian Work
Australian Music Centre $26.85
Sims, R: Australian Folk Song Suite

Australian Work
Kookaburra Music $42.00
Sims, R: Penthorn
Penthorn was originally written as an unaccompanied piece for Solo Horn and was later adapted for Brass Quintet. As such Penthorn can be performed unaccompanied or with the Brass Quartet accompaniment.
Australian Work
Robert Sims Purchase direct from Robert
Smalley, R: Trio

First Performance was given on 1 August 2002 in the Octagon Theatre, Perth by Darryl Poulsen (horn), Paul Wright (violin) and Roger Smalley (piano).
Duration: ca 22 minutes.

A CD of this piece is also available from Hornarama
Australian Music Centre $82.10

Stanhope, D: Ceremonial Fanfares
Brass Quintet

Southern Music $21.95
Terracini, P: Konya

Australian Work
Kookaburra Music $42.00
Traditional -Waltzing Matilda
Arranged by Paul Terracini for Brass Quintet
"Dedicated to the Royal Danish Guards Band"
Score and Parts

Australian Work
Kookaburra Music $34.00
Young, K: Brass Quintet No. 1 (1981)
New Zealand Brass Quintet Editions $ ask